The Burger Patty Press For Healthier Low Fat Food


Published on The burger patty press is used to cook heart healthier meals which includes low fat meat, beef, sausage, burger and hamburger for kids and for patients. Watch informative videos to learn in brief about our unique cooking utensil.

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The Burger Patty Press For Healthier Low Fat Food

  1. 1. The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer
  2. 2. What Is The Burger Buddy? The Burger Buddy is a unique kitchen utensil that turns cooked fatty meat like hamburgers into healthier and nutritious low fat meals. Using hot water and simple hand pressure, you can rinse the extra fat calories and waste from your burgers, ensuring safer and healthier eating.
  3. 3. Why Use The Burger Buddy? The Burger Buddy reduces up to 50% of the fat in cooked hamburgers. The Burger Buddy has been tested by the US Army to confirm the best method for reducing the fat while still retaining that all-beef taste.
  4. 4. Why Is It Unique? Unlike a simple patty press, The Burger Buddy reduces fat in meats like steak, sausage, and hamburger, turning them into healthier and safer foods for kids, adults, and patients.
  5. 5. Contact Us : To Learn More About It Address : P.O. Box 341072, Beavercreek, Ohio 45434 Order Now : 1-888-328-7893