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Love and Madison Show on DTF Radio


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Love and Madison Show on DTF Radio

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Love and Madison Show on DTF Radio

  1. 1. “Love, Madison” is an online based radio show hosted by two successful, independent, and talented women in the entertainment industry, Vh1’s Love Majewski and Madison Jaye. This dynamic of these two ladies are the new “Queens of Girl Talk” Madison Jaye has trained with the best in the industry, including Lenny Green of 107.5 WBLS and Hot 97 heavy hitters Global Vito. Love and Madison began to collaborate on Madison Jaye online radio show “G.E.M Bosses” . The show quickly became the window into everything girl. The major launch in January of 2013, G.E.M Bosses has taken over the internet air waves, expanding our audience viewership from 3,000 viewers to an impressive 577,000 active viewers, earning our title as the #1 hit shows on most recognized for the creative topics, candid personalities and widespread celebrity interviews. Love Majewski joined the cast in late May of 2013, to bring the bi-weekly “Lessons in Love. The reality TV star has been featured on OWN Channel’s “I Married a Mobster”, and is now pitching a solo reality show to a variety of networks. The buzz surrounding the rapid growth of G.E.M Bosses caught the ear of the largest online radio station, Madison and Loves personalities clicked and then came the birth of “Love, Madison” . DTFRadio “Double the Favor Radio” is the online blueprint for internet radio, which is in affiliation with VH1. Featuring shows such as “Pillow Talk” with “The Black Ink Crew” and “The Step Lova Program” as seen on VH1’s “The Gossip Games”. DTFRadio is also home to Lady Elle CEO of “Murder Mamas”, Dons and Divas Magazine, and DJ’s from New York Cities #1 station Hot 97.1fm.Over the course of only three months, “Love, Madison “ has interviewed a variety of well-known names such as Tyson Beckford, NBA player Eric Williams, Love & Hip Hop’s Mama Jones, designer to Rihanna Marco Hall, Tashera Simons ex-wife of hip hop idol DMX, Carl Thomas, Rah Digga, from the hit Oxygen show Bad Girls Club Flo, Drea, Cristina and Jennifer, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Adriane Davis and so much more! There's no doubt that these divas embody the true meaning of what it takes to be a Boss, and do it all while wearing five inch heels. Bring back the concept of women empowerment, while still having sass and independence. Love, Madison
  2. 2. About Love xo Over the years, Love was engaged six times and romantically involved with noted wise guys including mob turncoat Chris Paciellowho brought down several high ranking members of the Bonnano Family, and Ray Merolle, the head of The Untouchables -the Staten Island car theft ring said to have inspired the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds". Love ultimately ran away from a life of crime to avoid arrest and imprisonment. Fearing the FBI would make her testify against her former lovers, Love fled the US and lived abroad for several years to avoid cooperation. Once her two notorious exes' trials were over and both were in prison, Love deemed it safe to return to New York. In spite of movie and book offers alike, she has maintained her silence and kept their secrets. While back in the US, Love established a new identity as a make-up artist and engaged again living under the radar. It was a simple knock at the door that would end it all. The authorities found her and came once again for information on her exes. Worried about the danger she could bring by hiding her past, Love confessed to her fiancée. He insisted she leave with nothing. Armed with just $$20 in her pocket, no car, and no home, she reclaimed her past and returned to the place where it all began -Staten Island. Angelina Jolie's character in the feature film "Gone in 60 Seconds" was based on events surrounding Love's former life. Today, Love is single and the owner of her own Sex, love, and money, runs the world of the Mob. a hot-tempered mob moll engaged six times,. A scrappy, quick witted loose cannon known about town for stabbing, slicing, and poisoning ex-lovers, Love is searching for love in all the wrong places, and is now Sharing her story with you . The Vh1 “ Mob Wives” and OWN Channel “I Married a Mobster” star has now join the G.E.M Bosses cast to bring you, your bi-weekly “ Lessons in Love”. Born and raised in Staten Island, Love Majewski is no stranger to 'the life'. Of Puerto Rican and Polish descent, Love was introduced to the underworld as a very young girl.
