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Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread Analysis


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Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread Analysis

  1. 1. Headline & Quote Masthead- Is largest Preview- Her name is font size on the page at highlighted bigger for the top of the page is a people to know who great place to highlight the main article is the magazine title so the about and targets and people buying the audience that appeals product know what they to Florence and the are buying into. Machine’s fans. Tag Line- This is like a “promise” what Main Image- An extreme close up shot emphases you will find in the her glare into the camera, magazine; “Discover to make it look like she is Great Music”. looking at you. She is also Subheadings- Large font to looking in a sexual way, show main stories that will make relating to the “male people want to buy the magazine. gaze”. Her bright red hair They make peoples covers the back of the names large to tell you who’s magazine because that is in the magazine making people buy Florence’s “trade mark”. it. Her bright eye makeup highlights her eyes showing where she is Layout- White font looking- at you, drawing in a preview column your attention. row stands out. Bigger words to highlight main Plug- This is in a sticker form features are to grab to make it stand out, also blue your attention. contrasts with her bright red hair, also drawing your attention in.Barcode- A common conventionso the audience can purchase themagazine. The price is small, so youlook the articles before looking atthe price to make you want to buyit.
  2. 2. Subheading- This is to make sure the audiences know where to go if Issue Number- This tells you they want to read about their how long the magazine has been favourite band. It is an easier way to publishing for and how successful structure and layout a contents page it is. as the subheadings tell you what you need to know and where. Having the main subheading eg. Features, in a block and in a different colour makes it stand out and even the page numbers are in the same set Splash Image & Caption- This is the red. The bands or articles are in a largest image on the page showing a bold black font, just like the ones main article to draw the audience in on the front page, this is so you can and they can easily find it with this see and look out for what you want large image and number marked in the and quickly get to it. corner. They look casual and laid back with their hands in their pockets shows they are not serious and making musicKicker (Specials)- This contrasts with because they want to. Being in thethe “Every Month” heading as it is county side could tell you the genre ofsomething new in the magazine with their music; indie/country. Or wherea famous band which a lot of people they came from linking and inspiring toknow, framing to a larger audience people in the country.scale. “Review”- This tells people what is in the charts and what they should be listening to.“Every Month”-Subheading Again the usual layout is used,This is to tell you what you will red to highlight page numbersexpect in every issue. So you feel and bold black so you can quicklycomfortable with the magazine find the review you want. As it islayout inside and know what you in its own box you can expect thisare expecting. to be in most issues and quite important to the magazine because the magazine statues it’s tagline; “Discover Great Music”.
  3. 3. Column-The Headline-The headline is bold although it is not large in comparison to the “Review Newcolumn on the left Albums”, this suggests they would rather sell new albums than Florence and the Machine asis advertising other an artist herself. It could also show that because of the extremely large image on the oppositeartists like Florence page Florence has been advertised largely through this image.and the Machine.This links to thetarget audience asQ’s audience buythe magazine tolisten to the “good”music. This columnwill make it easierfor people who likeFlorences uniquevoice and forpeople to expandtheir music in thisspecific genre.Pull-Quote-Aquote in the middleof the page in asticker box bring itout and is acommonconvention inarticles which getsyour attention byhighlighting ainteresting part ofthe interviewmaking people wantto read the rest ofthe article. It is in a Main Image-The image takes up a whole page, this is effective as it shows who the article is about. Alsodifferent colour to the colours of the image are warm reds and oranges to link with her signature hair colour. Red= passion,also highlight it and love, fiery and warmth, this shows how Florence is in her personality. This links to intertextuality as hermake it stand out website as the images rolling on her own website are alike, linking together both this article and herfrom the page, the website. Q readers treasure the Q photography with 97% saying it has the best interviews and awardbox around it winning photography, explaining why the image is so large.complements thistoo.
