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Chumbak Brand Guidelines

  2. Be regular and orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so you may be violent and original in your work. - GUSTAVE FLAUBERT -
  3. INDEX 01 PART ONE BRAND POSITIONING 1.1 There’s something about everyone 1.2 Buyer Persona I - Chumbak User Buyer Persona II - Aspirational User 1.3 Chumbak Manifesto 03 04 05 06 00 Curb your Enthusiasm 01 PART TWO BRAND ELEMENTS 2.1 The Original Logo 2.2 Logo Usage Guidelines 2.3 Fashion Logo 08 09 10 2.4 Regional Logos 2.5 Collaboration Guidelines 2.6 Role of the Owl 2.7 Owl Usage Examples 2.8 Owl Apparel Tags 2.9 Primary Colours 2.10 When to use other colours 2.11 Typography 2.12 Typography Usage Guidelines 2.13 Typography Usage Examples 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 PART THREE PRODUCT BRANDING 3.1 Apparel Branding 3.2 Fashion Accessories Branding 3.3 Home Branding 22 23 24 PART FOUR PACKAGING 4.1 Language Construction 4.2 How to create packaging for a new product 4.3 Packaging Colours 4.4 Packaging Directory 4.5 Statement Packaging Beauty Packaging Watch Tin Packaging 4.6 Collaterals Shopping Bags Other Collaterals 28 29 30 31 35 36 38 39 40 41 3.3 Accessories Branding 3.3 Beauty Branding 25 26
  4. INDEX 02 PART FIVE WEBSITE 43 44 45 46 PART SIX IN-STORE COMMUNICATION 6.1 Category Signage 6.2 Instructional Signage 6.3 Hoot Hoot Sale 6.4 Collection Launch 6.5 Lookbook Store Collaterals 6.6 Campaign Communication 5.1 Homepage Banners 5.2 Category Banners 5.3 Other Creatives 5.4 Custom Pages 48 49 50 51 52 53 6.7 Store Visuals 6.8 Mall Marketing 54 55 PART EIGHT WHERE CAN THE BRAND ROAM FREE 73 74 75 76 77 78 8.1 Capsule Campaigns 8.2 Instagram Stories 8.3 Newsletters 8.4 Lookbooks 8.5 Store Windows 8.6 A case for using Illustration in Marketing 7.1 Mood of Photography 7.2 General Guidelines 7.3 Fashion Photography Model Checklist - Dos Model Checklist - Don’ts Catalog Photography 7.4 Home Decor Photography 7.5 Instagram Posts 7.6 What doesn’t work for Chumbak 57 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 PART SEVEN PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDELINES PART NINE EDITORIAL GUIDELINES 9.1 Communication Manifesto 9.2 Wit 9.3 Warmth 80 81 82
  5. INDEX 03 PART TEN MISCELLANEOUS 10.1 Stationary 10.2 Visiting Card 10.3 Employee ID 10.4 Presentation Templates 10.5 Chumbak Champs’ Certificates 10.6 Repeating Properties 10.7 Important Presentations 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 9.4 Extra Mile Design EMD Blog 83 84 00 In Conclusion 94
  6. 00 CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM For a brand that’s bursting at its seams with blinding colours and ornate visuals in its prints, it’s very easy for the same kind of freefall freedom to spill over into its communication. For a brand that’s known to pull out all stops when it comes to their artworks, why should the communication be tame? Why do we need guidelines, why can’t we run amok, why should we bring any sobering order to the visual chaos? These are the reasons: Print is Art. Communication is Design. Art is expression, Design solves a certain function. Our intent is to get the message across as clearly and succinctly as possible, while conveying the Brand ethos and making sure it’s memorable and delightful enough. That’s why our message or the product we’re showcasing needs to be the hero, and the surrounding noise needs to be minimal. Consistency inculcates Brand Salience. If a brand keeps changing form everytime you see it, you won’t be able to recognize it the next time you see it. A brand that does everything stands for nothing. We need to show we are in control. There’s a thin line between being spontaneous and rebellious and being all over the place. Order saves time. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel everytime you need to create a presentation or a standee. Introduction / 01
  7. Brand Positioning / 02 PART ONE BRAND POSITIONING
  8. 1.1 THERE IS SOME- THING ABOUT EVERYONE. Everybody is different. For some it’s their quirky side. For some it’s the way they see the world. For some it’s their uniqueness, or sometimes it’s what inspires them to be unique. There’s something about everyone. In a world where the collective identities and similarities overpower that ‘something’, Chumbak makes sure your unique side is visible and recognized. Giving you creative inspirations that help you see even the simplest things in a new light. FUNCTIONAL PROMISE In every category it operates, Chumbak will help its user stand out in a cheerfully aesthetic way. Unique home and wardrobe accents will live up to this promise with unique prints and colours. EMOTIONAL PROMISE With Chumbak, you will always feel you are able to express your uniqueness, without being frivolous and childish. It helps you find joy in radiating your unique identity. It makes ‘standing out’ effortless. Tagline / 03 Refer to this Brand Document by Ogilvy. Always remember that you’re absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead
  9. 1.2 BUYER PERSONA - CHUMBAK USER BASIC DEMOGRAPHICS Age : 24 yrs old I City : Delhi Income : Rs.40000 per month Designation : Senior Executive Status : Unmarried ATTRIBUTES BRANDS SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT USER NEEDS I see myself as someone who likes to explore everything around me. Sometimes I like to bring my fun side out in front of others too. I like to keep people and things that radiate positivity around me. Fashion is the world to me. My taste varies depending upon my mood. Sometimes I like sober, more subtle styles and sometimes I create my own sense of style that is unique and stands out from the rest. Life gets so monotonous sometimes so I like to keep it interesting by doing different things like shopping, going for long drives, going for a random trip with friends or just playing around with my wardrobe - keeping my style fresh and up-to-date. Being surrounded by colourful things is my thing. Whether that’s a colourful coffee mug at my office desk or that snuggly, bright blanket at my home which just welcomes me when I go back home. Seeks to stand out, and seen as a trendsetter. Seeks to be always seen as a fun and cheerful person. CULTURAL TENSION Seen as ordinary or non-stylish. As someone who sticks out. Seen as a copy or a follower. Buyer Persona I / 04 SIMPLICITY BOLDNESS FASHION TRENDS COMFORT TRENDY UNIQUENESS INFLUENCERS CELEBRITIES SOCIAL INFLUENCERS
  10. 1.2 BUYER PERSONA - ASPIRATIONAL USER BASIC DEMOGRAPHICS Age : 24 yrs old I City : Ahemadabad Income : Rs.35000 per month Designation : Senior Executive Status : Unmarried ATTRIBUTES BRANDS SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT USER NEEDS I’m someone who likes to live life to the fullest. I take time to open up at first but when I do, I’m the most fun person you’ll ever meet. Being seen as fashionable is very important to me. I like to create my own unique style but not in a way that stands out but rather makes my expressive side come alive. You know I have this really beautiful, colourful top that I wear with jeans, make a nice hairstyle to go with it when I meet my friends. Sometimes I feel like wearing dresses too, like my friends but my parents don’t like it very much. One day, my friends and I sneaked out at night to go for a long drive, and that was so much fun! I like colourful things around me. Like I have these bright looking cushion covers at my home. My quirky coffee mug at my office desk cheers me up even on those not-so-happy days. Seeks to look a little different from her peers. Seeks to look trendy and fashionable. CULTURAL TENSION Seen as non-stylish. Seen as someone who is judged by what she wears. Seen as a copy/follower. Buyer Persona II / 05 SIMPLICITY BOLDNESS FASHION TRENDS COMFORT TRENDY UNIQUENESS INFLUENCERS CELEBRITIES FASHION INFLUENCERS PARENTS & FRIENDS
