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  1. 1. Term Paper Note cards PURPOSE: to gather, record, andorganize information that will be used in your paper
  2. 2. REQUIREMENTS:• each note card must have – A title – the subject of the notecard (ex. background checks, abortion statistics, etc.) – A TAG – Background, Important Info., Opposing View, Solution – A direct quotation from your source – A paraphrase (put that quotation into your own words) – Page numbers (if your source is a book or journal article) – You may also add to the “my ideas” section if you’d like
  3. 3. What does a notecard look like?
  4. 4. Traditional Notecard (Index Card)Paraphrase: General Johnson’s troops encountered manychallenges as they moved south to the lower peninsula.
  5. 5. Notecards inNoodleTools
  6. 6. How do I know what info. is important? ALWAYS go back to your thesis statement. Does the fact or statistic help you to prove what you’ve set out to prove?
  7. 7. Example• “One reason its (veiling) been less of an issue in the U.S. is that Muslims are generally more assimilated in the U.S. than in Europe; the U.S., which has always been more of a "melting pot," has historically had an easier time accommodating new cultures than European nations, which tend to be much more homogeneous.”• Because the United States has a strong history if immigrants assimilating into society, Muslim citizens blend in more than in European countries. European countries tend to be less diverse than American, so controversies have erupted recently over Muslim women’s right to veil.
  8. 8. Example• “Elsewhere in Europe, the Danish government has barred judges from wearing religious garments and symbols. In Belgium, several cities have enacted outright bans on burqas, another kind of veil.”• In Denmark, judges are not allowed to wear religious garments or symbols, and in Belgium, some cities have banned burqas.
  9. 9. Example• “Iran has been at odds with the U.S. since the 1979 Islamic revolution, but relations have become more tense in recent years. Irans hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened to ‘wipe Israel off the map,’ and Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah, radical Muslim groups that the U.S. considers terrorist organizations.”• Even though the relationship between the United States and Iran has suffered since the Islamic revolution in 1979, tensions have heightened in recent years. President Ahmadinejad’s threats targeting Israel, and his support of terrorist groups is in conflict with America’s foreign policy in the Middle East.
  10. 10. Example• “… the Obama administration is working with U.S. allies and the United Nations to assemble a package of tougher economic sanctions against Iran, including a cut-off of foreign investment in its critical oil and gas industry.”• In working with U.S. allies and the United Nations, the Obama administration hopes to discourage the Iranian nuclear program by imposing stricter sanctions which would cripple their economy.
  11. 11. Organizing your information• Once you have created the required number of note cards, you will outline your paper.• You will insert each note card into your outline.• Your note cards will be supporting details for each argument in your paper. Let’s visit NoodleTools…
  12. 12. Let’s visit NoodleTools…