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  • Glr vms contra o mauricio ele usou diversos vocaloids TDS com os nomes errados ;-;
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Introduction to vocaloid

  1. 1. Introduction to VocaloidYour tour guide is Kuro-Shiro!
  2. 2. WHAT IS VOCALOID? Well, VOCALOID (often referred to as just "V1" in Vocaloid communities) is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation. It was developed in Japan, but the first were in Britain.
  3. 3. VOCALOID BEGINNINGS The majority of people believe VOCALOID started in Japan! But actually, it all started in Britain! There many VOCALOIDS up to this date, so many that it cannot be counted. Right now, VOCALOID is from many parts of this world. There was British, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and some other I really can’t remember. *sweatdrop*
  4. 4. VOCALOID:LEON and LOLA were the first VOCALOIDSreleased for the Vocaloid engine. He is a"virtual male soul vocalist modeled on a realprofessional singer" and was created forEnglish. As well as claiming the spot of firstVocaloid, Leon and Lola also are the first maleand female VOCALOIDS for English and theVocaloid1 engine itself.LEON was released along with fellowVocaloid, LOLA, by Zero-G Limited. Theywere one of the exhibits at the Zero-G Limitedbooth during Wired Nextfest and theVOCALOIDS won the 2005 ElectronicMusician Editor’s Choice Award. At the time oftheir release, LOLA and LEON had no rivalsoftware to contend with and were the firstVocal synthesizers to be released of theirnature. However, LEON and LOLA failed toimpact the American market due to their
  5. 5. VOCALOID:LOLA was the first female VOCALOID everreleased. She was released along with fellowVOCALOID LEON.LOLA was released along with fellowVOCALOID, LEON, by Zero-G Limited. Shereceived much better reviews than her malecounterpart, and they were exhibited at theZero-G Limited booth during Wired Nextfest.The Vocaloids won the 2005 ElectronicMusician Editor’s Choice Award, despitemixed reviews on both. At the time of theirrelease, Lola and Leon had no rival softwareto contend with and were the first Vocalsynthesizers to be released of their nature.However, Leon and Lola failed to impact theAmerican market due to their accents.
  6. 6. VOCALOID:MIRIAM is the third Vocaloid installmentfrom Zero-G. She was released on the 1st ofJuly, 2004. Her voice is based off thepopular British singer, Miriam Stockley, whois also the lead singer of the band Adiemus.In July 2004, Zero-G limited releasedMIRIAM, making her the third Vocaloid to bereleased. MIRIAMs programming surpassedher previous VOCALOID counterparts, LOLAand LEON. Miriam Stockley offered to allowher voice to be added into the softwareengine, accepting that you cannot fightprogress. Improved functionality wasimplemented into her, which lessened thetime for a VOCALOID user to produce amore realistic sound. In addition, Yamahamentioned on their website that MIRIAMssynthesis quality was much better.
  7. 7. VOCALOID:MEIKO is a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music)software created by Crypton Future Media.She is the first Japanese Vocaloid and firstJapanese female Vocaloid. She utilizes theVocaloid engine developed by YAMAHA. Hervoice is provided by the Japanese femalesinger Meiko Haigō (拝郷 メイコ HaigōMeiko). The illustration was done by ShogoWashizu, who is often called わっしー(Wasshi) and was once a member ofCrypton.She sold 3,000+ units in her first yearaccording to DTM magazine, this wasabnormal for a software synthesizer at thetime. This was also far better than hercounterpart Kaito who had sold only 500units. As of note, for a commercial product to
  8. 8. and herappend:MEIKO has an append on the way.Not much is known.Artwork not given.But her vocals were heard in “Over TheRocks” and “Forte x Piano x Scandal”.
  9. 9. has a Pullip!
  10. 10. has aNendoroid!
  11. 11. VOCALOID:KAITO is a Japanese male Vocaloid createdby Crypton Future Media. He utilizes the olderVocaloid engine developed by YAMAHA. Heclaims the spot of the last vocal to be releasedfor the Vocaloid engine and is the firstJapanese male Vocaloid to have appearedfrom Crypton Future Media. The voice wassupplied by a Japanese male singer FūgaNaoto (風雅 なおと). The illustration was doneby Takashi Kawasaki.At the time of his original sale, Vocaloid wasnot yet a well known product, andsynthesizing software was only consideredsuccessful if it sold more than 1,000 units.However, Kaito managed to sell only 500units—deeming him "a commercial failure." Incontrast, his counterpart, Meiko, had sold3,000 units in her first year.
  12. 12. and hisappend:Not much about KAITO’s append isknown, but it seems his artwork isalready… ready.Only a silhouette was given.His voice for the append was heard inthe demo, “Over The Rocks”, a duetwith MEIKO and KAITO.
  13. 13. has a Taeyang!
  14. 14. has aNendoroid!
  15. 15. VOCALOID:Sweet ANN is a Vocaloid released by PowerFX.She was the first Vocaloid created usingYamaha’s Vocaloid2 upgraded software.She is voiced by an Australian singer whoseartist name is "Jody".PowerFX took steps when Sweet Ann was tobe released. They advertised her by creating aMySpace page and uploaded demos (Alove,Sweet Ann Vs Kitto) to YouTube. Due to timerestraints, the Vocaloid2 software was releasedwithout public beta testing with both Sweet Annand Hatsune Miku being released with reletivelylittle testing done to their Vocaloid2 software.