  11. 1.3 MANIFESTO Chumbak laughs with you. Chumbak is relatable. Chumbak is creative. Chumbak uplifts you. Chumbak is affably quirky. Chumbak is colourful with class. Chumbak is an accent brand that adds the twist. Chumbak does not laugh at you. Chumbak is not exclusive. Chumbak is not commonplace. Chumbak is not soothing. Chumbak is not adorably cutesy. Chumbak is not noisy and flashy. Chumbak is not a full solution. Manifesto / 06
  12. Brand Elements / 07 PART TWO BRAND ELEMENTS
  13. 2.1 THE ORIGINAL LOGO The Original Logo / 08 This is the logotype with maximum recall value. USED ON : On all of our products wherever possible, except for Fashion products. All forms of Marketing Communication save for the ones going up on our channels (our Insta- gram posts/stories or in-store communication). Packaging for all products except for Fashion products. As the representative of our brand (on storefronts, as a sponsor, etc). Chumbak Logotype Black I Download Link Chumbak Logotype Black I Download Link
  14. 2.2 USAGE GUIDELINES Usage Guidelines / 09 ALIGNMENT Centre-aligned for a centre-aligned composition. Left/Right-aligned for a left/right-aligned composition. Bottom-right corner for usage as a watermark (ex: videos). PADDING / MARGIN There should always be sufficient space around the logo - considering it’s itself so visually striking, you should give it a lot of breathing space for the composition to not look crowd- ed, including when it’s in the bottom right/left corner as a watermark. COLOURS Product/Illustration based collateral - accent colour in the illustration. On an image - Should be Black or White (opaci- ty variable - preferably 100%) Standalone branding - Chumbak Mint (#60C4B4, Pantone 612C) LOGO-LOCKUPS Logotype + Website Owl + Logotype Owl + Website Store names The same rules apply to lockups as well. x x x x x.5 x.5 x x x x x x Accent White Mint
  15. Since our original logotype does not sit well with the premium fashion products we had started making, we decided to create a separate logo for our fashion products - namely, Apparel, Footwear, Watches and Scarves, as well as the accompanying brand collaterals. For instances where it had to be incribed / engarved onto metal, a Sharpened version of the Fashion Logo can be used for better legibility. EXISTING USAGE : Woven Tags for Apparel Metal Labels for Bags Metal Labels for Jewellery Gold Embossing on Footwear Screen-printed on Scarves Metal Embossing on Watches Apparel Tags The same usage guidelines apply to Fashion logo as well. Brandon Grotesk Bold I Upper Case I Kerning : 100 I Download Link 2.3 FASHION LOGO Sharpened Fashion Logo I Download Link Fashion Logo / 10
  16. Regional Variations of the Logo / 11 Custom-Designed As and when possible, we should get a type-designer to design vernacular variations of our logotype - like how we did for our Devnagri logotype. Baloo-typeface family For other instances, write ‘Chumbak’ in the required script in Baloo typeface. This is the only free typeface available today that’s of high quality and is available in as many scripts. Baloo is a rounded, thick, friendly typeface family created by Ektype for Google Fonts and is available in 9 different scripts (apart from Devnagri, Oriya and Telugu) - Baloo Bhai for Gujarati Baloo Chettan for Malayalam Baloo Da for Bengali Baloo Paaji for Gurumukhi Baloo Tamma for Kannada Baloo Thambi for Tamil 2.4 REGIONAL LOGOS Chumbak Devnagri Logotype I Download Link Chumbak Oriya Logotype I Download Link Chumbak Telugu Logotype I Download Link You might have to tweak the form slightly in case of certain glyphs being unavailable.
  17. SINGLE LINE WITH LOGOTYPE(S) Optically, more than technically, ensure that they rest on the same baseline and are roughly of the same height. TOP AND BELOW LOCKUP Centrally aligned, make sure our logo and the other logo(s) are of roughly the same width, or in any case, their visual weight should be similar. Chumbak X Partner-brand. We usually announce all collaborations with an “X” between the Chumbak logo & partner brand - but when it’s more than one brand, we usually just line them in a single row/column together. If possible, make sure both the logos are in monotone black or white. Always place the Chumbak logo first in line/on top - unless mandated otherwise. SINGLE LINE WITH LOGO/SYMBOL(S) Make sure that they are centrally aligned with each other along the horizontal axis, & optically, their visual weight should be similar. 2.5 COLLABORATIONS Collaborations / 12 *Centrally aligned along the same axis. *They rest on the same baseline. ‘X’ ~ 80% height of the ‘m’ in Chumbak.
  18. 2.6 ROLE OF THE OWL Role of the Owl / 13 AS A MNEMONIC, AN EMBLEM A refined version of the original Chumbak Owl that had historically been one of our bestselling prints of all time - the owl serves two purposes: Most of our customers anyway think the owl to be synonymous with our brand - hence it has strong associative, recall value. The original logotype can look quite clunky and out of place in our new, more sophisticated visual language - the owl fits in seamlessly, heralds our new innings. BASIC GUIDELINES Never use the owl without the original logo being present in some form on the product elsewhere. It’s an accompaniment, not a replacement. However, using the owl and logotype together in a lockup is an overkill. Use the outlined owl wherever possible, preferably in a colour that fits the creative. It’s left to the designer’s discretion as to when he/she thinks it’s appropriate to use the owl - in a photoframe insert, atop names of fragrances, inside of gift cards, etc. As long as the logo is present elsewhere on the product/packaging. Full Colour Owl I Download Link Outlined Owl I Download Link
  19. 2.7 EXAMPLES OF USAGE Examples of Usage of the Owl / 14 PRODUCT : Back of Watch Dials PACKAGING : Beauty Labels PRODUCT : Denim Metal Labels PACKAGING : Primary motif in pattern PRODUCT : Snap Buttons PACKAGING : Watch Box SOCIAL MEDIA : Profile Pictures APP : Home Icon
  20. 2.8 OWL APPAREL TAGS Owl Apparel Tags / 15 For each new season collection, the apparel tag is an owl picked from the prints of the season - and if there is no dominant owl, then one should be constructed using the defining motifs and co- lours of the collection. Fashion Chumbak logo should come at the back of the apparel tag. It should be at least 9 cm long and 6 cm wide to accomodate the barcode + hole. SS’18 AW’17 AW’18 AW’15 SS’16 AW’16
  21. 2.9 PRIMARY COLOURS Primary Colours / 16 C H U M B A K M I N T : 3 0 % #60C4B4 I Pantone 3258C C H U M B A K F U S C H I A : 2 5 % #F04D6A I Pantone 710C C H U M B A K B R O W N PA P E R : 1 5 % Texture Jpeg File used in packaging. Download File C H U M B A K C R E A M #FFF5CD I Pantone 7499C Used as a substitute for the brown/beige component. C H U M B A K Y E L LO W : 1 0 % #FFCF43 I Pantone 129C W H I T E : 1 0 % #FFFFFF Used as a background / in combination with imagery C H U M B A K T E A L : 1 0 % #000000 Used primarily for Text Colour in communication
  22. When to use other colours / 17 It’s Chumbak, after all. We thrive on a multitude of colours. While the primary colours should be used on all generic/universal marketing communication (packaging, sale creatives, etc) you can use a different color palette for the following examples of specific universes - Capsule Campaigns, Season Collection Collaterals, Lookbooks, etc. 2.9 WHEN TO USE OTHER COLOURS CAPSULE CAMPAIGNS Here, the color palette will be as per the illustration / imagery being used in the creative. White would be preferred for text over photographs. LOOKBOOKS Each lookbook is a complete project unto itself; the colours and typography used should be solely dependent on the photographs / products showcased. SEASON COLLECTION COLLATERALS Apparel Tags, In-store communication (standees, talkers, etc), launch-event creatives should borrow from the season colours.
