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8.14.18 kea updates 2018 19


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KEA Updates 2018-2019

Published in: Education
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8.14.18 kea updates 2018 19

  1. 1. 2018-19 NC KEA Updates Office of Early Learning
  2. 2. 2018-19 Required Constructs
  3. 3. Logging In to the NC K-3 FAP Platform For the 2018-2019 school year, the NC K-3 FAP online platform will be accessed via Single Sign-On (SSO) through the NCEdCloud.
  4. 4. Logging In to the NC K-3 FAP Platform Once logged in to NCEdCloud, click the link to access your account.
  5. 5. Important Platform Dates •Beginning August 13th, Teaching Strategies will be working to prepare the platform for use during the 2018- 19 school year. • The projected start date for users is August 27th.
  6. 6. Status Summary for 2018-19