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Mlm training #1 handout


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Mlm training #1 handout

  1. 1. MLM Training #1 Knowing the Industry  Also known as network marketing or networking  A method of distributing products through independent distributors rather than traditional retail outlets.  It enables people to immediately start their own business with very little resources or meager capital and with the least of risk involved.  It is a revolutionary approach of distributing products directly to the end-users by word-of- mouth.  Its recognized as one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.  Distributors are compensated from: a. Sales of Products b. Sales of Products achieved by when they introduce other people in to the business * What is the Difference Between a legitimate MLM and an illegal Pyramid Scheme? Pyramid Scheme MLM Company  There is NO real product  Money is promised on recruiting more people into the scheme MLM’s Fair and Simple Rule:  There is a marketed product  No money is paid on recruiting alone  There are trainings and courses given to distributors
  2. 2.  Do little = Earn little  Do average = Earn average  Do a lot = Earn big! * Networking/MLM has been commended by different entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and even late US president Bill Clinton because of its effectiveness to bring people from rags to riches. (see videos from youtube or from the giver of this handout) “In 1984 20% of new millionaires came from Network Marketing. By 1994 it was 50%. It’s predicted that by 2004 and forward, 70-80% of new millionaires will come from the booming Network Marketing Industry.” - IRS (U.S.) Statistics