MetroX™ – Mellanox Long Haul Solutions


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Presented during SC13 by Tal Roll – InfiniBand Switch Product Manager

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MetroX™ – Mellanox Long Haul Solutions

  1. 1. MetroX™ – Mellanox Long Haul Solutions Tal Roll – InfiniBand Switch Product Manager SC13 | 2013
  2. 2. Why Do We Need Data Center Co-locations?  Constant demand for more – more compute, more storage, and more bandwidth  Moving from a localized data center to multipoint meshed data centers / cloud paradigm  Data center power and space limitations require multiple data centers to be built 36% of data centers respondents said their facility would run out of power, cooling or space in 2012; 60% claimed they would need to build new data center(s) and perform upgrade over the next 3 years * * May 2011- “Annual Data Center Survey” – Uptime Institute © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 2
  3. 3. Long-Haul for Business Continuity Katrina New Orleans Japan Tsunami  There are laws and regulations that specify requirements for business continuity (BC)  Data recovery / business continuity utilizing remote sites • Active-Active data center • Synchronous / 0 RPO (Recovery Point Objective) - High bandwidth - Low latency - Management (Subnet Manager) High Availability • Relatively short distances: 40 – 80 [km] © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 3
  4. 4. MetroDX™ and MetroX™ Advantages Long Haul RDMA 40Gb/s link speed Cost Effective Out of the Box Experience 1km to 80km options 40Gb/s over Campus and Metro © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 4
  5. 5. MetroDX and MetroX Features TX6000 TX6100 TX6240 TX6280 Distance 1KM 10KM 40KM 80KM Throughput 640Gb/s 240Gb/s 80Gb/s 40Gb/s Port Density 16p X FDR10 long haul 16p X FDR downlink 6p X 40Gb/s long haul 6p X 56Gb/s downlink 2p X 10/40Gb/s long haul 2p X 56Gb/s downlink 1p X 10/40Gb/s long haul 1p X 56Gb/s downlink Latency 200ns + 5us/km over fiber 200ns + 5us/km over fiber 350ns + 5us/km over fiber 350ns + 5us/km over fiber Power ~200W ~200W ~280W ~280W QoS One data VL + VL15 One data VL + VL15 One data VL + VL15 One data VL + VL15 Space 1RU 1RU 2RU 2RU © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 5
  6. 6. Why Utilize Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM)?  Without WDM, each fiber link can only carry a single service  Placing fiber in the ground is costly  Need approvals, permits to dig  Need collaboration between authorities  For long distances - Amplification © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 6
  7. 7. Advantages of Optical Layer Management Without Mellanox • Passive market solutions • Just a WDM module plug to the switch • Cisco: 5455/data_sheet_c78-455693.html With Mellanox • Full optical layer management • Performance monitors • RX & TX power of optics • PRBS tests & loopbacks • Fiber High Availability support • Arista: sandcables © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 7
  8. 8. Data Center Expansion Example – High Performance Computing With MetroX Only two MetroX Systems 3X Bandwidth – 240Gb/s 20% less latency – 8us © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 8
  9. 9. Purdue Success Story  Purdue University successfully deployed 4 MetroX TX6100 systems over six kilometers  Connect Purdue computation clusters to the storage facilities  MetroX allowed organizing assets in limited data-center space more flexibly “A common problem is the time cost of moving data between datacenters, which can slow computations and delay results. Mellanox's MetroX lets us unify systems across campus, and maintain the high-speed access our researchers need, regardless of the physical location of their work.” Mike Shuey, Purdue University © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 9
  10. 10. Summary  MetroX enables building mega clouds and mega datacenters • Localize remote data center sites, 1km to 80km, through long-haul RDMA connectivity  Superior disaster recovery protection with 40Gb/s bandwidth, low latency, and simple out-of the-box high-availability management  Cost effective, low power and dense footprint is ideal for HPC and mega data center needs 40G Dark Fiber 40G © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 10
  11. 11. Thank You Thank You © 2013 Mellanox Technologies 11