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  • Sophomore parent college information night final 2012

    1. 1. SophomoreParent CollegeInformationNightWednesday, November 9, 20116:30 PM
    2. 2. What Should I Be Doing Now!? Grade 10: • Sophomore Guidance (Life After High School): December • PLAN (Practice ACT) – November 19th, Spirito Hall, 8:00 am, $15 payable to student store • Use the summer to start doing college research, make college visits, attend summer programs. Use your summer wisely!
    3. 3. What Happens Next Year!? Grade 11: • Take PSAT in October (reserved for juniors) • Attend Junior Parent College Night in February • Take SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject tests in spring (for private schools only) • Continue college research, making college visits, and solidifying top college choices throughout the year. • Use summer wisely: attend college summer programs, take advantage of opportunities to make yourself stand out on college applications (community service, work, summer camps, etc.)
    4. 4. What Should I Expect For Senior Year!? Grade 12: • Take SAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests again in the fall if necessary • Attend Senior Parent Night in October • Fill out applications and file by November 30th for UC and Cal State Universities • File private school applications usually by Jan. 1st • Attend Financial Aid Night in January, file FAFSA by March 2nd
    5. 5. A-G RequirementsA. History/Social Science: 2 years requiredB. English: 4 years requiredC. Mathematics: 3 years required/4 recommendedD. Laboratory Science: 2 years required/3 recommendedE. Language Other Than English: 2 years required/3 recommendedF. Visual & Performing Arts: 1 FULL year requiredG. College Preparatory Electives: 1 year required All Classes must be passed with an A, B, or C for college eligibility! D = FAIL!!!
    6. 6. Breakout Sessions Please follow the rotation on your ticketA. Math/Science D-108B. History/English Spirito HallC. Foreign Language/The Arts D104D.Community Service/ Career Information Media Center
    7. 7. Optional Extra Session Helping my student be more successful • 8:30-8:45 in Media Center
    8. 8. English &SocialStudiesCourseSequence
    9. 9. FTHS A-G Approved Courses for Social Science Transcript Honors Course Title Category Abbreviation(s) Type American Government / American Democracy Amer Dem PSM Civics US Hist/Geo P S1, US U.S. History Geography P U.S. History Hist/Geo P S2 US Hist., & Geo Advanced US Hist., & Geo. AP, US U.S. History AP Placement Hist/Geo AP World Hist., Culture & Geo. W His/Cul/Geo HP S2, W World History / Geography H (H) Hist/Cul/Geo HP S1 / Cultures World Hist., Culture & W Hist/Cul/Geo P S1, W World History / Geography Geography Hist/Cul/Geo P S2 / Cultures Amer Dem AP SM, American Government / American Democracy (AP) AP American Democracy Civics
    10. 10. FTHS A-G Approved Courses for English TranscriptCourse Title Category Abbreviation(s) English 118 AP S1,English 118 AP English AP English 118 APS2 English 128 AP S1,English (128) (AP) English AP English 128 AP S2 English 106 P S1,English 106 English English 106 P S2 English 108 HP S1,English 108 (H) English English 108 HP S2 ENGLISH 116 P S1,English 116 English ENGLISH 116 P S2 English 126 P S1,English 126 English English 126 P S2 English 96 P S1,English 96 English English 96 P S2 English 98 HP S1,English 98 (H) English English 98 HP S2
    11. 11. English & Social Studies Grade 11 English 11 College Prep US History College Prep American Experience- ( English AP & US History AP)
    12. 12. How does my child get into AP?  Ideally we would like a student who is in College Prep classes as a 10th grader to have an A in English and History  Teachers may also recommend your child for AP  Class size limitations: this year we have three sections of American Experience, so AP classes accommodated all students who met the grade requirement or who were recommended
    13. 13. Senior Year! English 12 College Prep English 12 AP (British Lit) Government/Econ. College Prep Government/Econ AP • No concurrent enrollment for 12th grade-(British Literature and US Government and Economics are not easily integrated).