  23. Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ! @ # $ % & * ( “ : ; + - < > ? . MEDIUM LIGHT THIN REGULAR BOLD BLACK Meet the standard Chumbak typeface: A geometric sans serif font family designed by Hannes Von Döhren at Adobe Fonts, Brandon Grotesque is a 6-weight family with Roman and Italic styles. We chose Brandon Grotesque because of its endearing combination of neat geometric forms with a warm touch, friendly assertiveness and its compact nature. As a Body- type, it might be a bit inadequate because of its tiny x-height, but its upper case performs beautifully as a display typeface. BRANDON GROTESQUE 2.10 TYPOGRAPHY Typography / 18
  24. Considering the visual extravaganza that is the Chumbak product universe, it’s very important that the communication around it should provide it a cool, clean foil. The typography should complement, not take attention away from the creative. There’s a lot to be said about simple, clear, impactful type that conveys exactly what it means as quickly as possible. CUSTOM TYPEFACES In certain instances where the type has to perform the lead-actor’s role, for instance in Look-book covers, Newsletter Titles, Capsule Campaigns, one can use different typefaces, or custom-letter- ing. Just make sure that: It’s a free typeface or we have the requisite license to use it in our creatives. It’s a high-quality typeface with well-resolved glyphs and letter-spacing; download it from reliable sites like, Google Fonts, The typeface you choose should go along with the imagery well as the copy. As a brand, we are moving away from visibly hand-drawn illustration-language and moving to more refined, cleaner shapes - the typography should reflect that. Brandon Grotesque Bold / Black I Upper Case I Kerning : 100 DISPLAY Brandon Grotesque Light / Regular I Title Case I Line Spacing ~ 1.4 Body text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eius- mod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo. Brandon Grotesque Bold I Upper Case I Kerning : 100 Brandon Grotesque Medium I Title Case I Line Spacing : 1.5 CAPTIONS I QUOTES “The quick brown fox jumps over the jazy dog.” Custom typeface - Capsule Campaigns, Lookbooks, , Newsletters, etc 2.11 GUIDELINES Typography Usage Guidelines / 19
  25. 2.12 USAGE EXAMPLES Typography Usage Examples / 20 PACKAGING The product category is spelled out in Brandon Grotesque Bold in Upper Case with 100pt Kerning, in Chumbak Mint. Exception : Personal Care - we used Nunito for this throughout. WEBSITE A separate Style Guide on Page 54 will list the different Typographic styles we use on the site. IN-STORE COMMUNICATION Category, Instructional Signage and Sale Creatives should carry the Chumbak Standard typeface - but collaterals for capsule campaigns and season collaterals can use whichever one is being used for the said campaign. PRESENTATIONS Any brand presentation, whether showcased in-house or outside, should be constructed with only the Chumbak standard typeface and employ the full breadth of its family members.
  26. Product Branding / 21 Refer to this document : Replacement Branding PART THREE PRODUCT BRANDING
  27. 3.1 APPAREL BRANDING METAL LABLE CLOTHING BUTTON ETCHING DENIM LABEL WOVEN LABEL HANGERLOOP WASHCARE LABEL Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File Apparel Branding / 22
  28. 3.2 FASHION ACCESSORIES BRANDING FOOTWEAR EMBOSS SHOE BAG WATCH DIAL FRONT WATCH DIAL BACK METAL LABEL FOR BAGS WALLET METAL OWL JEWELLERY LABEL SCARF LABEL Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File Fashion Accessories Branding / 23
  31. 3.5 BEAUTY BRANDING PERFUME BOTLLE LABELS Download File SOAP ENGRAVING Download File Beauty Branding / 26
  32. PART FOUR PACKAGING Packaging / 27
  33. 4.1 LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTION The new packaging language was arrived at by extrapolating the language of the new Chumbak Owl, composed of a dense contemporary pattern of monotone/dualtone thin strokes on a plain-coloured background - either Brown paper, or Chumbak Fuschia or Mint. The decision of using the beige/brown background and no filled-in shapes was so that the packaging remains muted enough to allow the product to take centrestage. But the intricacy of the pattern and the conspicious inclusion of the owl-form into the pattern makes sure that it still looks like it belongs to the Chumbak universe. Language Construction / 28
  34. 4.2 HOW TO CREATE PACKAGING FOR NEW PRODUCTS STEP ONE : OUTLINING THE BRIEF Sit with the Product / Sourcing team to understand the requirements of the packaging - dimensions of the product, mandatory information it needs to contain, placement and size of the barcode, location of the products in our stores and how it will be presented, etc. STEP TWO : CREATING THE ARTWORK In most cases, the Product / Sourcing team will provide the Keyline for the packaging, sourced from the Vendor - if it’s not available, create one according to the dimensions of the product and test prototypes beforehand. Once the keyline is ready, an artwork needs to be created in the new packaging language. As you can see, it’s been adapted into enough sizes and shapes that one needs to : 1. Pick the shape/file most likely to fit the new dimensions (long rectangular, squarish, etc), 2. Tweak it by adding and subtracting elements of the pattern in order to fit the new keyline. 3. Replace the name of the product and product-icon with the new one. Beige background is the norm, fuschia / mint background is for exceptional cases. STEP THREE : SAMPLING AND APPROVAL After the artwork has been created, it needs to be sent for Sampling. This is where you can test different kinds of paper / material, different colours & even different designs for the packaging. Try to get the prototype right in maximum two rounds of sampling. The Graphic Designer gets the final sign-off on the approved sample after making sure that: 1. It fits the product perfectly. 2. The colours and quality of print are as per the submitted artwork. 3. The material/paper chosen for the artwork works both functionally and aesthetically. 4. The text has been proofread and certified by the Product and Legal team. 5. The vendor has assured that it can be delivered within the given timeline and budget. You can now send the final file for production in the format the vendor is comfortable with. How to create packaging for new products / 29
  35. 4.3 PACKAGING COLOURS C H U M B A K M I N T : 5 0 % #60C4B4 I Pantone 612C Used as the background for all packaging creatives. Download File C H U M B A K M I N T : 1 5 % #60C4B4 I Pantone 612C Used as the accent colour, to highlight the name of the product or the product outline. C H U M B A K F U S C H I A : 3 5 % #F04D6A I Pantone 710C On brown background, strokes are in this colour. When it acts as the background colour, however, the strokes are in off-white colour. Packaging Colours / 30
  36. 4.4 PACKAGING DIRECTORY IPHONE-INSERT Download File PET-COLLAR Download File STRING-LIGHT Download File LAPTOP SLEEVE Download File Packaging Directory / 31
  37. 4.4 PACKAGING DIRECTORY JEWELLERY Download File ENAMEL MAGNETS Download File TAMPERPACK Download File WOODEN KEYCHAIN Download File Packaging Directory / 32
  38. 4.4 PACKAGING DIRECTORY CHANNAPATNA FIGURINES Download File SOCKS Download File SQUARE WATCH TIN Download File PANTIES Download File Packaging Directory / 33
  39. 4.4 PACKAGING DIRECTORY WALLET Download File PASSPORT COVER Download File GIFT CARD ITERATION Download File PHOTOFRAME INSERT Download File Packaging Directory / 34
  40. 4.5 STATEMENT PACKAGING The purpose of the existing packaging language was to be a neutral wingman to the hero Prod- uct. But in cases when the packaging is one of the main selling points of the product - whether it’s because the product is not outrightly visible, or has to be packaged into a premium, gift- worthy unit - when it’s the main course instead of the garnishing, it can no longer remain muted. In such cases, we should take full advantage of our best resource - our illustrations - & adapt them into the requisite keylines to come up with packaging that’s as attractive as the product within. Statement Packaging / 35
  41. 4.5 BEAUTY PACKAGING SWEET MUSINGS Download File SUMMER DREAMS Download File GOOD THINGS Download File NATIVE NOTES Download File Beauty Packaging / 36
  42. 4.5 BEAUTY PACKAGING LIPBALMS Download File SOAP GIFTBOX Download File TRAVEL PERFUME Download File PERFUME GIFTBOX Download File Beauty Packaging / 37
  43. 4.5 WATCH TINS REGULAR ROUND Download File FESTIVE ROUND Download File SQUARE TIN Download File Watch Tin Packaging / 38
