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OMNLDN - The Psychology of Sharing


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I take a look at the factors that it takes for something or someone to be blog-able. How should brands engage effectively and what should they avoid.

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OMNLDN - The Psychology of Sharing

  1. 1. The Psychology of SharingUnderstandingBlogabilityMel KirkFounder, Tribal Media@melkirkOMNLDN2 May 2013
  2. 2. Consumers live in a world bombarded byadvertising, they no longer know who to trust.Word of mouth recommendations have neverbeen more important.Authenticity means everything.
  3. 3. Online influencers offer the ultimate in word ofmouth recommendations - withestablished, trusting and engaged communities.When carefully selected, online influencers cantell your stories for you, in a way they know willhave impact with their audiences.
  4. 4. BASICS
  5. 5. We don’t want or NEEDExposure.
  6. 6. We won’t be GRATEFULthey’re being approachedby a big brand.
  7. 7. We aren’t BOTHEREDthat you’ve taken the timeto write a guest post forus…With every other wordlinking through to yourproduct.
  8. 8. We probably DON’TCARE that your nextpayrise depends on thesuccess of thecampaign.
  9. 9. We’re a pretty unforgivingbunch…Especially when we knowyou’re a big brand with bigbudgets but you want us towork for free…
  10. 10. SO WHY?
  11. 11. Community.
  12. 12. Community.Social Status.
  13. 13. Community.Social Status.Life-enhancingExperiences.
  15. 15. Social capital = trust = reputation*Connections both strong and weakinfluence access to resources andmore connections.*This is transferrable… aka GOLD.
  16. 16. Good reputationTrust themListen to their advice
  17. 17. The GOODSTUFF
  18. 18. • Content relevant to theiraudience• Co-Creation• Building relationships• Research
  21. 21. The RESULT
  22. 22. THANK YOUMel | @tribal_mediaOMNLDN2 May 2013