What We Wish We Would Have Known


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Presented with Kelley Stier at the NASPA Region IV Women In Student Affairs Drive in Conference in Lake Forest, IL

June 2013

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  • Kelley
  • Share Personal Stories HereKelleyMelissaPersonal professional journey specifically marked with WLI11Had never really done any goal setting, or thought about my effect on the field as a woman, and it’s affect on meSocial media usage evolved into participation and eventually leadership with the WISA team
  • MelissaPower of the social media culture for women <<Show of Hands>>Topics such as: Healthy reflection, empowerment, lifting and inspiring other womenMaking the community your own“Rather than going home and curling up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, I can curl up in a #hashtag where people are saying encouraging and supportive things and walk away with something more constructive, that I can do something with, the next day.” When you need help with life, you call family and friends right? When when focusing on your career or balancing life and work, thinking about a P.Hd, kids, all of it simultaneously? Why not call women who have been on those shoes and can provide suggestions, ideas, and advice?
  • MelissaSpent (at the time) the past year or so before this benefiting from the wisdom and advice of the strong female networks I had builtDeveloped professionally, learned how to network more effectively, started making larger contributions, and became more invested in conversations about barriers women faceMade the transition to overseeing an all female community of 5 halls – much of their programming efforts were very social in natureLow conduct community, great opportunity to focus on the staff and their personal and professional developmentNo one sat down with me at that age to have those conversations – let’s start and get their brains going
  • Why this got started and why it’s important….KelleyAsk question – what are some of the barriers women face?Why do you think our students fail to discuss or think about? Why is it not always a topic of conversation at the college level?
  • KelleyTopics we had suggested…<<Pass out handout used>>
  • Melissa Salary Negotiating – knowing that its ok to ask for more, don’t accept the job offer right awayUnderstanding Your Strengths – reverse the weakness conundrum Be Bold in the Workplace – Being in the arena and taking a seat at the tableApologies as a Woman – they REALLY latched onto this conversationCompeting with other women – so counterproductive
  • Tips to Guide the Conversation with your Students…KelleyHave an agenda/plan, but be ready to be flexible to guide the conversation where participants gravitate to the mostWhat you think is important might not be important to them – we’re here to interject small nuggets into their brainsTake your time with itBe aware of how much you are talking – needs to be a mutually engaging session that they feel connected to“How might these topics play into the career in which you are headed into…”Setting was a small square where everyone could see each other (Mel-on floor, shoes off)
  • <<20 minutes or so in small group>><<Quick feedback from everyone>>
  • MelissaWhat are their fears and worries…What are they not thinking about?
  • Melissa We need to listen as supervisors…and be “in tune” with their needs (wompwomp….)
  • Questions?
  • What We Wish We Would Have Known

    1. 1. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltEmpowering and Lifting Women in Student AffairsMelissa RobertsonArea Coordinator, University ResidencesPurdue UniversityKelley StierAssociate Director of Student Services, KrannertPurdue University
    2. 2. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSalt• Why We’re Here• Importance of Extending #WLSalt Lessonsto Students• Identifying Needs and Barriers• Lessons that Garnered Excitement• Tips for Facilitating Your Own Session• Small Group Discussion
    3. 3. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltKelley StierAssociate Director of Student Services & Leadership Development• #WLI11 attendee• Regional Presentation on Twitter for Learning and Pro D• Accepted New Position• Became Active Volunteer in Community• ConfidenceMelissa RobertsonArea Coordinator• #WLI11 Attendee• Regional and National Presentations on Social Media forProfessional Development• NASPA WISA Leadership Team and Social Media Co-Chair• Advocacy and Women’s Issues
    4. 4. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt“Rather than going home and curlingup on the couch with a bowl of icecream, I can curl up in a #hashtagwhere people are saying encouragingand supportive things and walk awaywith something more constructive,that I can do something with,the next day.”
    5. 5. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltWe need to reallylisten as supervisorsand mentors…Windsor Res Life Team…
    6. 6. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSalt
    7. 7. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSalt• The Art of Personal Branding• Building Relationships• Learning from Other Women• Advocating for Other Women• Salary Negotiating & Job Terms• Apologizing as Woman• Learning Your Strengths and Passions• Finding Happiness
    8. 8. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSalt
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    10. 10. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltGuided Discussion….How are you going to build a bridge?
    11. 11. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltWhat are their fears and theirworries…
    12. 12. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSalt…we need to reallylisten as supervisorsand mentors…
    13. 13. Tweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltTweet with Us! #NASPA4E #WISA #WLSaltKelley StierAssociate Director of Student ServicesPurdue University@kelleystier Melissa RobertsonArea CoordinatorPurdue University@melpels