  44. 4.6 COLLATERALS There are two sets of packaging collaterals - SEASON SPECIFIC Apparel Tags, Apparel Info tags, Season/Beauty Shopping bags, Bill-holders - they can carry the popular prints of the season. We can have a little fun here. STANDARD Premium Chumbak Shopping bag, Handmade tags, Product-info stickers - these will follow a set template informed by the Brand colours and motifs. Collaterals / 39
  45. 4.6 SHOPPING BAGS PREMIUM Download File SEASONAL Download File BEAUTY Download File GIFTING Download File Shopping Bags / 40
  46. 4.6 OTHER COLLATERALS APPAREL TAGS Download File APPAREL INFO TAGS Download File HANDMADE TAGS Download File BILLHOLDERS Download File Needs to be at least 9 cm long and 6 cm wide to accomodate the barcode. In the dynamic illustrated icon, the hand holds the device with which the product was embellished - brush for handpainted, needle for handstiched, etc. Other Collaterals / 41
  47. Refer to the website : PART FIVE WEBSITE Product Branding / 42
  48. 5.1 HOMEPAGE BANNERS Should always contain a prominent Shop Now / Explore CTA button. Shoot differently for mobile and desktop banners. Photography should be done keeping a generous negative space at either side (or in the centre, for mobile banners) for the placement of type-unit + CTA button. In case of a Product-shot (versus a campaign-shot), spell out the product category title in simple Display type (Brandon Grotesque, Upper Case, Kerning : 100). In case of Campaign banners, make sure the type-unit, though not as basic as product-category titles, is still clean & contemporary enough for it to not steal attention from the product. The predominant background colour should be the same as or complementary to the other banners on the Home Page. Desktop : 1920px x 720px I Mobile : 400px x 350px Homepage Banners / 43
  49. 5.2 CATEGORY BANNERS FASHION & HOME : As you can see, a dynamic text container listing their respective sub-categories appears on top of these banners, hence - during photography, products should be arranged on the left of the shot, allowing enough negative space for the featured-product box to come on the left. Shoot differently for mobile and desktop banners. Create enough variation in height amonsgt the products - use stands, if required. Use no more than 4-5 products. The predominant background colour should be the same as or complementary to the other category banners. Desktop : 600px x 400px I Mobile : 500px x 1100px Category Banners / 44
  50. 5.3 OTHER CREATIVES INFOCUS: Depending on what categories the ecommerce team has decided to promote, source images for 3 infocus images sized 350px x 530px - vertically oriented lifestyle shots representative of that category, and with a similar color palette to that of the other banners on the home page. NEW ARRIVALS / TRENDING NOW: Graphic / illustration-based artworks need to be created sized 620px x 310px based on the other banners on the page - they could either use a stylised crop of the dominant photography, or use the same medley of colours of motifs used on the homepage banners. The titles “New Arrivals” and “Trending Now” need to be spelled out in Brandon Grotesque Bold, Upper Case, with 100pt kerning, and be succeeded by a prominent Shop Now CTA button in the line below. FANREEL BANNERS: The text-container will be coded on top of the banner on desktops, or below on mobile screens - so one needs to only design the image-collage - sized 1920px x 720px for desktop & 192px x 168px for mobile. This image collage (which needn’t be contained in a straight rectangle - you could lit- erally go out of the box) needs to contain the best and latest of our Fanreel Images - making sure there is a good mix of home and fashion products. Fanreel Desktop : 1920px x 720px New Arrivals / Trending Now 1920px x 720px Infocus 1920px x 720px Fanreel Mobile 192px x 168px Other Website Creatives / 45
  51. 5.4 CUSTOM PAGES Diwali Gifting Page ‘18 Custom Pages are built for special occasions in collaboration with the eCommerce team. These might include a gifting page revamp for Diwali or Christmas, a dedicated page for a Season Collection launch, Travel by Chumbak page, or a major sale campaign. The eCom team decides what should be the flow of the page - ie. the different sections in the page and their sequence, the UI designer designs the layout of each section and the Graphic Designer will then have to create artworks for each of the containers within. Each custom page should be built around an underlying campaign theme / concept - which then lays the foundation for the subsequent photoshoot and accompanying graphics for the page. The graphic designer needs to ensure that all the different elements of the page come together seamlessly - there should be consistency in the visual language employed for all deliverables - they should share the same typographic style, color-palette and use images from the same / similar photoshoot. These are usually accompanied with corresponding Home Page banners, Social Media creatives, and Facebook and Google ads. AW18 Collection Page Sale page Custom Pages / 46
  52. PART SIX IN-STORE COMMUNICATION In-store Communication / 47
  53. 6.1 CATEGORY SIGNAGE These are permanent fixtures on the store furniture calling out certain Product-families. Their sizes will vary according to the docket provided by the VM company for each store. They should follow the template shown here - Written in Brandon Grotesk Bold font in Upper Case with 100px Kerning. Usually rendered in two lines, centre aligned, with horizontal bars above and below. Generous margin / padding around the type-unit. View Sample Files Category Signage / 48
  54. 6.2 INSTRUCTIONAL SIGNAGE We have minimal permanent instructional signage, as our seasonal Collection-talkers do the job of announcing new Arrivals and Best-sellers. They are rendered in our Brand colours (Beige or Mint, preferably, as fuschia is used for Sale communication) and a combination of our Brand typeface Brandon Grotesque and Blanch. They are usually implemented as standard A5 tent-cards and A5 Cash-counter talkers. View Sample Files Instructional Signage / 49 STORE POLICY At Chumbak, if you haven’t fallen in love with our products, we have a 15-DAYS EXCHANGE POLICY for you! PLEASE DEMAND A BILL FOR EVERY PURCHASE 1. Products can be exchanged within 15 days from the date of purchase. 2. Gift cards, discounted items, clearance items are not eligible for a refund or exchange. 3. At the time of exchange, original purchased products should be in proper saleable condition, unused, unwashed and undamaged with the original packing and with its swing tags, instructions and inserts intact and shall be accompanied with the original invoice. The store reserves the right to decide whether the returned product has been used, damaged or washed. 4. Products purchased online i.e., from or from online partners of Chumbak can only be exchanged online at the respective platforms. Products purchased at an exclusive Chumbak store can only be exchanged at that exclusive Chumbak store. 5. Products are one-to-one exchange for same model / size / colour. If the item/s is out of stock, you can choose an alternative product for exchange. If the alternative product to be exchanged is of lower value, there will be no refund available for the difference and for higher value exchange, the difference amount needs to be paid through card / cash. 6. Cash refund is not available. 7. Loyalty points can only be earned & cannot be redeemed during any discount / offer period. 8. Carry bags are chargeable. 9. Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to amend the terms of store policy without any prior notice. 7. Ensure there are no cartons/shopping bags on floor during store operational hours. VM BASICS 1. Ensure all tags are well hidden. 2. Ensure paper folding of all apparels. 3. Ensure replenishment of products sold on the floor. 4. Ensure all options are displayed on floor. 5. Apparels should be displayed in increasing order: XS – XL. 6. Mannequin styling should be done as per the guidelines. 8. Ensure table talkers are intact. 9. Ensure extra stock to be denied when GIT dispatch details are sent daily. 10. Ensure stock room is divided into sections and arranged by sizes. 11. Ensure cash counter is kept clean and well organized. 12. Ensure all apparels are steamed and side hangers are aligned equidistant from each other. 13. Ensure scarves are well aligned according to similar height. 14. Ensure all shelves and fixtures are dust free.