  3. 3. About Madison Hosting a variety of events from 230 Roof top where she hosted “The National Reality TV Awards Nomination”. Scratching Brutality; Black Tie Event” sponsored by Latin Lover energy drink. Open Closet Magazine’s “Emerging Artist United” red carpet event. Blackman Magazine 18th Anniversary Party and Swim suit Fashion show, Black Stiletto Public Relations “Date for a Cause” Charity Bachelor and Bachelorette auction &“Open Closet Magazines February fashion week” and Women's empowerment awards. Within a few short months “Madison Jaye” the brand, built a strong enough following for her to create her own show. Being picked up by a bigger station, G.E.M Bosses was born. Planting seeding , Madison’s dreams of a show for women empowerment came to life. The buzz around Madison Jaye quickly grew and with Madison Jaye’s idea and leadership skills within the matter of 4 short months, with Madison's leadership skills here internet radio show grown from 3,000 weekly viewers to 577,000 weekly viewers and Cast Vh1’s Love Majewski as a cast member. The young journalist favourite quote is “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit, when I’ve seen footprints on the moon " , is something she lives by. Now at Vh1’s affiliated station with her new hit show “Love, Madison”, Madison Jaye has beside to branch into a an online empire where celebrity interviews, red carpet and radio all combine into one, Madison Jaye is excited for the upcoming year. Madison Jaye hard work and dedication has lead her to booking and getting endorsement deals for WBLS 107.5 “The Quiet Storm", booking guest interviews, and most recently taking over the air waves for Hot 97.1 FM “The Funk Master Flex Show”. Madison Jaye is the recipient of Open Closet Magazines 2013 Inspire Award for “Emerging Journalist of the year” Madison’s behind the science work as a Public relations consultant is solely responsible for the booking of Super model Tyson Beckford, Retired Nba player/ Reality TV star Eric Williams, Hip Hop Icon Rah Diggah, Jerseylious and Glamfairy’s Briella Marie Calafiore, Glamfairy’s Jessica Romano Oxygen Bad girls Club ChristinaSalagado (season 9) , Drea Jones( season 9) and Jennifer Buonagurio(season 6). Tommy Williams (brother of TV host Wendy Williams) Eric Santiago, Bob Sumner of “Deff Jam”, CEO of Voga Moscasto, Ice-T and Melly Mel. Jessica Romano of Oxygen ‘s “GlamFairy. Dons and Divas magazine, The Movement Magazine, In the spot light Magazine, Newark and HBO’S Michael K Williams of “The Wire” ,Hot 97’s Dj Boddy Trends and MANY MORE! The self proclaimed “Queen of Internet Radio” Madison Jaye is the Executive Producer, CEO, and Founder of "G.E.M Bosses". The ON AIR Personality, and current assistant at WBLS 107.5 “The Quiet Storm" with Lenny Green, she believes a women should be able to wear many hats in the industry, also dabbling in PR, Editing, Blogging, with that the birth of was born. The Birth of Madison Jaye's college radio show “Talk that Talk” Aired in January of 2012 April the show brought a lot of insight to the world of entertainment, gossip, fashion, college life and breaking stories graving a hold of thousands of active listeners weekly. Madison Jaye quickly became known for where witty, clever, and lovable personality. The great success of “Talk that Talk” lead Madison to a small town internet radio station, where in a few months, her hard work landed her the role of the Public Relations consultant, producer and one of the Lead Anchors on “The O.W.W.H.H Show “covering topics and issues on our shows that range from Relationships, Social Issues, and Entertainment Gossip and Politics.
