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Media 1st draft SECTION 2


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Media 1st draft SECTION 2

  1. 1.  In a typical working class gym Salford lads club is a iconic landmark . Sepia tone at the beginning represents the boy in the past which also enhances the old gym feel.
  2. 2. The pictures in the background when the boys are training on the boxing pads change throughout each boy.The pictures change from old pictures to new updated ones
  3. 3. Dance songs are usually about the image of the artist, representing and enhancing this image that the producers want to create.
  4. 4. We decided to go against this convention;we went for more of a narrative theme for our music video.
  5. 5. It slowly brings in the characters; if it started fast then it wouldn’t be conventional. It also follows the typical boxing experience of warming up.
  6. 6. The story line is narrative; dance pop music is usually a mix between performance and narrative. The concept is narrative for our music video; however the story is elliptical and fragmented music&context=G2261afcYMAAAAAAAPAA
  7. 7. There is also flashbacks in this musicvideo, this is to look at the past and try and fill the gaps in people’s minds
  8. 8. What have youlearnt from your audience feedback ?
  9. 9.  Understand what our specific target audience liked about the video and what they didn’t like or think worked
  10. 10. How effective is thecombination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
  11. 11.  Needs to follow simple conventions of both real media products and conventions from my music video. The theme of boxing had to follow through  there is an ‘image’ being formed The audience could walk into a shop and recognise the CD cover straight away
  12. 12.  It was necessary to include an image of them on our actual magazine advert because in the video it isn’t highlighted. He has a serious face on him with a medium close up shot of him; it has direct eye contact with the audience connecting to them
  13. 13. Theuse of the boxing gloves is a symbol used throughout everythingThe album name of ambition represents the boxing theme even more
  14. 14.  The colour of black and white is representing the past  Use of colour in this digipak relates to our music video the most, there symbolises passion, strength and danger.
  15. 15.  The word ambition is one of the most effective ways in which our products all relate. Ambition- Desire and determination to achieve success.
  16. 16.  It’s one of the most effective ways in which our products all relate. A motivational word which is a large especially in our music video. Relates to Andrew Goodwin’s theory
  17. 17. How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  18. 18. Media technology for our music video was essential The editing programme we used for our music video, it helped us to change thetransitions between shots but also allows us to add special effect.  Dissolve and ghosting
  19. 19. I got to understand how to use a video camera, and understand different theorists like David Baugh on how to construct a professional shot and whatnot to do for example the use of the sun and positioning.
  20. 20.  The use of the internet came in as useful along all stages Helped us to get inspirational ideas like our initial theme similar to Rocky (Avilsden, 1976).
  21. 21. became very helpful whenresearching and planning our ideasYouTube is a very successful video sharingwebsiteWe looked at in inspirational videos such adRocky and individual boxing clips.
  22. 22. Blogger is an online blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blog Allows you to keep track of work you have done along with the date and times you have done this
  23. 23. Google is one of the most popular search engines on the internet Google allows you to search for anything and comes up with a list of results. It provides information from a range of websites.