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Project Payday Review Blog
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Project Payday Review Blog

  1. 1. This Project Payday Review is to help ease any worries and answer any questions you may have about Project Payday. This review was put together because a lot of people online are looking for information on starting a home business. What is Project Payday Project Payday is a work from home company that trains people on how to make money from incentivized offers(Trial Offers) Project Payday also has an excellent referral program where they pay you $1.50$3.00 per person who creates a free account through your referral link. First and Foremost Project Payday is NOT A SCAM! I have been making money with this company for over 3 years now and the pay has been on time every week. The customer service they provide will get you through any situation that may unfold. You can get paid weekly by check, direct deposit, or a company issued debit card. A lot of people online think that just because they sign up with a company they will automatically make money for NO WORK. The keyword in a home based business is the word business. In any business you have to work and apply yourself to get any rewards. Just because you signed up with a company and posted one link on facebook and twitter and didn’t make money it does not mean the program does not work. In order to be successful in any online endeavor you need to be consistent and innovative.
  2. 2. How To Get Started With Project Payday It is very simple to get started and making money with this company. There are two ways to make money with Project Payday. First you need to create a free account(visit link) In order to make money with their referral program they give you two options to begin. To qualify to make money with their referral program you must pay $39.95 or you can qualify for free by filling out one of their trial offers. The options are giving to you once you create your account. Personally I opted to sign up for a trial offer(the offer was free) because I was low on cash when I found out about this program. Needless to say it was a good move. Getting paid $1.50-$3.00 per person who creates a account may not sound like a lot but the number add up quickly! If you just get 10 people a day to create an account that is $450 a month
  3. 3. A lot of referral agents for Project Payday are getting 50-200 signups a day, so you see how quick it can add up. If you are looking to start making money at home and you need something simple Project Payday is the way to go. Remember you do not have to sell anything to make money with this program. You just need to be consistent about letting people know what you do. Create Your Free Account Today!! Sources To Get Good Traffic: Facebook Twitter Craigslist Offline Youtube Friends & Family Backpage Classified Ads