  55. 6.3 HOOT HOOT SALE Our EOSS property is called Hoot Hoot Sale - with a set visual identity and language. Sale comunication needs to be clear and impactful, hence we’ve stayed away from visuals and worked only with bold, yet friendly typography (a combination of Brandon Grotesque and Blanch) - and a simple, playful pattern on the background made of our brand colours or classic Hot Pink (#D9335D). The deliverables usually consist of : A standee sized 24in x 36in, placed outside all stores. Store window-vinyls, to be adapted to the different store-window sizes of all our stores: Multiple Sale-talkers in varying sizes - could be Acrylic talkers sized 13cm x 13cm, A5 or A4 sized talkers or Clip-holders sized 10in x 12in. View Sample Files STANDEE ACRYLIC TALKERS STANDEE HANGER TALKERS ACRYCLIC TALKERS CLIP HOLDERS A5 TALKERS STORE WINDOW STORE WINDOW VINYL - CMH ROAD : 42IN X 84IN - COMMERCIAL STREET : 40.5IN X 90IN - GARUDA MALL : 70IN X 76IN - PROMENADE : 42IN X 84IN - AMBIENCE : 92IN X 188IN - CYBERHUB : 134IN X 115IN - GALLERIA : 84IN X 160IN - GK : 98IN X 179IN - HAUS KHAS VILLAGE : 90IN X 100IN - MALL OF INDIA : 94IN X 189IN - KALA GHODA : 68.5IN X 37.5IN - PHOENIX KURLA : 47.5IN X 100IN Hoot Hoot Sale Communication / 50
  56. 6.4 COLLECTION LAUNCH Whenever a new collection hits the stores, it needs to be presented with the accompanying store-collaterals, infusing a certain buzz in the air when the customers walk in. STANDEE / STORE WINDOWS This will be the first introduction of the collection to the consumers, so make sure it’s representative of the season and visually striking enough to draw in any passers-by. STORE VISUALS Using images from the latest photoshoot, one needs to craft store visuals in varying sizes according to the store docket, containing the collection title. IMAGE-BASED TALKERS They are usually in the form of 13cm x 13cm sized Acrylic Hanger-talkers / A5-sized regular talkers calling out our best-selling apparel / product from the season & their prices upfront. TEXT-BASED TALKERS Using elements from the most representative print of the season, create talkers in multiple sizes - A4, A5, 22in Round Talker, etc using our Brand Typeface with liberal spacing around the type. TRIAL-ROOM TALKERS A composition of 3 A5 Vinyl prints - 2 photoshoot images + 1 concept-note for the collection. View Sample Files STANDEE / STORE WINDOW VINYL TRIAL ROOM FRAMES STORE VISUALS - ADAPTED TO SIZES ACCORDING TO THE STORE DOCKET IMAGE-BASED TALKERS TEXT-BASED TALKERS Collection Communication / 51
  57. 6.5 LOOKBOOK STORE- COLLATERALS Apart from being uploaded online and featured on our Instagram Stories and posts, our Collection Lookbooks are also adapted for the Store screen and as a printed handout to our customers. PRINTED LOOKBOOK Composed on an A3 in the form of a fold-out booklet, they need to include a small concept-note on the collection, striking imagery from the product/apparel photoshoot, and a signature with our list of stores. Mentioning prices is optional. View Sample file They need to be placed strategically across the store, and put into every customer’s shopping bag during billing. STORE SCREEN Slides from our online lookbook, as well as from recent product-photoshoots should be adapted into 1920px x 1080px Jpeg files that loop constantly on the screen placed atop the cash counter. It’s necassary to ensure that the store images are updated regularly. Lookbook Store-Collaterals / 52
  58. 6.6 CAMPAIGN COMMUNICATION For any kind of seasonal / short-term marketing campaign (September games, Simplifying Rakshabandhan, etc) - we need to translate the online bonhomie onto our stores. STANDEES Placed outside the store, these 24in x 36in artworks printed on MDF Boards try to veer customers in. A4 TALKERS Placed on black metal stands, they elaborate the terms of the current offer/campaign and create a buzz around the store. OTHER REGULAR TALKERS They could be image-based talkers for Apparel, in the form of 13cm x 13cm Acrylic Hanger-talkers, or text-based talkers in the form of A5-sized tent cards or 10in x 12in Clip-holders etc for any campaign offers, placed strategically across the store. View Sample Files STANDEE A4-TALKERS ON BLACK METAL STANDS IMAGE-BASED TALKERS TEXT-BASED TALKERS Campaign Communication / 53
  59. 6.7 STORE VISUALS We sink our teeth into the lush photoshoot preceding each collection and adapt the collection images into a wide range of sizes (as per the docket provided by the VM Team), to be placed around the store. Use images from the latest photoshoot and make sure the clothes shown are available in stock. Make sure you allow for a substantial negative space towards the top or bottom of the imag- ery for the placement of the collection-title. Place the type-unit denoting the title of the collection top / bottom and centre, ensuring that it’s legible and can be spotted from a distance. For Store-facade backlit banners, use a representative print that is vibrant enough to attract attention but not so busy that our logo will get lost on top of it. Store Visuals / 54
  60. 6.8 MALL MARKETING Mall-marketing visuals need to created in a wide-range of sizes, depending on the locations the Mall has agreed to provide. BASIC GUIDELINES : For really narrow banners, it’s best to use a combination of typography and our new owl-icon, set in our brand colours and typeface - clean, legible and peppy. For banners containing imagery, use the best images from our latest photoshoot, with enough negative-space at the sides (landscape banners) or at the top/bottom (vertical banners) for our Logo-text lockup to be placed. Avoid using a separate container for the logo-text lockup as much as possible - but not at the cost of legibility. Our logo should be visible from a distance - hence, in case an image is too busy, better use a white-coloured, translucent container for the text, with sufficient padding on all sides. Pixellation of the image is unacceptable, as well as a lack of focus. Make sure the images are of the highest resolution possible. Mention the location of our stores prominently. In terms of visual heirarchy, it should be : Image > Logo Lockup > Store Location Mall Marketing / 55
  61. PART SEVEN PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDELINES Photography Guidelines / 56
  62. 7.1 MOOD OF PHOTOGRAPHY The mood of our photography also has to reflect our Brand ethos - cheerful, warm, relatable, agreeable, but always served with a side of twist. Go for lifestyle imagery as far as possible - show the product in its natural surroundings, not a rigid, studio-like atmosphere. The space should feel lived-in. The setup shouldn’t feel staged. Ensure lots of light in the shot - the image should appear bright and welcoming. Nothing about Chumbak says dark and sombre. Pick an overarching theme/concept for every shoot (whether Fashion or Home) and stick to it throughout - and ensure that the accompanying graphics also sing the same tune. The whole setup - from the choice of model to the choice of typography, from the choice of outfit to the choice of caption - should fit together into one lovely, cohesive piece. We are a brand for the masses, not a high-fashion label. Our getup should not seem intimidating or too radical for the common man - you’re aiming for a mixture of relatability and aspiration, not envy and incomprehension. And as for any retail brand photography - images should be of high quality, no shakiness/blurri- ness and the product should be in focus, in stock and in perfect condition (no creases/blemishes). Mood of Photography / 57
  63. Our photography should laugh with you. Our photography should not laugh at you. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 58
  64. Our photography should be relatable. Our photography should not be exclusive. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 59
