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2012 mc donald's uk olympic campaign


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2012 mc donald's uk olympic campaign

  1. 1. 2012 McDonald’s UK Olympic Campaign
  2. 2. STRATEGYLondon 2012’s ambition was to create a Games for everyone. McDonald’s has the reputation ofbeing democratic and welcoming to all. Being the official restaurant of the Olympic Games,McDonald’s can legitimately play an active role in helping make the Games happen.WE ALL MAKE THE GAMESMcDonald’s is part of the Games by celebrating all the people who aremaking the Games happen; millions of Britons, Games Maker volunteers, andMcDonald’s Olympic Champion Crew from all over the country, serving theWorld with pride.
  3. 3. TELEVISIONThree executions were produced. The first was produced for launch. The second and third were provided from real footage on the the ground during the event.
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL OUTDOORThe outdoor campaign focused on celebrating the fans and Olympic volunteers of Great Britain
  5. 5. Launch Outdoor
  6. 6. Launch Outdoor
  7. 7. Launch Outdoor
  8. 8. Launch Outdoor
  9. 9. DIGITAL OUTDOORConsumers were encouraged to upload their own images of ‘Making the Games’ to our Facebook page, by asking them ‘What kind of fan are you?’. The images were then rebroadcast to Digital Outdoor locations around the country