Doing business in Hannover


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Doing business in Hannover

  1. 1. Doing Business and Promotion ofBusiness Development in GermanyNiedersachsen Delegation in PA | Peter Eisenschmidt
  2. 2. At the Heart of Europe •Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page1
  3. 3. Do I need To Tell you About…Industries in Niedersachsen? •• ICT• Automobile• Aerospace• Mechanical engineering• Food processing/Agriculture• Biotechnology/Life sciences• Energy technology• Trade fairs• Logistics• Tourism Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page2
  4. 4. Gate to the European Market •Hannover Region:• City of Hannover and 20 surrounding cities and boroughs• Surface: 2,290 km²• Inhabitants: 1.12 millionCatchment Area:• 56.8 mill. people in a radius of 300 km (Germany only)• 129.2 mill. people in a radius of 500 km (Germany and neighbouring countries) Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page3
  5. 5. Transportation infrastructure •The Role Of Hannover As a 1„5 hrs Transportation Hub• Traditional role as an East-West trade hub with easy 2„5 hrs access from all points within Europe• Main crossroads of major German and European road, rail and water arteries 3 hrs• Linking the north-south and west-east arteries of the German autobahn network• International Airport to all major European destinations• International Railway Hub, >110 high speed connections Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page4
  6. 6. Infrastruktur •International Railway Hub110 fast train connections, 20 international connections Hamburg 1„09 Bremen 0„59 Berlin 1„31 Cologne 2„43 Leipzig 2„45 Frankfurt 2„06 Munich 4„34 Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page5
  7. 7. Transportation Infrastructure •International Airport Hannover• Operation hour 24/7 (night-flight traffic)• Direct access to numerous European destinations• 3 modern terminals with a capacity of 10 mill. passengers• Direct S-bahn (train) access to Hannover Central Station• 13,000 parking lots• Several low-cost-carrier• Air Cargo Center with an annual capacity of about 60,000 tons handling of cargo. Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page6
  8. 8. International exhibition centre •The world’s largest exhibition facilities• 1 million square meters; 27 halls• 28,000 exhibitors and 2.5 million visitors p.a.• hosting leading international fairs and associated congresses and venues of global reputation, such as CeBIT, Hannover Fair, IAA, Biotechnica ... Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page7
  9. 9. Companies in the Hannover Region •• Hannover‘s Economy• Automotive / Engineering• Financial Services / Insurance• Logistics / Trade• Other services• and even more Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page8
  10. 10. Education •Academic Institutions / Research Bodies• Hannover University (focus: natural/technical sciences)• Hannover Medical School (MHH)• Veterinary School (TiHo)• University of Applied Sciences and Arts• Hannover College of Music and Drama• GISMA Business School• International School Hannover• First class science and research institutes Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page9
  11. 11. Developing Economic Relations •Possibilities of An Economic Development Agency Global / Transnational Level : guidelines and treaties National level: laws and fundings Federal State Level Municipal level: regulations and local needs Economic Development Industry Level: business needs of SME Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page10
  12. 12. First Steps in Germany •Success Factors for International Expansion• Market Knowledge – Prozess knowledge, communication expertise, Business Development Approach• Market entry – vertical Know-How, customers, partners, sales channels• Localized Marketing – Public Relations, PR work, collateral, localized information / translation, homepage, pricing etc.• Internationalization – Strategy, lokalized knowledge, synergies in affinity of markets or market participants• Market values – Behaviour in business, Mentality, Culture Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page11
  13. 13. Understanding German (Business) Culture •The Land of the „Dichter und Denker“ (Poets and Thinkers)• Value individual opinions (allowing everbody to communicate his opinion?)• Speak out directly what we think (probably rude?)• Therefore have rude and complex language (which still allows great literature?)• Like to discuss issues until all opinions had been heard (long decision processes?)• Going for the perfect solution (probably too bureaucratic?) Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page12
  14. 14. hannoverimpuls •hannoverimpuls is ...• the business development agency of the Hannover Region• a joint venture of the City of Hannover and Hannover Region• privately managed and controlled to guarantee flexibility, versatility and speedy responses• a highly motivated and experienced team of business sponsors and experts• working together with partners from business• focusing on six industrial sectors with a high growth potential• stimulating sustainable processes relating to business start-up, growth and co-operation and company location Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page13
  15. 15. The Instruments of hannoverimpuls • Strengthen the Strengths, Minimize the WeaknessesPushing the change of the regionalindustrial sectors, creating qualifiedjobs and corporate/economical ValueThe City and Region of Hannover are givingpriority support to the following six keyindustrial sectors using the instruments of• Mobilising and supporting start-ups• Attracting and establishing companies• Initiating corporate growth Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page14
  16. 16. Services of hannoverimpuls •Services offered by hannoverimpuls GmbH Market • Strategic marketing/ Consulting • Marketing & Sales Outsourcing Finance Administration • Visas • Hannoverimpuls funds • Office-/Laboratory space • Access to EU funds Your company • Registrations/ • Financing by 3rd parties in Germany? authorizations • Office-/Laboratory space • Human Resources • Networks • Partnerships with regional R&D Technology Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page15
  17. 17. Products to Support Business Expansion •Products to Support Business Expansion• ProMAP – Product Market Analysis and Placement: Strategic Marketing, Workshop• GeMS – German Marketing&Sales Solutions: M&S Outsourcing• Plug&Work: Office-, Lab-, Production-Space, for free, for one year Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page16
  18. 18. ProMAP •ProMAP - Strategic Marketing to Prepare Business Expansion ● Product Market Analysis and Placement ● “Workshop” ● 3 Modules ● 1. Module: Market Analysis ● 2. Module: Product Analysis ● 3. Module: Workshop – defining a strategy for marketing based on mod 1 + 2 Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page17
  19. 19. GeMS •GeMS – German Marketing&Sales Solutions ● Marketing&Sales outsourcing ● In cooperation with Inline Sales GmbH ● Services ● Market Studies ● Key Account Management ● Road Shows ● Sales with own Sales Force ● Telephone Marketing ● Fee-for-Service ● Special Conditions for Customers of hannoverimpuls Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page18
  20. 20. GeMS - Benefits •Benefits • Professional support • Access to partner networks • Industry knowledge • Calculable costs of the sales function • Increased flexibility • Improved customer service • Perfect entry into new markets • Increase number of sales people without increasing head-count • Reduced disruption of current processes • Reduced risk of investment • Fast implementation (sometimes without need to get approval from different departments) • Support of under-performing internal sales units Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page19
  21. 21. hannoverimpuls •Plug & Work –the start-up and expansion initiative• Rent-free work and office space for one year• Intensive networking• Comprehensive starter package including • Strategic coaching • IT support and free software • Hannover Welcome Package • and many added extras Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page20
  22. 22. Support after setting up a Business in Hannover • Innovation+ Promotion of Funding of InvestmentsOffice in Hannover consulting service Growth > SME Marketing/Design Financing in Consulting Start-up Phase Seed Financing Credit / Loan Guarantees Framework Program 7 Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page21
  23. 23. •Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page22
  24. 24. Endfolie Variante 1 •Business Development in Germany | Sept 2011 | Page23