2013 Business Planning and Beyond


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Start with the end in mind. Are the actions you’re take today leading you down the road to your ultimate goals? If you answered no, then it is time to update your business plan to reflect your long term strategic goals. In setting your goals you will need to make some tough decisions as you will have to say “No” to some people and embrace some new tools you might not be comfortable with.

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2013 Business Planning and Beyond

  1. 1. Focused on Real Estate! Marki Lemons-RyhalABR, ABRM, ADPR, CNE, CRB, CRS, green, SFR , & MBA
  2. 2. Focused on Real Estate!Whether Specializing In Seller Agency, Buyer Agency Or Working With Both … Without A Solid “Business Plan”You Are Stepping Up To The Plate With 2 Strikes Against You.
  3. 3. Focused on Real Estate!
  4. 4. Establish Your Goals Focused on Real Estate! Decide What You Want Create A Time Frame For Your Goal Set A Target For When To Start & When To Accomplish Your Goal Create Activities To Keep You On Track Monitor Your Progress In A Quantifiable Way
  5. 5. Focused on Real Estate!
  6. 6. Focused on Real Estate!
  7. 7. Focused on Real Estate! Goals Plans•Goals Can Come •Plans Are CalculatedOut Of Thin Air•Goal Focus On •Plans Focus On Business …Income … How Income, Expenses & ActivitiesMuch Volume, Etc.
  8. 8. Focused on Real Estate!Work SMARTer, not harder. S – Specific M – Measurable A – Action Oriented R – Realistic T – Time Bound
  9. 9. Focused on Real Estate!
  10. 10. Focused on Real Estate!
  11. 11. Focused on Real Estate!Income ExpensesIncome Expenses• Commission Structure • Transactional Expenses• What You Charge • Personal Marketing• What You Earn Expenses• Average Home Price • Annual Overhead• Mix Of Business• Desired Income
  12. 12. (A) Set Your Annual Goal: =$___________ (B) Monthly Earnings Goal: (A) Divided by 12 (a) Average Sales Price per Transaction: =$___________ =$___________ (b) Average Commission (co-op) per Transaction: ________%(C) Number of Units You Must Close per Month to Make Your Income Quota: (c) Dollars Earned per Transaction: (B) / (e) (a) X (b) =$___________ =___________ (d) Agent Split per Transaction: =________% (e) Your Take Home Pay per Transaction: (c) X (d) =$___________
  13. 13. Marketing Tools
  14. 14. Focused on Real Estate!•4x5 Campaign, 4 mailers once per month for 5 months, mailed thesame week of each month to four different farm areas•Bridging online and offline marketing through custom direct mail•Best to use just one card design that you use consistently•Order Postcard on Friday for Monday or Tuesday delivery
  15. 15. Focused on Real Estate! June July August Sept Oct TotalZipcodeWeek #160605Week #260615Week #360616Week #460653
  16. 16. Focused on Real Estate!
  17. 17. Application
  18. 18. www.createaplan.com
  19. 19. Focused on Real Estate!
  20. 20. Thank You@marki_lemonswww.MarkiLemons.com