  65. Our photography should be creative. Our photography should not be commonplace. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 60
  66. Our photography should be uplifting. Our photography should not be soothing. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 61
  67. Our photography should be affably quirky. Our photography should not be adorably cutesy. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 62
  68. Our photography should be colourful with class. Our photography should not be noisy and flashy. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 63
  69. Our photography should focus on 2-3 products in a shot - we’re an accent brand. Our photography should not crowd the frame with too many of our products. Overarching Photography Guidelines / 64
  70. 7.2 FASHION POTOGRAPHY MODEL : (elaborated on Page 66-67) Self-assured, beautiful models that can deliver a wide range of expressions and bring a certain energy to even their static poses. An Indian-looking, pleasing face who you could imagine running into at a party - not overtly sensuous, but not too vanilla either. LOCATIONS : We’re moving more and more into lifestyle imagery - lived-in, real-life locations, preferably outdoors rather than a staged, studio-setup. We want to make Chumbak seem like it could be a part of your everyday life, and add a zing to it whenever summoned. But ensure the places are not too grungy, dimly-lit, or palpably dirty - we want to be real, but not uncomfortably real. THE SHOT: Likewise, the model’s actions shouldn’t be in-your-face, deliberately posey. The model should look avidly comfortable in her skin - whether she’s laughing or contemplative - easy body language, eyes never looking directly into the camera, no shred of self-concsiousness. The shot should appear dynamic, it’s as if we literally caught her mid-motion. Remember that it’s an apparel shot after all - hence the outfit should be clearly visible, in focus, and in tip-top condition with no creasing. Fashion Photography / 65
  71. 7.3 MODEL CHECKLIST Indian-looking / Ethincally ambiguous. Fun, playful, spontaneous. Comfortable in her own skin, self-assured. Relatable, approachable, someone you could imagine running into at a party. Idiosyncratic, your typical girl next door but with a twist. A Chumbak Model should be : Chumbak Model Checklist Dos / 66
  72. 7.3 MODEL CHECKLIST Overtly sexy. Aloof, intimidating, icy, a typical high-fashion model. Childish, silly, reminds you of an annoying teenager. Very obviously posing, looking straight into the camera, self-conscious. Dull, unassuming, bland, boring. A Chumbak Model should not be : Chumbak Model Checklist Don’ts / 67
  73. X 7.3 FASHION CATALOG PHOTOGRAPHY CATALOG RATIO - 1:1.5 BACKGROUND COLOUR - White SUGGESTED ANGLES - Front, back, 3/4th, side, top, bottom, inside, close-up of print / texture, one in use/to show scale. Quality of the images is non-negotiable here. The product should be in focus and in perfect condition - not a thread out of place. We should showcase the texture of the material and the details of the print / technique as vividly as possible and from as many angles as possible. Show a wide range of poses, not generic, bland ones. Have the model skip and laugh and sway and slump - as free and expansive as possible - we need to showcase the comfort and wearability of our garments. Fashion Catalog Photography / 68
  74. 7.4 HOME DECOR PHOTOGRAPHY The primary feeling running through all our home photography should be one of warmth. You’re probably not going to bedeck your entire house with Chumbak, but you can create a cosy little Chumbak corner in your house, where you can retire to after a long, stressful day. Again, the setups should feel real and organic, and not constructed in a studio. Show the products in what could seem like their natural habitats. Use a generous amount of props - products alone will make the shot fall flat. Be creative with them too- we’ve featured everything from a steaming cup of tea to a live puppy to a painted yellow strawberry to a pin-wheel. Take care not to crowd the frame with too many of our products (since our prints are all visu- ally dramatic) - and pair them with ample plain, complementary colours (a plain, red couch for our Bohemian Cushions, for example). Historically, for home photography, deep, rich colours have worked for us in the background - wine red, indigo, olive, bottle-green etc. They make our products stand out. Home Decor Photography / 69
  75. 7.5 INSTAGRAM POSTS We are very proud of our Instagram feed - over the years, we’ve crafted a legitimately great- looking assembly of posts on a vast range of topics from food and travel to music and fashion - each post a breathtaking image that sparks conversations amongst our over 150K followers. REGULARITY : We post at least 1-2 posts everyday - never slacken. Posts are planned beforehand and one should always keep spare photographs handy in case of the occasional dry news-spell. CONTENT : We’ve ensured that our feed is not dominated by our product shots - this is for Chumbak the brand and not Chumbak the business. Our posts are either in tandem with the current Marketing campaign or mark special occasions (festivals, World events, etc), use photographs of a multitude of subjects such as food, travel, pets, etc (under our standardised hashtags such as #Mondaymotivation, #Guessthecaption, #lovefordesign, etc), feature our biggest Instagram influencer - Hugo, include images of our stores or regularly feature contributions from our users for Fanreel. WHAT NOT TO PUT : Images with any text on them- it makes them look like ads which people easily dismiss. Campaign announcements, guidelines, spontaneous phone-videos - these are only for stories. Products that are out of stock, or products that are worn down, creased or crushed. For store images, make sure the setup is clean and product tags are not visible. Instagram Posts / 70
  76. 7.6 WHAT DOESN’T WORK FOR CHUMBAK We can’t belittle the challenge it is to shoot for a brand like Chumbak - one that straddles vastly different verticals and product categories from Watches to Bathrugs to Perfume to Panties and sits in that narrow space between niche and mainstream - but even if we are a little fuzzy around the idea of what is Chumbak, we should be 100% sure of what is NOT chumbak : Badass, Brazen, Rebellious poses. We’re eccentric, but we’re still agreeable. Talking down to our customers - we are not an indimidating, high-fashion label - we are a relatable brand that’s just asking you to step up your style. Self-concsiously silly, cutesy, childish - it’s very easy to cast Chumbak as too girly or frivo- lous, so we need to take extra care not to cross that line. Dull, Commonplace, Colourless - we should always be noticed, wherever we go. Of poor quality - Poorly lit or composed, with the product in bad condition or not in focus. What doesn’t work for Chumbak / 71
  77. PART EIGHT WHERE CAN THE BRAND ROAM FREE? Where can the brand roam free? / 72
  78. 8.1 CAPSULE CAMPAIGNS Pick a unifying theme / visual language - and run with it. It could be one of our old illustrations that is apt for the campaign, or a set of photographs shot/picked for the event - decide the prime visual, layout, typography and tone of voice, and then translate it onto the following set of collaterals, making sure our Brand-Partner Logo lockup / Logo is prominent and clear across all : PRINT : 1-2 Standees : 24in x 36in - View Sample Questionnaire + Voucher : 17.2cm x 23cm - View Sample Tent Cards / Table-Talkers : A5 - View Sample Lookbooks : A3 foldout - View Sample DIGITAL : 1-3 Instagram Stories : 1080px x 1920px - View Sample Facebook post : 720px x 437px - View Sample Events High Post : 600px x 800px - View Sample e-Invite : 500px width - View Sample Newsletter : 500px width - View Sample LOOKBOOK FOLDOUT TABLE TALKERS VOUCHER E-INVITE THANK YOU NOTE Collaterals for AW18 Launch Event NAME TAGS STANDEE 2 STANDEE 1 STORY 1 STORY 2 Capsule Campaigns / 73
