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Web Safety for Teens.


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Web Safety for Teens.

  1. 1. New Workshop& Keynote Session fromMel Taylor Media …must-have info for: Parents  Teachers Guardians  EmployersYour teen just ‘friended’ you on Facebook.That’s a good thing…right?Think you have access to all posts, pics & video being shared with their other ‘friends’? Probably not.With crafty use of filters and other tools, you might only be seeing the ‘sanitized’ version of their web usage.WHY ATTEND THIS SESSION? Smart, good-intentioned kids sometimes do things online that could hurt them inthe future. A better understanding of today’s Internet trends will allow parents, teachers & employers makebetter, well-informed decisions about handling this oft-delicate situation with teens.This fun & non-geeky session is presented by Internet/Social Media expert; Mel Taylor. Attendees will easilylearn about today’s most popular Internet trends being embraced by young adults: Facebook, texting, Twitter,YouTube, file-sharing and advanced cell phone/mobile devices. Mel Taylor is a Philadelphia-based consultant, speaker and trainer. He conducts popular Internet and social media workshops, personal development seminars and marketing classes for small business. Mel Taylor Media has 20 years of media, marketing, Internet and public speaking success. Recent work includes CBS Radio & TV, Fox-29 TV, Tribune Newspapers and TESTIMONIALS Rarely do I encounter a speaker of the caliber of Mel Taylor. He’s extremely knowledgeable in and well prepared for his subject matter. Mel is also a very entertaining speaker. Marsha A. Stoltman; The Stoltman Group Mel is charismatic and easily captures attention of the crowd. He takes time to build a story, that makes the most difficult concepts seem easy. Dan Sarko; VP, Tribune Newspapers Contact: Philadelphia office: 267-625-5313