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  1. 1. Boarding School Design Shea Family Cottage North cottage First Floor Second Floor KEY Orange: student rooms Purple: faculty quarters Beige: community/lounge areas Blue: bathrooms/showers Gray: basement level
  2. 2. Boarding School Design Questions: Learning Theory -Will learning and appropriate class behavior be affected by classroom layout? -Will learning Resources be used more if they are nearby? -How many students should there be per class in order to make learning better for students? -Co-ed or all girls? Questions: Boarding Schools -What are the different types of boarding schools available? -How do I incorporate all of the important types into one? -What type of boarding school can be supported in design? -Goals of context: environmental or disciplinary? Questions: Dorms -What are the different design issues that can be solved? -How does the living area affect students emotionally? -How do I incorporate aspects of matrix into the design? Dorm #2 - faculty Second floor foyer apartment kitchen and student rooms area Through a focus on the types of boarding schools available to teens, design approaches needed to Dorm #2 - faculty achieve a comfortable home away from home, and living room research on learning theory; A comfortable, traditional, and open therapeutic housing facility lends to the strength, development, self respect, Dorm #1 – Upper floor routine, and academic discipline of students during Interior of dorm #1 – common area first floor common area dorm life in boarding school.
  3. 3. Boarding School Design Therapeutic Boarding Schools Boarding School Matrix Therapeutic boarding schools are aimed towards students who are having difficulty in a traditional school setting. While preparing students for college can also be a goal for these schools, these schools are also able to handle students who are facing challenges such as behavioral / emotional problems, substance abuse, or significant learning differences. Such students are sometimes referred to as "troubled-teens" or "struggling teens;" hence, therapeutic boarding schools are sometimes called "boarding schools for troubled-teens" or "boarding schools for struggling teens.“ Therapeutic schools vary in their operations and focus. An educational consultant can also help you better understand this area and find appropriate schools. Boarding School Review does not currently list therapeutic boarding schools. Types of Boarding School Annotated Plan / Bubble Diagram Keywords: College-Preparatory Boarding Schools College preparatory boarding schools' primary goal is to prepare students for the Adjacency academic rigors of college life. If you're a generally well-motivated student seeking Circulation to excel and explore new opportunities, this is the type of boarding school you're Open / Closed looking for. All the schools listed in our boarding school directory are exclusively Daylighting / Views college-preparatory or junior boarding schools. Note that a number of college-prep boarding schools also accomodate students with learning differences (LD) or Color Theory ADD/ADHD. Within college-preparatory boarding schools, there are additional Balance distinctions between schools: Privacy All-boys or all-girls boarding schools - while fewer in number, there are a number of single-sex boarding schools in the USA. View a list of Color Theory all-girls boarding schools or all-boys boarding schools. -Warmth Military schools - these boarding schools also prepare students for college-life, -Balance with the addition of military-type discipline and structure. View a list of military boarding schools. Pre-professional arts schools - these schools specialize in helping students train Open / Closed and become artists in a variety of fields such as music, visual arts, theatre, ballet, -Organization and creative writing. Students are prepared for entrance into either traditional -Materials colleges or specialty schools like music conservatories (e.g., Juilliard). View a list -Wayfinding of arts boarding schools. Religious boarding schools - these schools have an emphasis on a particular -Privacy religion and spiritual growth. View a list of Christian boarding schools. Dorm Room
  4. 4. Boarding School Design