  4. 4. Price and date- Subheadings- The sub-The price relates to the heading is close to thestatus of classes and who can afford Masthead showing howto buy the magazine. The date shows they relate and it is easierhow often the magazine is out. for the audience to seeMasthead- Is behind the image what to expect inside.because it is such a well known The names of the bandsmagazine just the shaping of the are highlighted in the samemasthead you know what magazine red as the Masthead andyou are reading and picking up. It also Headline, this is to showsuggests that the same audience buy the link and brining it outthe same magazine each issue. The from the black font iscolour red is to highlight new bands effective as it stands out andor existing bands, and having the Is easy for the audience tomasthead(NME) in the same red shows See and notice.that you will expect new and existingbands in the NME magazine. The sub-masthead underneath “New Music” Headline- This is straighteven shows what you except in the across the middle of themagazine. cover to grab attention straight away. It is in aMain Image- The band is set in a bold red to stand outtraditional “band layout”- two in front, from the cream and whitetwo behind. This is to show the will stick colour scheme. Also thetogether but also to show you who the “of” is in a different fontband members are; drummer being at to the rest of the fontsthe back, main guitarist/singer at showing they are notthe front. The hand reaching out is afraid to be different asalmost reaching out to you inviting you their music is not liketo joining them; pulling you in. This is many other bands but canmaking you want to be with them and still make it big beingWill make you buy the magazine so you different; inspirational.Can read about/with them.Plug- This relates to theaudience in that would be interested Barcode- This is ain V Festival as these people would common conventionbe interested in the bands in NME. of magazines soAnd it also has an article on the people can buy theFestival telling you about the bands that will be playing. magazine.
  5. 5. Index- This column is in every Heading- This is a large font to stand out but the thing issue on NME so it is easier to which stands out is the NME find your favourite bands and logo so people know and learn article on them. This is a good the logo instantly if they put it selling point to the music on most pages. audience wanting to find out more information on their favourite bands. Layout- Having the main Subheadings- Again article in the middle of the this is a feature to make page with a picture with it it easy for the audience grabs your attention quickly to what they want and the black, red and white quickly. NME readers are colour scheme is to highlight mostly male(74%) so the main information in the easy subheadings are brighter colour(red) for quick and easy because example band names or page they do not want to numbers. Having headings and search everywhere in an index is easier to find what the magazine, also NME article you want to read. readers trust the magazine and this layoutMain Article& Picture- The is in every issue so they image is of the band playing can trust to find the live which indicates to the bands and articles they article will be about their tour. want easily. The large The look like they are picture and ads attract passionate in what they are the male readers as doing. This links to the target stereotypical males audience wanting to read the prefer to look at images magazine, as they are having rather than text. fun with what they are doing, which is what teenagers want.Advert- This is advertise for their Plug- drawing peopleown magazine to subscribe and get in with informationthe issue every week at a the “need” to knowdiscounted price. about No. 1 gigs in the UK.
  6. 6. Blobs-The odd rectangle and square shapes placed around, under test andLayout-The layout of this double page spread is over the image shows the band is quirky in their style of music and not afraidsimple with the colours and fonts standing out to be different. Also NME is targeted for a student audience so they need tofrom each other making it easy to read, also it keep the audience interested by using a unique page design. Also the colourslooks like a simple page. The blue blobs stand out of these blobs are bright and do not apply to the usual NME colour scheme,making the showing it is a special addition.layout a bit moreinterestingand unique. Thetext layout uses Pull-Quotes-a plain article Pull quoteslayout but using are a goodlight blue to way to attractmake some the audienceinformation by using anstand out. interesting part of the article and highlighting it making the reader want to read about the subject more. These are used a lot in interviews so you can quickly see what the band are saying.Main Image-Is large taking up a whole page and quarter of the next page. This gets straight to the point of who the band is. The way they are holding theirguitars near their crotch is a symbol of male power. This can relate to the male audience as they want to be powerful and will look up to them, but it can alsoattract the female audience using phallic symbolism as women want a power, strong man. Again they are looking straight into the camera, wanting somethingfrom you, the audience. Although, because only two members of the band are holding the guitars it may show they are the main members of the band. Butrelating to the article it tells us that The Vaccines are the “biggest guitar band of 2011” so the object of guitars is shown in the image to strengthen this point.The tone of this image is dirty and dull showing the genre may be garage and rock and reflecting to their gritty sound.
