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Web Marketing 101 for Small Business. Mel Taylor 2012


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Local business is moving more of their advertising to online. They are also very hungry for digital knowledge. These seminars attract large groups looking to get better at online marketing. Newspaper and other local media companies benefit from attracting new business.

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Web Marketing 101 for Small Business. Mel Taylor 2012

  1. 1. Online Revenue Solutions featuring Web 101 for Local Business Seminars Guaranteed Revenue, Superior Sales 267-625-5313 267-625-5313
  2. 2. Web 101 for Local Business Why?Local advertisers want to buy web… • confused / lack of knowledge • don’t totally trust sales rep • think Google or website is enough • never been offered web
  3. 3. Web 101 for Local Business Benefits• provide web education to local biz > they buy more web ! > helps grow larger, overall shares• immediate web revenue• sales reps are trained as well• better than cold call• superior, qualified lead generation
  4. 4. Newspaper AdPress of Atlantic City
  5. 5. The New Workshop from Mel Taylor Media Online Business 101 for Newsrooms, Programming & Web Producers When newsrooms, webmasters & programming understand basic online business models… they create advertiser-friendly & profitable websites
  6. 6. mel taylor mediatestimonialsOur ‘Web 101 for Small Business’ seminar was a huge success• $140,000 in new revenue and signed 26 NEW advertisers• Increased average revenue per account by 18%.Mel is charismatic, well spoken and easily captures attention of the crowd. He takes the time to build a storythat can make the most difficult concepts seem easy.Before the client seminar (where Mel trained our sales staff) he addressed the most common objections. Melhelped give the sales staff more confidence, and made them fully prepared to sell.At the client seminar, Mel engaged the audience, spoke in terms that made them comfortable, and madeprofessional reference to promote our Newspaper website, without losing credibility as a professional, outsideconsultant.Dan Sarko ; VP of Interactive; Tribune
  7. 7. mel taylor mediatestimonials We generated over $140k of new (quarterly) online business. The seminar results far exceeded our expectations. Mel’s presentation was also a very effective learning tool for our print sales staff, reinforcing our in-house web training. One key to our success was Mel’s presentation style. He was able to build the advertisers’ web comfort by using non-tech, easy to understand methods & terminology. John D’Orlando, VP Advertising; Orlando Sentinel
  8. 8. mel taylor media testimonialso Your knowledge and experience in what works, and what doesnt, to generate online revenues is sorely needed in the Broadcast industry. Your recommendations are simple, practical, and can be executed immediately. Feedback from attendees was as high as weve ever gotten. John Potter VP Training; Radio Advertising Bureauo As an event planner, I have the opportunity to place many different types of speakers on various industry programs. Rarely do I encounter a speaker of the caliber of Mel Taylor. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in and well-prepared for his subject matter, he is also a very entertaining speaker and a pleasure to work with. He is an asset to any program. Marsha Stoltman; America East Newspaper Conferenceo Mel, Thank you so much for helping Clear Channel Philadelphia take 100% share of the “Cirque Du Soleil” Theatre buy. $60 thousand dollars for us! Your “integrated marketing approach” blew the client away. We even took $10,000. of their print budget ! The client said they were VERY impressed with your presentation and program, ….and they don’t impress easily ! Tara Kelly, Clear Channel Radioo Mel Taylor has sold new media for newspapers, radio and television, and knows what it takes to get past low CPM’s and remnant ads. We hired Mel Taylor Media at WTEN in Albany and saw immediate benefits. In addition to innovative internet training and development for our sales team, Mel worked closely with the news director and web developer. Our site now looks better and is more appealing to our advertisers as well as our viewers. The best part: revenue is up. Mike Sechrist, WTEN TV, Albany, NY
  9. 9. Mel Taylor Media success story web- Results: 90 day web-sales initiative YEAR 1 YEAR 2 IncreaseFebruary $71,813 $134,847 88% March $97,304 $160,756 66% April $110,000 $164,475 49%
  10. 10. Mel Taylor background• radio • newspaper • sales management • talent, reporter• internet • television • content, production • sales training
  11. 11. Email Invitation& Online Registration Press of Atlantic City
  12. 12. Online Revenue Solutions featuring Web 101 for Local Business Seminars Guaranteed Revenue, Superior Sales 267-625-5313