  79. 8.2 INSTAGRAM STORIES We’ve heartily embraced the worldwide movement towards Instagram Stories for traction. The medium demands our stories to not look too manufactured - hence, one can really have some fun here, with candid boomerangs, spontaneous live-videos, fun insta-polls and what not. However, for stories announcing our campaigns / contests, keep the following things in mind : For every campaign announcement, create a set of 2-3 stories with - the Campaign Title in the first story, and - the Venue / Date / Time on the second, and - Additional information (guidelines, partners for the event, etc) on the third. Don’t crowd the frame with too much text and make sure the copy is readable and succinct. Make sure they look attractive enough for a viewer to stick to the end. Store-opening announcements Fanreel Posts Contests / Campaigns Event-livestreaming Event-announcements Blogger-collaborations Instagram Stories / 74
  80. 8.3 NEWSLETTERS Newletters pose a simple graphic design challenge / opportunity everyday - and in a brand like Chumbak, we can afford to have fun with it. Most people ignore brand newletters - hence, you should do all it takes to get them to sit up and take notice. With the width restricted to 500px and height variable, a newsletter contains: THE IMAGE: Choose a striking, clear shot of the product with sufficient negative space on top. THE SLOGAN UNIT: This is your playground. After the copywriter has come up with the perfect 2-3 word slogan for the product, you can render it in whichever typographic style that suits the image & slogan the best : Take care to use well-designed fonts and not use more than 2 at any point. Place the unit top and centre, with sufficient margins on all sides. Keep the colour of the type unit white, preferably. ONE-LINER + CTA BUTTON : A simple caption for the product, laid in Brandon Grotesk Medium Title Case, followed by a prominent Shop Now CTA button, centre-aligned and placed at the bottom of the image. Keep an eye on the data collected for the viewing and conversion rate of newsletters sent out, and incorporate that information into the design of the next newsletter. Newsletters / 75
  81. 8.4 LOOKBOOKS Apart from the broader constraint of making sure it goes along with our Brand values - Lookbooks (Collection Lookbooks, Festive Lookbooks, Home Edits, YouXChumbak, etc) are where one has the maximum amount of freedom and fun. We can experiemnt with other flows, but the one currently being used at Chumbak is that of a series of successive 10-15 Slides, each showcasing one outfit / product along with a small writeup, if need be, with a prominent Shop Now CTA button - clicking on which opens up a lightbox with the individual products tagged for purchase. Images are shortlisted from the preceding photoshoot not only based on how good they look, but also depending upon the visibility and availability of the product showcased, and one can start concocting a sumptuous lookbook out of them - tied together with the appropriate title and copy. Desktop Slides : 1920px x 1080px Mobile Slides : 640px x 1260px Should Include a Cover image and a Conclusion image. Accompanying Homepage Banners for Desktop (1920px x 720px) and Mobile (400px x 350px) Print Lookbook - A3 Foldout AW18 Lookbook YouXChumbak Kolkata Edition SS18 Lookbook Color Pop Lookbook Lookbooks / 76
  82. 8.5 STORE WINDOWS While the rest of the creatives rests in the realm of design - this is definitely art. Every new collection or major campaign needs to greet the world with a visually explosive store- window design. It could be a striking vinyl print on the store windows, a 2.5D/3D installation right behind the window or a full-fledged artpiece outside on the patio. The only contraints are: Whether it fits into the theme of the campaign - remember, it’s the campaign’s first face forward for any passersby. Whether it’s feasible / doable in the given timeline. Do we have enough space in the store? Does it block out important products? Does one have the appropriate apparatus (j-hooks, stands, etc) to pull this off? etc. Whether it’s within the budget. VINYL CUTOUT WITH BACKGROUND BOARD 2.5D INSTALLATION IN 3 LAYERS SIMPLE VINYL CHART ON WINDOW VINYL CUTOUT ON WINDOW Store Windows / 77
  83. 8.6 USING ILLUSTRATION IN MARKETING COLLATERALS We have a treasure-trove of illustrations of just about everything under the sun - animals, food, floura-fauna, relationships, monuments, Indian artefacts and Indian obsessions, hand-lettered quotes, daily objects from bartan to scooters, landscapes from marshes to circuses, etc. Apart from a few evergreen illustrations, and the fairly recent ones, most of them have gone on products that have long fallen out of circulation - and public memory. The rate at which marketing collaterals are churned out at Chumbak - it’s hard to keep shooting anew or coming up with a primary artwork from scratch - and let’s face it, few can match up to the visual grandeur or the instant likeability of our illustrations. Hence, I would strongly recommend any graphic designer to scour the server for any relevant illustrations (Food-mat illustrations for food-related events, Friendship-Day mug illustration for a Friendship Day campaign, for example) and adapt them into a hell of a creative. You can view an evolving directory of old illustrations, arranged theme-wise here. Using Illustration in Marketing / 78
  84. PART NINE EDITORIAL GUIDELINES Editorial Guidelines / 79
  85. 9.1 COMMUNICATION MANIFESTO After an exhaustive research done over 6-8 months last year with an external consultant involving Brand Workshops with consumers & employees, review of all past Chumbak communication, and protracted discussions with stakeholders, we arrived at 3 Pillars for Chumbak’s tone of voice: WIT WARMTH EXTRA MILE DESIGN From now on, every form of text communication we send out to the world, should check at least 2/3 boxes for it to be a Chumbak brand form of communication. They will be elaborated respectively in the following pages - but do have a look at the Brand Voice Document to get a closer grasp of the Dos & Don’ts. Wit Warmth Extra Mile Design Communication Manifesto / 80
  86. WIT Noun The capacity for inventive thought and quick understanding; keen intelligence/ a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humour. EXAMPLE OF WHAT WORKS : CHUMBAK WIT NOT CHUMBAK WIT Product : Gas Magnet & Wandermust Magnet Why do they work? They nostalgic references/ grounded in Indian context/ relatable language/ funny/ not offensive/ does not take more than a few seconds to get the humor. Instagram Post : “We have a 'Juicy' recipe for Day 23 of @inktober.” Why does it work? “Worldy” (using different ways to say tomato) without being snobby or offensive, great illustration. A clever joke that at least 70% of our audience would understand. Something super eclectic, ahead of its time, too trendy. Wit that does not offend. Political jokes, racist comments/anything that targets a minority group (ie. The Fat Jewish on Instagram would be too much) Quick: something instant, that sounds like it could come up in everyday banter. Nothing that takes more than a couple of seconds to ‘get’ – i.e no elaborate jokes. Pun-ny – but not overly so. Trendy language used without reason. Unique – cant find it anywhere else. The same joke everyone is making. India in Mind: wit that is grounded within a contemporary Indian context, one familiar to a global/Indian traveling audience. Nostalgic references (as seen in classic Chumbak) that someone who is 30ish would relate to (not older than this). Overtly ‘western’ references, references that only make sense to an upper class audience. Wit / 81