    14. 14. SophomoreParentCollegeInformationNightBREAKOUT SESSION:Foreign Language Señor Perfecto
    15. 15. Foreign Language Sequence of Spanish courses at FTHS Options for other languages VUSD Multilingual Seal
    16. 16. Sequence of Spanish Courses Native Speaker of Spanish • Spanish III (NS) meets A-G requirements • Spanish IV (AP) Non-native Speaker of Spanish • Spanish I (TPRS) A-G required • Spanish II (TPRS) A-G required • Spanish III (TPRS) A-G recommended • Spanish IV (AP)
    17. 17. Options for Other Languages Courses must be taken at an accredited institution in order to count towards graduation and also meet A-G requirements Ventura College • Spanish, American Sign Language, Italian, French German and Japanese
    18. 18. VUSD Multilingual Seal• In order to receive a multilingual seal on a diploma and transcript students must meet the following criteria: • Proficiency in English as demonstrated on CST • Grade of B or higher in Spanish IV AP or passing score on the AP Spanish Language Test • For languages other than Spanish or if the Spanish courses were taken at VC the district will administer a standardized assessment of literacy and fluency
    19. 19. Visual and Performing Arts• Sequence of V and P Arts courses at FTHS• Options for Subject F• Options for Subject G• AP Art Course – Period Zero
    20. 20. FTHS A-G Approved Courses for Visual and Perf. Arts
    21. 21. Visual Arts PathwaysIntroductory coursesArt 1 (9-12) – Fulfills F only1. Hands on, drawing, art history, non digital2. In class, individual work primarilyFilm Making (Soph-Senior) – Fulfills F only1. Using computers and technology2. Outside class 40%, in class 60%3. Group work primarilyDigital Photography – Fulfills F onlyIntermediate coursesArt 2 (10-12) – Fulfills either F or G1. Builds upon concepts in Art 12. Hands on, drawing, art history, non digital3. In class, individual work primarily
    22. 22. Performing Arts PathwaysPerforming ArtsOral Interpretation of Literature (9-12) – Fulfills F onlyDrama 2 – Fulfills either F or GMusicVentura and Buena High School courses – Fulfills F only
    23. 23. WelcomeMath & ScienceOrientationFoothillTechnology HighSchool Mrs. Darcy Duffy– Science Mr. Anthony Villa – Mathematics
    24. 24. Overview Possible Course Sequences • Mathematics • Science Science Prerequisites Rigorous Expectations and Open Door Policy Mastery and Matriculation
    25. 25. Science/Engineering/Math MajorSequence Route 1: Students intending to major in a mathematics based subject Geometry Algebra 2 Trig/Precalc 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Algebra 1 9th Grade Geometry H Algebra 2 H Trig/Calc A H 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Geometry Calculus AB AP 9th Grade Trig/Precalc 11th Grade 12th Grade Algebra 2 10th Grade Trig/Calc A H Calculus BC AP Geometry H 11th Grade 12th Grade Algebra 2 H 9th Grade 10th Grade To register for honors, must earn A in regular or A or B in honors both semesters
    26. 26. Humanities/ArtMajor Mathematics Sequence Route 1: Students intending to major in a non- mathematics or non-science based subject Calculus AB AP Trig/Precalc. 12th Grade 11th Grade (OPTIONAL) Algebra 2 Geometry 10th Grade 9th Grade Algebra 1 9th Grade Intermediate Algebra 2 Trig/Precalc. Algebra 11th Grade 12th Grade 10th Grade (OPTIONAL) To register for honors, must earn A in regular or A or B in honors both semesters
    27. 27. Minimum Math RequirementSequence  Sequence meets both A-G and graduation requirements Trig/Precalc. 11th Grade Algebra 2 Geometry 10th Grade 9th Grade Algebra 1 9th Grade Intermediate Algebra 2 Algebra 11th Grade 10th Grade  Graduation Requirement: D- or higher in each semester  A-G Requirement: C or higher each semester
    28. 28. Science or Math Majors ScienceSequence Route 1: Students intending to major in a scientific discipline or enter the most prestigious universities. Physics AP 12th Grade Biology Chemistry Honors 9th Grade Honors Physiology 10th Grade 11th Grade Physics 12th Grade Prerequisites are key.
    29. 29. College Bound Science Sequence  For students not necessarily preparing for a science major, yet college bound. Physics 11th Grade Physiology H Honors 12th Grade Biology Chemistry 9th Grade Physiology 10th Grade 11th Grade Physics 12th Grade Conceptual Chemistry Physics 11th Grade Honors  Also includes a pathway for students needing 10th Grade Physiology 12th Grade more time to develop in math or science.
