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The great pakistan[1][1]_me_power_point


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The great pakistan[1][1]_me_power_point

  1. 1. The Great Pakistan By : Marshall Ellison
  2. 2. History• Back then, one of the successful states back then to the British was Pakistan.• Aryans, Greeks, Arabs, Turks, and many other invaders controlled the religion for thousands of years (Geography).
  3. 3. Transportation• In Pakistan there are many ways for transportation, there are 101 airports in Pakistan and 20 Heliports, and there are 260760 roadways in Pakistan for cars to travel by.
  4. 4. Government• Their government in Pakistan is The Federal Islamic Republic.• The Prime Minister back then was the head of the country, and the president served as the head of the state.• The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. They captured their independence August 14, 1947, from British India.
  5. 5. Geography• The climate in Pakistan is mostly hot and dry desert. There are more than 3000 animals and 500 plant species. There are many endangered animals one of them are the Blind Indus River Dolphin. This Dolphin is found the most in the Indus River.• Most endangered is the Red Dolphin the reason that it is endangered is because the reduce of water flow and pollution.• Pakistan the there are three main mountain ranges that dominate Pakistan. The mountains are the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, and the Karakoram mountains.
  6. 6. Language• In Pakistan the official language is Urdu ( “Pakistan- Atlapedia A R online.”)• There are 3.419 million people who use the main telephone line.• There are 111 million people who use cellular phones. (“Pakistan” CIA World Fact Book).
  7. 7. People• In Pakistan they have the same racial group as India. People live in various parts of Pakistan ( “Pakistan- Atlapedia A R online”).• The population is 1,902,291,129 (“Pakistan” CIA World Fact Book).• They respect people who are in older years.• Also the children in Pakistan are pampered (Sheehan).
  8. 8. Religion• 97 percent of their religion in Pakistan is Islamic.• 77 percent are Sunni Muslims.• 20 percent are shitte Muslims.• The remainders of people are Christians.• The Islam people are the most popular ( “Pakistan- Atlapedia A R online.”)