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Google docs forms


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Google docs forms

  1. 1. Using GoogleFormsEasy Surveys to make and implementBy Emily Mross
  2. 2. Creating your documentAfter logging into your GoogleDocs or GoogleDrive account, select theCreate button, and choose Form from the dropdown menu.
  3. 3. Getting startedA box will pop up to allow you name your survey and choose a theme. Typethe name in the title box and select a theme from the options.
  4. 4. Creating questionsAfter you name your form and select a theme, you will then be directed toadd questions. You can choose from multiple choice, open-ended, and othertypes of questions. You can even add help text to assist your students if theyare confused while taking the survey.
  5. 5. Required questionsOnce you’ve added your question and available answers, you can alsoselect to make certain questions required – students will not be able to finisha survey without answering them. Make sure the tick box near the DONEbutton is selected to use this feature.
  6. 6. Editing and addingEdit your created questions by used the pencil icon on the upper right handof the screen. Add new questions using ADD ITEM at the bottom.
  7. 7. Confirmation PageAfter you add your items, scroll down to set up your confirmation page. Thisis the text your students will see once they have completed the survey. Itcould say Thank You or Good Job, or let them know when feedback will beavailable.
  8. 8. Linking a spreadsheetForms will prompt you to link your survey to an existing GoogleSpreadsheet, or you can create a new one. All of the data from your surveywill be imported to this spreadsheet. Select from the options available.
  9. 9. Your spreadsheetData will be separated into columns for each question asked. It will also bemarked with a timestamp so you can tell when students completed thesurvey.
  10. 10. Share your surveyFinally, you need to get your survey to students. The easiest way to do thisis through email. Select the blue SHARE button on the upper right handcorner of the screen. Using Send Form Via Email, add your students andselect DONE. Google will take care of the rest for you.