  4. 4. Is a variety radio show broadcasted over the internet and radio. A “Love, Madison “ has two diverse meaning that unifies the meaning into one. Love, Madison The first : Both of the Ladies Names to give credit to the host of the show, and their accomplishments The second: a signature, what you would find at the end of a letter. These two very diverse women have become the final thought of women all over the country, the signature is representation of that. Every women's #TheInnerQueenBible She is a business woman, and a brand. She is the woman you see on the red carpet, taking pictures with celebrities, or at events networking, and working the room in five inch stiletto's. She is the professional everyone knows and loves her. Has all the confidence in the world, but never forgets that any and all success is a blessing from God. In life SHE goes through many changes (good and bad), The start of her new beginning. She triumphs over all things that should've made her quit, that tried to break her down, and weakened her spirit. Queen symbolizes the strength and the confidence that pushes her through. Queen is she, women empowerment you will grow and know. Smarter, wiser, and a STRONGER . WOMEN !!!! EVERYWOMENHAS AN INNER QUEEN-
  5. 5. Segment Break Down The Dish • Hungry ? Well Madison Jaye’s got a pot full of gossip, entertainment, rumors and media, ready to be served hot or cold, just the way you like it! Follow the life’s of your favorite celebrity, the truth behind the scene and the window into the REAL lifestyle of the rich and famous . Chick Chat • It’s time for girl talk to get real , with your favorite celebrities. You never know who’s stopping by, to promote their latest event, bash their current reveal, or just kick it with Love & Madison . Where celebrity guest give their opinion(s) about the OUTRAGEOUS, topic of the week. The Beauty Break • Tired of not knowing how to put on make-up ? Tired of wanting to be in shape, but not knowing how to get start? Need relationship advice ? Or are you tired of crying for fashion guidance and not receiving any? Look no further, “The Beauty Break” is here to fix that tiredness, with “Relationship 101”, “ Beauty & Health Tips” , and Fashion 911 Love & Madison are here , to give you Facts and Tips to guide you through the week. Relationship 101 • Class in session , are you single, in a relationship or newly heart broken? Your weekly love horoscope . Relationship 101 schools our viewers how to get your person or interest, keep a happy relationship and how to deal with your heart break . I Cant ! • These is the part of the show where the sensors come off and letting go of stress begins. What can’t you deal with that happened this week? Was it the cop that stopped you ? Your sister for wearing your clothes? Or your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend?
  6. 6. Segment Break Down Beauty & Health Tips • Don’t know how to do make-up? Want to be in shape, but not knowing how to get start? Welcome to our beauty bar and Health tips where all your questions will be answered , from home beauty remedies to do it yourself health tips. We serve you beauty on the ROCKS and give you the health CHANGE you need to a improved life . Fashion 911 • Are you Screaming for fashion help and don’t know where to turn to? Love & Madison pick up your emergency call in Fashion 911. Seasoning the segment with a Fashion Tip for the week from the #TheInnerQueen guideline book , if that’s not enough for you , The “ Voting game” begins , join the ladies as they dissect a outfit of the week and Vote if its a “Yessss”, ‘Safe” , “Need a New Stylist” , and “Out of Service”. Queen Bee • Brings you the a women who is at the top of her game , who has dominated their field of choice. These pays homage to those men and women who have paid the way for young emerging artist today. Where the party at ? • Want to know the where the next A-list event will be ? Want a chance to win tickets to your favorite celebrities concert ? The Love & Madison have you covered, letting you know “Where the party’s at”, gives our active viewers a chance to get the scoop on where to get tickets for the next hottest event and/ or chances to win tickets, gifts, trips and many more !
  7. 7. Love & Madison have also had interview with artist such as: Young Money Cash Money recording artist Shanell, Vh1’s ,Love & Hip Hop’s Arianne Davis, designer to Rihanna Marco Hall, Tashera Simons ex-wife of hip hop idol DMX, Jerseylious’ Briella Calafiore, CEO of My Lifestyle Magazine Elizabeth Ortiz, Bab Girl Club Flo Kaja,& many more!