Four year plan for 9th grade


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Four year plan for 9th grade

  1. 1. Foothill Technology High School 2011 - 2012Welcome Freshmen Dragons!!We are excited that you are here!!
  2. 2. Foothill Technology High SchoolToday we are going to talk about:  Graduation from FTHS  College admission  Your goals and your Four Year Plan
  3. 3. Foothill Technology High School Do you have health insurance? California Healthy Families offers:  Medical + Dental + Vision insurance coverage at little or no cost.Health Insurance helps kids stay Information is healthy with available in theregular medical Counseling office!and dental visits!
  4. 4. Foothill Technology High School Who is your Counselor? Mr. Boyd: Last Names A - F
  5. 5. Foothill Technology High SchoolMs. Freeman:Last Names G - N
  6. 6. Foothill Technology High SchoolMrs. Vega: Last Names O - Z
  7. 7. Foothill Technology High School Mr. Vallejo: Special Program Counselor
  8. 8. Foothill Technology High SchoolFTHS Graduation Requirements: 230 total credits  Required class + Electives 75 hours community service
  9. 9. F Foothill Technology High SchoolTEnglish: 40 credits REQUIRED•English 9 P/ 9H•English 10 P/10 H•English 11 P/AP Eng Lang•English 12 P/ AP Eng Lit
  10. 10. Foothill Technology High SchoolMathematics: 30 credits REQUIRED MUST complete Algebra 1 4 years of Math are strongly recommended
  11. 11. Foothill Technology High SchoolSCIENCE: 20 credits REQUIRED 10 credits of a LIFE science (Biology) 10 credits of a PHYSICAL science (Chemistry, Physics) 3 to 4 years of science are Strongly recommended At FTHS all 11th grade students will be enrolled in a science class
  12. 12. Foothill Technology High SchoolSocial Studies: 35 credits REQUIRED 5 credits of Geography (Gr.9) 10 credits of World History (Gr.10) 10 credits of US History (Gr.11) 5 credits of Government (Gr.12) 5 credits of Economics (Gr. 12)
  13. 13. Foothill Technology High SchoolPhysical Education: 20 credits REQUIRED  On-campus P.E. class  YMCA  Mavericks  Sports  Independent Study P.E.
  14. 14. Foothill Technology High SchoolHealth Education:5 credits REQUIRED (usually taken in 9th Grade)
  15. 15. F Foothill Technology High SchoolTFine Arts: 10 credits REQUIRED Foreign Language, Art, Drama, Filmmaking, Digital Photography
  16. 16. F Foothill Technology High SchoolT Applied Arts – 10 credits REQUIRED EDA fulfills this requirement! WEB DESIGN, DIGITAL ART AND DESIGN, Yearbook, ROP offerings
  17. 17. Foothill Technology High SchoolElectives: 60 credits required!An elective class is any class that you choose above and beyond the core requirements.
  18. 18. Foothill Technology High SchoolCommunity Service – 75 hours required 20 hours in the 9th grade year recommended 20 hours in the 10th grade year recommended 20 hours in the 11th grade year recommended 15 hours in the 12th grade year  Two different organizations
  19. 19. Foothill Technology High School UC/CSU A – G RequirementsA. History/Social Science: 2 years requiredB. English: 4 years requiredC. Mathematics: 3 years required/4 recommendedD. Laboratory Science: 2 years required/3 recommendedE. Language Other Than English: 2 years required/3 recommendedF. Visual & Performing Arts: 1 FULL year requiredG. College Preparatory Electives: 1 year required All Classes must be passed with an A, B, or C for college eligibility! D = FAIL!!!
  20. 20. Foothill Technology High School Four-Year PlanSUBJECT Ninth Grade Tenth Grade Eleventh Grade Twelfth Grade English 9 P or English 10 P or English 116 P or English 12 P orENGLISH English 9 H English 10 Honors AP English Lang AP English LitSOCIAL Geography/ World History or US History or Amer. Gov/EconomicsSCIENCE Health World History Honors US History AP Amer. Gov AP/Econ Honors Intermediate Algebra Algebra 2 Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Trig/Pre-CalculusMATH Geometry Algebra 2 Trig/Pre-Calculus Calculus AB AP Geometry Algebra 2 Honors Trig/Pre-Calculus Honors Calculus BC AP Honors Conceptual Physics Chemistry Physiology HonorsSCIENCE Biology Chemistry Physics Physics AP Chemistry Honors Physiology Honors Biology APLANGUAGE Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 AP All Grade 9/10/11 options PLUS: Intro Art All Grade 9/10 options PLUS: All Grade 9 options PLUS: Art 4 AP Oral Interp Web Design Art 2 Advanced Digital Speech 1 Psychology Drama 2 Photography Yearbook Art 3 Speech 2 (Forensics) AP PsychologyELECTIVE AVID Visual Communications Digital PhotographyOPTIONS Leadership Digital Animation or Art/Design Filmmaking Teachers Assistant or Office Assistant
  21. 21. Foothill Technology High School You will be going over the four year plan in your EDA classPlease review yourfour year plan withyour parents!!