  87. WARMTH Noun The Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ - a quality of cosiness & comfortable conviviality that engenders a feelingof contentment or well-being. Enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Gratitude. EXAMPLE OF WHAT WORKS : CHUMBAK WARMTH NOT CHUMBAK WARMTH Blog Post 6/04/2016 Excerpt : Music festival scenes: While few of us may ever get to experience Coachella... To your super-cool work- place: Some of us are lucky enough to work for a company that doesn't force you to dress super formal (hint: we are too :P Also, poor lawyers.) Why does it work? There is clearly a lot of humility in this post , which is what it makes it warm. Instagram Post : ‘Found’ for Day 30 of @inktober Why does it work? Aside from the text being very cute, the hand- drawn illustration also adds a ‘homely’ feel. This post is clearly written by someone who loves dogs, and the reader can assume he/she knows them well/has grown up with them. Sincerity – i.e a cause we actually care about. Supporting a cause just because. Showing love for our fans. Showing love for anyone, not being specific. Humility – not assuming things. TOO much humility/ accessibility. Memorable ideas/statements. Being steeped in nostalgia. Warmth / 82
  88. EMD Extra Mile Design Design that goes a step further than required - like the kind of extra love your mom would put in to something for you, just because. The “something extra” is in our intent, not necassarily in our visual output. EXAMPLE OF WHAT WORKS : CHUMBAK EMD NOT CHUMBAK EMD Product : Baa Round Wallet Why does it work? Surface design is technically advanced/ complex. Instagram Posts : 36 days of type series Why does it work? It shows that we consider ourselves a part of a bigger global design community. Design done thoughtfully. Full on bling/ overly designed objects. Elaborating on process when we speak about design (social media, print). Giving away our process, or boasting. Print as USP. Surface Layer as USP (embellishment). Doing that thing no one else would do, just because (an extra button just in case, an extra border just because it adds that snazz to the cool border that already exists). Stopping short on design – stopping at the MVP stage. Releasing it to the market knowing it’s doable, not delightful. Extra Mile Design / 83
  89. 9.4 THE EMD BLOG We decided to overhaul the Chumbak blog and have it refashioned as an ode to our Brand philosophy of Extra-Mile Design. The Chumbak Blog had, over the years, become thinly disguised writeups to sell Chumbak products and unsurprisingly wasn’t engaging any readers. We decided to shift the focus back to the design arm of the brand, and not only redesigned the architecture and appearance of the blog, but also the type of content and the style of writing. It was rechristened as ‘Extra Mile Design’, which was divided into the following sections : CHUMBAK STUDIO This would comprise of posts that detail life at the Chumbak office, people profiles, and most im- portantly, the process behind a particular artwork or collection. CHUMBAK COLLABS We’ve always sought partnerships with brands that speak to the same audience as we do and this section of the blog will describe the Behind-the-scenes stories and the end results of those part- nerships - for instance, the post on our collaboration with Apple Music. CHUMBAK FINDS This section contains long-form, well-researched, well-written pieces on people / entrepreneurs around Bangalore who we believe go the Extra Mile when it comes to their work. FLY ON THE WALL This is a loosely-structured gallery which is populated with random, spontaneous, candid pictures of life at the Chumbak studio - it really is Chumbak through the eyes of a fly on the wall. Blog Home Page Blog Category Page Blog Post Page The Extra Mile Design Blog / 84
  90. PART TEN MISCELLANEOUS Miscellaneous / 84
  91. 10.1 LETTERHEAD This is the redesigned letterhead - any official communication should be conveyed in this format. Download File Letterhead / 85 Chumbak Design Pvt Ltd #520, CMH Road, 1st Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore 560038 I Toll Free 1800-4-201-200 VISIT OUR STORES Bangalore | Chandigarh | Chennai | Goa | Gurugram | Hyderabad | Jaipur | Kochi | Kolkata | Mumbai | New Delhi | Noida | Pune |
  92. 10.2 VISITING CARDS Nothing is more representative of our brand than our very own illustrations. Every year, one should pick the 5-6 best illustrations from our recent print library, adapt it to the 5.4cm x 9cm visiting card template provided here, and keep the text on the back clean and crisp. Download the following files as per requirement: Visting Cards for Vivek Prabhakar - 2018-19 edition (5 artworks each) Visting Cards for Shubhra Chadda - 2018-19 edition (5 artworks each) Visiting Cards for new employee - 2018-19 edition (2 artworks each) (Replace their Name, Designation, Phone-number and Email-ID accordingly) 5 ARTWORKS CHOSEN FOR THE BACK FRONT DESIGN 1 FRONT DESIGN 1 Visiting Cards / 86
  93. 10.3 EMPLOYEE IDS Replace the Name, Employee-ID, Emergency Contact and Blood group in the template file shown here and you are good to go. 2.6in x 3.6in I Download Template Employee ID / 87 VIVEK PRABHAKAR ABC-1234 Bloodgroup : A+ Emergency Contact : +91 8861192641 Authorised Signatory CHUMBAK DESIGN PVT LTD . #520, CMH Road, 1st Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore 560038 Toll Free : 1800-4-201-200 |
  94. 10.4 PRESENTATION TEMPLATES SECTION HEADING Download File SINGLE IMAGE + TEXT Download File IMAGE GRID + TEXT Download File IMAGE COLLAGE + TEXT Download File CATEGORY PAGE Download File QUICK STATS Download File PROCESS / TIMELINE Download File IMAGE AS BACKGROUND Download File Presentation Templates / 88
  95. 10.5 CHUMBAK CHAMPS’ CERTIFICATES Epic Champs - Category A View Sample Epic Champs - Category A View Sample Premier League Champ View Sample Highest Bill Champ View Sample Quarterly Epic Store (Cat. A, B & C) View Samples Chumbak Champs’ Certificates / 89
  99. 00 IN CONCLUSION Chumbak is an ever-changing, ever-evolving, dynamic visual behemoth - and we pride ourselves on our dynamism. We don’t colour within the lines, we like to surprise ourselves constantly and for better or worse, we tend to get bored easily - and hence, we don’t wait till it’s broken to fix it. Add to that the multiple product verticles we straddle, the hundreds of product categories we sell under our roof and the varied channels , offline and online, we operate in - and you have a beast that’s difficult to tame with a broad 100-page rulebook. It’s a crucial juncture in our timeline today. We are going to reach out to more people than we ever did before, we are going bigger than ever before. Many people are going to see Chumbak for the first time, or the ones that already did will probably see it more often than they used to - and it’s vital that we’re sure of what we’re going to show them. That we come across as a brand that’s confident about chewing what it’s bitten off, a brand that knows what it is and what its doing. The burst of spontaneity and colour and madness is still preserved in our prints - but it’s supported by a structure that’s robust, clear and self-assured. These Brand Guidelines for the year 2019-20 are not hard-bound rules - they are still flexible enough for the inevitable hazy briefs and tight deadlines that we face here at Chumbak - but they’re a step forward in the direction of efficiency, consistency and salience. Brand guidelines will take care of the fluff - while you go out and do the real important stuff :) In Conclusion / 93
  100. THANK YOU.