  16. 16. VOCALOID:Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is the firstJapanese Vocaloid2 in the Vocaloid2Character Vocal Series, the third JapaneseVocaloid created by Crypton Future Media,and is the seventh Vocaloid to haveappeared overall; released on August 31,2007. She is considered as the most popularand well known Vocaloid and the first tobecome a pop idol. The data for the voicewas created by sampling the voice of SakiFujita (藤田 咲, Fujita Saki), a Japanesevoice actress.The idea behind her was first established asbeing "a cute female vocal that professionalscan create from" and part of the "CV" or"Character Vocal" series who were designedto be vocals with a variety of character andcolor. Hatsune Miku was unveiled on the
  17. 17. and her Popularity!Right now,Miku is veryfamousindeed!Since shewas the firstinVOCALOID2, shereceivedmuchattention!She isknown byEVERYVOCALOIDfan. She isusuallybelieved to
  18. 18. and herappend:Since Miku received much popularity,Crypton Future Media decided to makeher vocals… better. They created for heran Append, an extra software that canonly be used with the original, to make hervocals, softer and clearer.
  19. 19. has a Pullip!
  20. 20. has aNendoroid!The Hatsune MikuNendoroid is very detailedindeed. And it is verycute. Don’t get fooled byit’s cuteness!
  21. 21. VOCALOID:Kagamine Rin & Len (鏡音リン ・レン) is thesecond product released on December 27,2007, they are Vocaloid2 Character VocalSeries developed by Crypton Future MediaLtd. (CFM), male voice (Len) and female voice(Rin).Crypton Future Media intended to project aVocaloid with low-teen girls voice at firstfollowing Miku Hatsune, but there was ademand for a boys voice, so Crypton FutureMedia hired a voice actress who can produceboth sounds. Kagamine Rin was the firstvoicebank developed and introduced to theVocaloid consumer market on November 8th2007. However, the package included twovoicebanks: one for Rin and another for Len,both provided by the seiyū Asami Shimoda (下田 麻美 Shimoda Asami), Kagamine Len was
  22. 22. and theirappend:Rin and Len are also some of thefamous VOCALOIDS, and werefamous enough to get appends aswell.Their boxart was drawn by Osamu.
  23. 23. have Dals!
  24. 24. haveNendoroids!
  25. 25. VOCALOID:Prima was Zero-Gs first Vocaloid 2product released January 14, 2008.According to Zero-G, they looked at whatwas missing and decided that there was agap for a classical soprano voice. Thisvoice type was decided during Miriamsrelease, along with a choir type of voice.Primas voice provider was a singer whoanswered an ad put up on a musicacademy website. After some testsamples in the Vocaloid software, theydecided to go ahead and record her forthe Vocaloid 2 software.
  26. 26. VOCALOID:Kamui Gakupo (神威がくぽ) is the officialmascot character of Gackpoid (がくっぽいど / Gakuppoido) which is a singingsynthesizer application software poweredby Yamahas Vocaloid2 and was publishedby INTERNET Co.,Ltd. The avatarcharacter of the software drawn by theillustrator Kentaro Miura (三浦健太郎Miura Kentaro).Internet Co. wanted to utilize the voice ofa singer for the creation of Vocaloid butfelt it would be difficult to get a singer toagree. They consulted Dwango Co.,Ltd.who managed Nico Nico Douga, andDwango suggested Gackt (神威 楽斗Camui Gackt), a singer and actor, as hehad previously provided his voice forDwangos cell phone services. He lent his
  27. 27. and his Extends: The current ExtendsGackpoid, also known as he has is:Gakupo, has and Extend, a - Nativeversion of an Append, but - Whisperfrom another Company to - Poweravoid copyright issues.
  28. 28. has a Nendoroid!Gakupo Kamui has aNendoroid. Although the eyesof the Nendoroid are styleddifferently than the otherCrypton Future Media VocaloidNendoroids, it still has the samefunctions and still has manydetails.
  29. 29. Concept Art
  30. 30. Concept ArtContinued This shows his cyber suit under his kimono. Manly, huh?
  32. 32. VOCALOID:Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ / MegurineRuka) was the third Japanese Vocaloid2from Crypton and released on January 30,2009. Yū Asakawa (浅川 悠 / Asakawa Yū)provided the voice for the "cool, somewhatmysterious" character.Her introduction was firstly by code(CV03) and her existence was madeknown during the Kagamine originalrelease promotions and was intended tobe the last of the CV series vocals, on05/01/2009 the first letter of her surnamewas revealed with the promise of moreinformation to come. On the 06/01/2009,Megurine Luka was revealed. Like itsprevious two characters, Cryptonadvertised Lukas vocal database as"Japanese".
  33. 33. and herAppend:Megurine Luka has an append on theway.Not much is known.Artwork not given.
  34. 34. has a Pullip!
  35. 35. has aNendoroid!
  36. 36. VOCALOID: