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Introduction to "Wonder"


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Beginning our classroom novel together.

Published in: Education
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Introduction to "Wonder"

  1. 1. Introduction to Wonder
  2. 2. Check out this video introducing Auggie: https://www.y atch?v=fgB7_K pBDss
  3. 3. Power in the book  This book has power in so many different places.  InAuggie and his message.  In friendships.  In the many themes that come with this story.  As you read, pay attention to the parts the feel powerful to you.
  4. 4. Things to think about as we begin a class novel together:  You will have until February 25th to read this book.  WE will have carved out time during our lessons to read this book.  This 25th due date for having this book done is food for us to practice being proactive and planningAhead.  If you are noticing that you may need more time outside of what we plan for in class, you are going to need to plan accordingly.  This may mean reading after school, on the weekends and FOR SURE on break week.
  5. 5. We are going to read today!  Today you are going to read for the rest of your time in ELA.When you are done reading, you are going to do a discussion board post about your initial reactions to the story. Go ahead and get started, I can’t wait to see what you think!