jetBlue Digital Refresh: .com + Mobile


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jetBlue Digital Refresh: .com + Mobile

  1. 1. As the only 4-star airline in the United States, jetBlue had high consumer expectations to meet in the digital realm. How could America’s most beloved airline become even more lovable? To ROKKAN, the answer was simple: make jetBlue’s digital experience personal. Digital Agency of Setting the bar Record When jetBlue first launched their digital presence in 2004, they revolutionized the world of online air travel. Not only was the experience elegant and clean, but also completely unique. jetBlue surfaced “ROKKAN is a small, very booking and pricing to the homepage, making flight booking the centerpiece of their site—an industry hands-on agency. We first. Something as simple as intuitive site organization helped propel the airline into the hearts (and selected them for their wallets) of customers who wanted a clear way to painlessly book flights. wonderful portfolio of Getting the mojo back. work, their passion for the Fast forward three years. Though still the country’s only four-star airline, jetBlue was behind the digital jetBlue brand, and because curve in the wake of its upstart, new competitor, Virgin America. jetBlue had also lost focus of the they are really fun to work brand’s core mission: providing best-in-class service to its loyal customers. Looking for a renewed with. At the end of the day, competitive edge, fresh perspective, and game-changing insights and innovation, jetBlue named choosing an agency is like Rokkan as Digital Agency Of Record, sparking a complete digital and mobile refresh. choosing your co-workers, and choosing a group of “We don’t fly planes, we fly humans.” people with a similar set When most consumers are making their carrier decisions, it’s most often based on who has the of values and beliefs was cheapest flight to the desired destination. However, through extensive stakeholder and passenger really important to us.” interviews, Rokkan learned that the jetBlue customer was an exception to the general price-point rule. —Michael Stromer, VP Customer Connections Instead customers flew jetBlue because the brand had a ”humanity” and personal touch that other & Marketing, jetBlue carriers did not. That humanness deeply connected the JetBlue passenger with the brand, not only encouraging loyalty, but differentiating the carrier to new and returning flyers. So, how could jetBlue live up to these glowing customer-centric brand expectations in the digital space? To Rokkan, the answer was simple: make jetBlue’s digital experience personal. Results The new The new is an intuitive, beautiful Web experience that translates the “You Above All” 251,840+ monthly unique site humanity of the brand to its customers. Flying on JetBlue is fun, and every aspect of the new jetBlue visitors experience is about how to make things easier, more personal, and more enjoyable for every customer. The site design and aesthetic was inspired by the distinctive blue and orange tail fins on the airliner’s 4 th most popular website among planes, and creating an easy, organic user experience. The site is truly about the customer. Site major airliners in the U.S. users can seamlessly book flights, get hotel and trip information, explore the jetBlue fleet, and see all the perks afforded travelers who fly with jetBlue. Pre- and post-booking has become clearer and more intuitive to manage. Self-service was an important aspect of the new redesign, and even on the homepage there’s a greater emphasis on unique customer needs and interests, instead of foisting irrelevant rates and information to the site visitor. Once you’re logged into TrueBlue, jetBlue’s customer portal, the homepage will display most of what you need to know about any upcoming flights, or special rates without even one click. Where else can you check your flight status without having to click a single button? Now that’s lovable.Rokkan 1
  2. 2. jetBlue Mobile The new jetBlue Mobile App is completely traveler-centric, designed to seamlessly and intuitively accompany and guide the passenger through their entire travel cycle. Results jetBlue iPhone + iPad App What’s more personal than your own phone or iPad, turned virtual travel agent? The jetBlue app does 7th most popular free Travel app everything, from giving you real-time flight updates and destination travel guides, to making sure that in the Apple AppStore 2 weeks after your friend is waiting to pick you up when you arrive. The app not only detects where you are to serve launch you relevant flight and destination information, but it knows where you’re going and when, serving up 200+ beaming customer reviews everything you need to know in one easy place—even reminding you if you’re running late for your (with an overall 4+ star rating) flight. The app was designed with a beautiful, clean look, consistent with the new .com, but (of course) optimized for mobile. With help from Double Encore, the app was created with rich, smooth design, 160,000+ app downloads truly leveraging the native iPhone iOS capability. within the first two weeks of release Features • Travel Modes — The jetBlue app tracks your upcoming flight, and knows where you are in your travel cycle. This functionality allows users to easily book flights, check in, see flight status, gate and terminal info, baggage claim information, etc. • Pick Me Up — Send real-time flight information to the person who is picking you up at your destination. This allows the recipient to see useful information such as the flight status, local airport information, traffic, and routes to the airport. • In-flight experience — View and set watch reminders for DIRECTV® programming and SiriusXM Satellite Radio® channels. And, whet your appetite by checking out the tasty snacks and drinks being served onboard. • City Guide — Once you’ve booked your flight, the app displays weather, airport info, and tips on hot things to do in your destination city. • Fun Features — Give your friends travel envy by creating a custom photo postcard, shareable via e-mail and your social networks.Rokkan 3