  7. 7. Date and Price- The priceMasthead- The masthead is behind is the smallest font on theTaylor Swifts image, this shows the page so you look at it last,audience of Rolling Stone are regular after you have read thebuyers and know the recognisable logo, headlines and decided to buyeven behind the image. The bright red It.stands out as it contrasts from the whitebackground making it easier to find in a Plug- “HOT” stands outmagazine rack in your local shop. making it eye catching and people will want to read it as they want to aspire to celebrities likeSubheadings- The subheadings are in a Taylor Swift and willpreview and column, this is effective as want to read how theythe reader knows straight away what is do it and how they cangoing to be in the magazine and if they or relate to this. Shocker wordsmake you want to read the magazine Headline- It is large and placedmore as it is gossip and gets your attention centre, but to the right so it isquickly. not taking up the whole of the image. This is because Taylor Swift is a famous and talentedMain Image- Taylor Swift is known as a artist so lots of people knowgood, county girl but the provocative pose who she is. Although it is in ashows a different side to her. This links to different colour to the otherthe plug on the other side, “Hot Stuff”. It fonts on the page, this is only torelates to the theory, the Male Gaze as she make the main article headlineis posing in a way she would not normally. stand out so the audience knowThe pose is sexy and the way she has her it is about “the heart break kid”hand between her legs is a provocative pose. drawing people in with a directHer make up and hair looks messy and Quote as the strapline.although she is a good girl, this can portrayher in the opposite. The county girl looksalmost opposite to her county outback Barcode- A commonsongs and lifestyle are. This gets peoples convention neededattention because they want to know why to sell the magazine,she is looking like this. But it relates to the placed at the bottomMale Gaze theory that men would want to not taking up much roomlook at her because she is looking sexy andwomen aspire to be her.
  8. 8. Layout-The layout isImages-The images are simple and is split intopresented in full blocks on the separate sections so it isleft side of the page with easy for the audience tolarge page numbers in the find what they are lookingcorner so it doesn’t take up for and also makes it lookthe whole of the photography smart, to link to the olderbut know where to go male audience. The brightinstantly. The images are all of headings and pageinspirational people from the numbers make it simple toAmerican president to Billie find what you are lookingArmstrong from Green Day. for but it doesn’t make itThis could show that the look too outstanding.audience for the Rolling Stone A small box at the bottommagazine is quite shows your what was onsophisticated but also has a the front cover and wherelively side to them with the you can find the articles, Irock bands. Rolling Stone is think this is useful astargeted for a medium age of people mainly buy a32 years old, one of the older magazine because ofrange of music magazines. what’s on the cover.The artists shown are olderartists which this targetaudience will enjoy reading Font-The font is used toabout such as Bruce also represents an olderSpringsteen. Although this audience as it is quitemagazine is made in America, sophisticated and notrepresented by American flashing out in front ofpolitics and American bands it you. The way theyis sold in England and people highlight main detailsin the UK will still buy an and information is byAmerican music magazine using a bright red whichbecause the American artists complements with theshown are world wide known white and black., makingso people in the UK still want it stand read about their favouriteAmerican bands.
  9. 9. Masthead-The masthead is large and in a the usual Main Image-The main image takes up a page and quarter of theRolling Stone red to link with the magazine set previous page, is because imagery of the band is important, also the main feature of this photographcolours; red, black and white. It is large and at the is the colours and how it links to their new album. The front cover of their album is the same tone astop of the page to let the reader know what the this photograph of the whole band linking to the intertextuality of the band advertising their albuminterview is about; questionnaire interview. through a photo-shoot with Rolling Stone. They look laid-back looking straight into the camera and maybe even looking desperate for you to buy theirHeadline-A big new albumheadline of the linking to thebands name interview on thegets straight to other side of thethe point and page.tells you who Linking back tothe interview is the colours ofwith. The Kings the album andOf Leon font is this image andthe same font also link to theirof the side of tour, “Cometheir albums Aroundlinking to other Sundown”,media which is whatadvertising and their album isselling their called, with theproducts with colours lookingthe band name like a sunsetfitting with the linking to thetone of the “sundown”.image bothlinking to theirupcomingalbum.Text and Fonts-The introduction is written in a bold red to make it stand outfrom the main interview, this is so the readers know what the interview is Layout-The text is spread into columns like a newspaper making it lookabout and know when it is starting. A bold font is used to highlight the official and so it is simple, but smart and easy to read. Having a large imagequestions asked and answers from the band in a smaller font. A drop cap is of the band promotes them quickly and with an male audience theused at the start of the paragraph to show where the text and interview starts. magazine wants to quickly get to the point so they don’t get bored.