Reset, reboot & kickstart your life


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Webinar Oct 10 2013

Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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Reset, reboot & kickstart your life

  1. 1. RESET, REBOOT & KICKSTART YOUR LIFE The month to refocus your passion, purpose & goals Melissa Macky
  2. 2. The Month Of October • There are two faces to this month's theme. The first one is the deconstruction, dissolving, taking offline, shutting down, turning off, letting go, letting down, and allowing things to fall apart. • The second is the re-booting, turning on, flipping the switch, restarting, reconstructing, solidifying, bringing online, resetting and refocus. Individually and collectively we are carrying enormous energetic clutter and our psyches are attempting to manage and keep track of all the patterns and paradigms of our lives. We are energetically exhausted by the task. This month there is an opportunity to shut down and reboot the system, clearing out the old files and resetting the energy field in a new way and into a new paradigm. (
  3. 3. What Makes You go BOOM? • What really excites you? • What drives you? • Or better yet what is twisting & churning inside you? • Many times it is our darkness that will provide greatest gifts! This is really about your Passion. You can’t pay for passion. It comes from within. Too many people are seeking external sources, validation & acceptance from others. You won’t get your passion from this. If you don’t know what yours is, first thing is to figure out what you are really good at. Where do your strengths lie?
  4. 4. A great tool to find your strengths & passion • Visit This DISC profile is a tool many thought leaders, fortune 500 companies and personal coaches use to determine where a person’s strengths lie and what kind of a leader they are. This will help you get clear on what you are really good at. STEP # 1 – WRITE YOUR STRENGTHS DOWN atleast 5 Let me ask you this, how often do you focus on what you’re not good at instead of what you are good at?
  5. 5. Think of a time in your life where……… • You were elated with joy! You were in your element, you were happy and it seemed like things were flowing. • WHAT WERE YOU DOING? • WHO WAS WITH YOU? • WHAT WAS AROUND YOU? WHAT COULD YOU SEE? • WHAT COULD YOU SMELL? This is expansion and where things can be created, instead of being restricted This may give you a glimpse into what really does move you and make you go BOOM……when you start questioning if something is your passion—it probably isn’t if you’re asking this question
  6. 6. Every job you’ve ever had has…… • Provided you with many benefits that you may not see yet • Given you new skill sets, allowed you to see more of what you like and don’t like • Preparing you for what’s next in your life STEP #2 DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF, IF YOU THINK YOUR JOB ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH, RELAX, REMEMBER YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE *When you are faced with a chance, a decision or opportunity…choose in favour of what your passions are. Is this moving you closer or further away from it?*
  7. 7. Purpose • Purpose gives meaning to WHY you’re doing what you’re doing • It’s time to listen to that inner voice, to give serious attention to what comes naturally to you….to what gets you jacked up, to what gets you moving and makes you IGNITE • Time to sit down with yourself & have a meeting. I don’t care what your past is or was, what kind of education you have or how your parents raised you, we all come from similar backgrounds and gone through similar things, it’s about taking responsibility & moving past it STEP #3 FORIGVE YOUR PAST, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE, AND MOVE PAST THE NEGATIVE DRAMA/THOUGHTS/IDEAS
  8. 8. • Negativity surrounds us everywhere and our minds like playing it safe in the negative cloudiness • Thoughts have a profound impact and what shows up physically • All our lives we’ve had negative images, made mistakes in exams, did something wrong and was scolded, it’s this ongoing conscious attention on negativity and failure that keeps people from moving in any kind of direction forward • We’ve all had failures of some sort in our life, but that was simply just not in harmony with our purpose which is why it didn’t work out • I want to invite you to be true to yourself, your beliefs, your purpose STEP #4 RECOGNIZE YOUR GIFTS, YOUR UNIQUENESS I believe in inspiring creativity & imagination, bring yourself back to simplicity Stop negative self talk & telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t do something, instead look at what you can do WELL
  9. 9. Goals • Passion leads to Purpose, Purpose leads to Vision, Vision leads to Goals • Every day choose where you want to focus your attention on, where your attention goes, energy flows STEP #5 CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO CONSCIOUSLY CREATE TODAY • Create several short term goals, when you set yourself up for too many big goals, its easy to fall off course and beat yourself up because you haven’t obtained the BIG goal • Instead start writing weekly, monthly and quarterly goals • Your goals must be clear, concise and attainable
  10. 10. Goal Planner Download: STEP #6 CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORIES, SUCCESSES AND FAILURES Keep track of your goals in a journal and at the end of every night, write in your journal what you are celebrating that day It’s about figuring out how to get there (point B) from here (point A) And doing it! What sets successful people apart from the average joe? -Hard Work-Goals-Clear Purpose-Action – they don’t just talk about it they do it