GT2L: Not What You Think


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GT2L: Not What You Think

  1. 1. GT2L: Not What You Think Photograph ©2011 Viacom MTV EDU 100: Path to Success Tuesday, September 18
  2. 2. What Do You Do When…• You are have a research paper assignment on melanoma and you have no idea where to begin?• Your instructor wants you to find peer- reviewed articles?• You aren’t sure how to use your research?• You need to create a “works cited” page for your research paper?
  3. 3. •G - GO•T 2 - TO THE•L - LIBRARY
  4. 4. The Melanoma Research ThingGraphic from Holly on Health blog, 6/14/2011; photograph © Viacom MTV
  5. 5. Here’s the Situation…• You’re going to write a research paper on the connection between melanoma and tanning.• What do you do?Photo ©2011 ViacomMTV
  6. 6. •G - GO•T 2 - TO THE•L - LIBRARY
  7. 7. Main Ideas, Key Words, Search Terms• Main Idea 1: Melanoma = Skin Cancer• Main Idea 2: Tanning• Broader Focus (Big Idea) – Not enough info! – Less specific: cancer• Narrower Focus (Detail) – Too much info! – Specific kinds of tanning: tanning beds, indoor tanning – Specific types of cancer: actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma
  8. 8. Another Way to Think of Broadening and Narrowing Focus Cancer Melanoma Basal Cell Carcinoma
  9. 9. Here’s the Situation… Again.• Your instructor needs you to find peer- reviewed articles for your research paper.• What do you do?Photo ©2011 ViacomMTV
  10. 10. •G - GO•T 2 - TO THE•L - LIBRARY
  11. 11. Peer-Reviewed Articles• It’s as easy as checking a box on an online form. Easy as JWoww!
  12. 12. Here’s the Situation… Yet Again. • You’ve got your research. Now what? You don’t know what to do with your research. • What do you do? Photo ©2011 Viacom MTV
  13. 13. •G - GO•T 2 - TO THE•L - LIBRARY
  14. 14. Plagiarization?COPY &PASTE
  15. 15. Why Use Quotations & Citations?• SHOW where your information came from.• IMPRESS your instructor with your mad research skillz.• RESPECT the original author or creator of the data or research you are building off of.• ABIDE by our LLTC Academic Integrity policy and don’t get kicked out of college.• It’s the right thing to do.
  16. 16. What Does It Look Like IRL?• Direct Quotations (using someone else’s exact words) – Two dermatology doctors from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, determined: “Indoor tanning represents an avoidable risk factor for skin cancer, and education of the general public as well as the enactment and stricter enforcement of indoor tanning legislation are a public health imperative.” (Woo 61)
  17. 17. What It Looks Like IRL• Indirect Quotations (restating or paraphrasing ideas not your own original) – Because of increased melanoma risk through indoor tanning, medical experts recommend stronger legal intervention and regulation of indoor tanning, especially for young people under 18 (Woo 68). Photo ©2011 Viacom MTV
  18. 18. What It Looks Like IRL• Block Quotations (for really, really, really long quotations – usually 4+ lines of paper)
  19. 19. Here’s the Situation… Finally.• Your instructor has asked you create an MLA-style formatted “works cited” page.• What do you do?Photo ©2011 ViacomMTV
  20. 20. •G - GO•T 2 - TO THE•L - LIBRARY
  21. 21. Got Style?• Types of Formatting Not that kind of style! – MLA (Arts & Humanities, like Anishinaabe Studies and English) – APA (Social Sciences) – CSE/CBE (Hard Sciences) – Ask your instructor what they want!
  22. 22. Cheat Sheets • Purdue’s Online Writing Lab [OWL] – MLA – APA • When using MS Word’s bibliography option, always double- check the formatting!Photo ©2010 Viacom MTV
  23. 23. Entry on a MLA “Works Cited” PageWoo, Denise K., and Melody J. Eide. “Tanning Beds, Skin Cancer, and Vitamin D: An Examination of the Scientific Evidence and Public Health Implications.” Dermatologic Therapy 23 (2010): 61-71. Electronic. Accessed through EBSCO Host.
  24. 24. So…If you find yourself in anacademic researchsituation, what do you do? Photo ©2011 Viacom MTV
  25. 25. •G - GO•T 2 - TO THE•L - LIBRARY
  26. 26. Questions?• Visit the library• Call 218-335-4240• Email• FacebookMarie & Melissa arehappy to help and are waysmarter than these two.Photo ©2010 USMagazine
  27. 27. Professional Inspiration and Credit• http://ch-ch-• TO INSPIRING LIBRARYCOLLEAGUES AMY SPRINGER ANDKATHRYN YELINEK!