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Yue wang desma9_midterm

  1. 1. DESMA 9 Art+Science+Technology Fall 2013 Professor Victoria Vesna Section [1C] Title: [Makeup Machine: Start a beautiful day ASAP] Name: [Yue Wang]
  2. 2. ABSTRACT Women spend more and more time to find the right makeup accessories that are suitable for them, which really waste a lot of time and waste money. In addition, in the morning women would devoted a lot of time on putting makeup on their faces before going to work, school or date. Women always feel difficult to find the right color of eye shadow or right color of lipstick they want. The intent of the project is to have a makeup machine in the future. Women can design their makeup pattern using the makeup machine and also looking at other’s works used for reference. The makeup machine will also do makeup for women. Once this invention is put in the industry, women will start their beautiful day with less time and money devoted in.
  3. 3. CONCEPT/TOPIC —  Women will spend more than 474 days of their lives putting on cosmetics, equivalent of over a whole week every year. Especially eye makeup takes the longest with average woman spending 17 minutes every day. This is not adding the shopping time for women to pick up the right cosmetics for them. Women approximately spend around 20,000 dollars on cosmetics over their lifetime span. —  In this machine, it will contain all kinds of makeup pattern for women to select. Women can choose from plenty of eye shadow combination, the color of the lipstick and etc. Moreover, the machine will put makeup on women’s faces according to their preferences like putting on a mask. It may only take 2 minutes for the makeup machine to accomplish the full makeup.
  4. 4. CONTEXT & PRECEDENTS —  People use robot and machine in many areas, as the technology developed, people will invent more and more auto machines such as robots. Those automatic machines will become more and more popular which result in less money and less time spending. —  There are a lot of tools for women to put makeup on more easily. Such as, eyeliner and eye shadow sticker.
  5. 5. PROJECT PROPOSAL Makeup Machine Makeup Pattern Put makeup on Design by yourself Makeup Cloud Makeup Cloud Party makeup Daily makeup Working makeup There will be a screen on the machine for women to design their makeup. By clicking the “Make up Pattern” you will go to a page that you can choose either design by yourself or choose the makeup cloud. In the makeup cloud, it has some other makeup artists’ work that you can choose from. Or you can choose design by yourself; you will have thousands of selection that you will create your unique design.
  6. 6. Project Proposal (Cont.) You could design multiple makeup style to select in the future such as, daily makeup, party makeup and working makeup. For designing page, you can choose colors of eye shadow, lipstick, blush and mascara. You could add your photo into the machine that you will see how it looks when you put the makeup on yourself.
  7. 7. Project Proposal (Cont.) The makeup machine will do the makeup for you to save your time that you can spend on works or other more important things. After selecting the design, you will simply put the mask on and laydown waiting for 2 minutes. Then the machine will do the makeup for you. This way, you will save money that spending on cosmetics and save the time also. The makeup done by the machine will also have good quality that will last on your face for whole day.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION This invention will make women’s life much more convenient and less money consuming. As a designer, you can sell you makeup work to the machine owner, which also create more job opportunity for you to earn money with pleasure. The machine can help you make the unique design of makeup that no one resembles you with little cost. For some lazy women who doesn’t spend a lot of time on putting cosmetic every morning, the makeup machine will be the best since it won’t take a lot of time and easy to handle. Women will also no longer need to spend much time on shopping cosmetics. In the near future, more and more robotic machine will help our daily life more convenient with the slogan: save money and save time. Let’s start our beautiful day ASAP by using this makeup machine.
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