Lean Startup Sales | Pulling in Thousands with Zero Lines of Code


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Often times when building a product based company, founders overlook the power of empathy. How does your customer want to feel? And what can you provide to deliver that peace of mind?

In this talk, Melanie Weinberger will share the techniques she used to bring in over $20,000 in sales at Fit Steady before a single line of code was written. You'll also learn repeatable B2B sales techniques that will help you pull your customer all the way through the sales funnel.

Melanie is the founder of Fit Steady, a corporate wellness marketplace that allows companies to book on-site wellness activities for their office. She is also the founder and Executive Producer of the WELL Conference, a conference aimed at elevating the lives of millions of people through compelling content that helps people take care.
She cut her teeth in sales during 9 years in the advertising industry, most notably leading digital strategy and business development for a startup in New York City before starting her own company.

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Lean Startup Sales | Pulling in Thousands with Zero Lines of Code

  1. 1. Pulling in thousands with zero lines of code By Melanie Weinberger
  2. 2. PowerPoint, Google Docs, and a stick of gum By Melanie Weinberger
  3. 3. The power of empathy By Melanie Weinberger
  4. 4. Find your north star.
  5. 5. Help millions of people live well.
  6. 6. Experiment priority chart
  7. 7. The concierge MVP toolbox 1.  Better than mediocre website template 2.  PowerPoint 3.  Google docs 4.  Paper 5.  eLance 6.  Balls
  8. 8. Prospects give you power. They will give you the answers here Build into their needs here
  9. 9. Start with an email.
  10. 10. 1   2   3   4   5  
  11. 11. In person > phone > email
  12. 12. Core Desire Contextual Insight+  
  13. 13. This is who we are and what we do for you better than anyone else. Executives Buyer Employees
  14. 14. Stand for something.
  15. 15. Transactions vs. Reactions
  16. 16. “If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. If all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.”
  17. 17. Build Rapport
  18. 18. It’s not about you. Or your features. 1
  19. 19. It’s about their success.
  20. 20. Build listening into your presentation 2 “Why did you invite us in?” “What does success look and feel like for you?”
  21. 21. Match your prospect’s energy. 3
  22. 22. Find a human truth that levels the playing field 4
  23. 23. Tell a choose your own adventure story 5
  24. 24. We provide a growing list of on-site wellness services Group exercise classes Chair and table massage Fitness Massage Interactive seminars and 1-on-1 consultations Nutrition & Wellbeing Work-station setup for posture alignment Ergonomics
  25. 25. Evoke trust (or is it envy?)6
  26. 26. De-risk the buy7
  27. 27. Find an opportunity to give first
  28. 28. Timelines make it tangible •  Talk with you to understand your internal dynamic and goals •  Establish program foundation •  Conduct employee survey to gauge class type and timing preferences Learn 1   Plan 2   Perform 3   Progress 4   •  Identify metrics of success •  Plan schedule •  Announce program to employees •  Send out invites and open sign-ups •  Begin program! •  Monthly attendance reports sent to you •  Monthly satisfaction surveys conducted with employees •  Adapt classes/plan as needed based on feedback & results 2.5 wks. ongoing
  29. 29. Provide a comfortable test-in period
  30. 30. Test pricing Don’t put it on your website
  31. 31. Be honest. It’s not unproven. It’s an invitation to a VIP startup alpha.
  32. 32. Concierge MVP
  33. 33. Think through the full customer experience 1   2   3   4  
  34. 34. Now think about how to make it absolutely delightful. 1   2   3   4  
  35. 35. Logistics are a pain. So we handled them.
  36. 36. Scrappy marketing support
  37. 37. Paper feedback loop
  38. 38. We deliver real, tangible results. 79% improvement in stress levels. Spredfast came to Fit Steady with a goal of increasing their employees' access to wellness building activities. After conducting our employee wellness survey, we found that stress levels were top of mind for their team. We brought in our team of massage therapists for a day of easy-in, easy-out 20- minute corporate chair massage sessions. The results were remarkable. Participating employees moved from 0% feeling very good, to 79% feeling very good as related to their tension and stress levels.
  39. 39. When it hurts, it’s time to quantify & clear up bottlenecks
  40. 40. 2. Send sales email 1  minute   1. Collect company info 10-­‐15  minutes   3. Email Correspondence 30  minutes   4. Phone Call 45  minutes   4. In-Person Meeting 90  minutes   5. Survey Creation 25  minutes   6. Report Generation 120  minutes   9. Align Resources 90  minutes   8. Contract Finalization 90  minutes   GO TIME! OR 7. Phone Call 45  minutes   7. In-Person Meeting 90  minutes   OR
  41. 41. Survey evolution
  42. 42. Live the why.
  43. 43. welltransformation.com
  44. 44. Thank you! Melanie Weinberger @melruns fitsteady.com welltransformation.com