    30. 30. Bioscience Academy Route Only for students participating in the Bioscience Academy Bioscience Medical Biotechnology Survey Technology Lab AND AND Biology AND 9th Grade Chemistry Honors Honors Physiology Physics AP 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Bioethics (Optional) 12th Grade
    31. 31. Key Prerequisites for Science MajorsSequence To register for Conceptual Physics:  Earn a D or better in Biology To register for Chemistry:  Earn an A or B in Biology  A or B in Algebra I or A – C in Geometry To register for Chemistry Honors:  Earn an A or B in Biology – both semesters  Earn an A or B in Geometry – both semesters  Only students with very high A’s in Algebra 1 and an A in Biology To register for CP Physics:  It is preferred that students be concurrently in Trig/Pre Calc or a higher math course and they must have earned an A – C in Algebra 2.  If student is concurrently in Algebra 2, must have earned a B or higher in Geometry. To register for AP Physics:  Students must be concurrently enrolled in Trig/PreCalc or higher course.  Students should have earned A or B in Algebra 2 and have excellent logic and analytic skills.
    32. 32. Rigorous Expectations and Open DoorPolicy AP courses are open to all students Expectations are high and dictated by CollegeBoard Preparation for Math/Science major is a rigorous decision and large time commitment
    33. 33. Mastery and Matriculation  Mathematics course build on one another  Science courses are more diverse and specialized  Both subjects require ability to deal with abstract concepts and logic skills  Mastery means an A or B earned in the course for each semester  Prerequisites should not be ignored – they are there for the best interest of the student.
    34. 34. SophomoreParentCollegeInformationNightBREAKOUT SESSION: Community Service/Career Information Mrs. Kapala/Ms. JohnstonBONUS SESSION: Helping my student be successful.
    35. 35. Tonight’s handouts Career Education Grade 10, 2011 Mini flyer for Teen Voice Project Support FTHS flyer Optional (purple flyer) Share your CAREER with us! Get Ready for the CSU handout Are you signed up for Constant Contact? See clip board being passed around.
    36. 36. Career Media Specialist, Community Service Coordinator Career and Community service information is updated daily at the following web site: Your child should have begun community service. We recommend 20 hr/year. (Total required hours = 75) Information and examples of completed forms are posted on the bulletin board outside the student store and in the media center. We also have a binder of examples. Forms for community service are available in the Media center and online at Some current opportunities that exist for your son or daughter include: The Dudley House Museum, corner Ash wood and Loma Vista WHEN: Sunday, November 13th at a time to be arranged with helpers; you can tell us what time youd like to start. WHAT: Setting up for our holiday boutique: mostly moving chairs, boxes and packing books. WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 2 PEOPLE, 4 WOULD BE EVEN BETTER. If we get 2 people, it would probably take 3-4 hours; if we get 4 to 6 people, you should be done in 2 hours. CALL LYNN at 641-3563. If she doesnt answer please leave your name and number. DATA school club is looking for volunteers to participate in the Bike Path Mural project Date: Saturday, November 19th Time: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Where: Hwy 33 exit Casitas Vista – go under freeway, go left on bike path. Contact for more info and/ or to sign up FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY is looking for help at their Pacific View Mall book sale. Date: Saturday, November 12th Time: 8-4 p.m. Contact or call 642-6084 for more info and/or to sign up Excellent career information including assessments and surveys are available on our Career web site Your student has already set up an account at this site. Each year I see your students for several periods to take them through career exploration. Also the has a variety of links to career exploration. Current display in media center celebrates National Career Development Month and career factoids are appearing throughout this month in the school bulletin.
    37. 37. Career Education Grade 10Students will be shown new site features in our Bridges program. They will expand their exploration of these sites. will review their grade nine portfolio. will look at other features on colleges and careersDuring my presentation I will be addressing:o Value of higher education, lifelong learning, global educationo What do higher education institutions look foro Examine one other career exploration tool such as www.mycoolcareers.como If you have any questions, please contact me at
    38. 38. HELPING MY STUDENT BE SUCCESSFULL Hope you will come back for the bonus session at the end of the rotations.
    39. 39. Tonight’Handouts Career Education Grade 10, 2011 Mini handout Teen Voice project Support FTHS flyer Get Ready for the CSU glossy postcard FTHS Parents (purple) pick up if interested Did you sign up for Constant Contact? See clipboard being passed around