Farm 215 At A Glance


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Farm 215 - Nature Retreat & fynbos reserve

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Farm 215 At A Glance

  1. 1. farm 215 retreat & private nature reserve base station of the african horse company
  2. 2. farm 215 location Cape town The retreat of farm 215 is located between Stanford and Cape Agulhas in the undisturbed Overberg of the Western Cape, the Southernmost region of Africa. 200 km Though often described as “remote”, the private reserve farm 215 is easily reached: it is a two hour drive from Cape Town airport, the last few miles over a gravel road, suitable for all normal cars. Farm 215 is the base station of the African Horse Company, offering multi day trails through the Agulhas National Park.
  3. 3. accommodation farm 215 Tranquility, space and nature are the three keywords when people want to know what to expect. Farm 215 is as sustainable as it is laid-back. There are three large freestanding suites and three spacious rooms in the homestead.
  4. 4. farm 215 fynbos suites The three fynbos suites are spaced out in nature. Smart, but not pretentious, these suites are the most luxurious units of the retreat. The modern fynbos suites are powered by solar energy.
  5. 5. farm 215 homestead High up the hill, the homestead has arguably the best views. There are two spacious rooms on the first floor of the homestead and a suite with private garden at the ground-floor.
  6. 6. farm 215 25 m lap-pool The pool is connected to the garden of the homestead with a wooden boardwalk. From the sheltered terrace the views stretch from the distant ocean to the vineyards of our neighbour, Lomond wine estate.
  7. 7. farm 215 food All meals of the day are served on farm 215. Food is down to earth: ingredients speak for themselves. All food is sourced from a 60 km radius around farm 215. The dining area is a modern building powered by solar energy.
  8. 8. farm 215 the reserve The 800 hectares of the private nature reserve have over 20 km of hiking trails which meander through pristine vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom to the highest peaks in the area. Hundreds of different plant species including 50 threatened and endangered species. The reserve and surrounding reserves and parks are furthermore the playground of the African Horse Company.
  9. 9. outrides farm 215 From the reserve of farm 215, the African Horse Company organises outrides through pristine Cape Floral vegetation, vineyards, forest, mountains and plains. The rides take from one hour to the better part of the day.
  10. 10. farm 215 beach rides A ride along the endless and empty beach of the Walker Bay Reserve take from 3 hours to the whole day.
  11. 11. farm 215 multi-day trails The African Horse Company is specialised in all inclusive mullti-day horse trails, varying in time from 3 days to 17 days. The African Horse Company has transit rights through the Agulhas National Park, Walker Bay Reserve and various smaller reserves, farms and estates on the Agulhas Plains.
  12. 12. farm 215 board room The board room on top of one of the outbuildings can be used for small workshops and get-togethers of up to 12 people. Whiteboard, data-projector, computer with wireless reception and telephone are available.
  13. 13. a sustainable operation farm 215 Farm 215 is a pioneer in sustainable hospitality in South Africa Sustainable design All new buildings powered by solar | water sourced from own catchment is recycled: no downstream effect | water purification without chemicals | salt water pool |maximisation of locally sourced building materials | building done by local builders |wood of invasive alien trees used in buildings. Sustainable operations All detergents and soaps are biodegradable | all waste separated and recycled |procurement of local produce with minimised packaging | local wines produced by members of the Biodiversity Wine Initiative | food is 80% organic | only fish served on the green list of the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative | food-remains recycled by poultry | Only local people hired. Sustainable land management Continuous clearing of alien invasive vegetation | rehabilitation of streambanks and wetlands | flower harvesting done in accordance with sustainable harvesting techniques by Flower Valley Trust | reforestation pilot project |data collection of the est. 1000 species in the reserve | no motorised transport in the reserve | no interference with wild life | winner Cape Fox Award for best management of land in the Western Cape. Certified by Member Board member Under stewardship of Fair Trade in Walker Bay Overstrand Cape Nature Tourism SA Conservancy Conservation Foundation
  14. 14. press farm 215 Responsible Traveller - Summer 2009 A selection of articles about farm 215 “Farm 215 is a visionary example of sustainable tourism in the Western Cape and South Africa.” Life in Balance Magazine SA - September 2009 “farm 215 is a haven of tranquility for anyone seeking respite in a part of the overberg almost untouched by man.” Conde Nast House & Garden - September 2009 “immersed in the celebrated cape floral kingdom..., there’s no one around for miles,...” The Independent on Sunday UK - March 2009 “.... eye catching design with wood burning stoves, downy duvets and toiletries made from native fynbos plants.” Highlife - BA Inflight magazine - 2008 “Farm 215 in the Overberg has chic fynbos suites powered by solar energy.” Absolute Magazine SA - 2008 “As a responsible tourism destination, it is a remarkable achievement. It is exclusive, luxurious, compact and private.” Elle Travel UK - Farm 215 wins the Chic shack award 2008 “Balancing cool design with a passion for the environment,farm 215 stands in the middle of a wild nature reserve.” House & Garden - November 2007 “Light years away from paparazzi woes, the five star factor here is the sense of space, tranquility and pared-down luxury.” Winelands Living - April 2007 “Farm 215 is an anomaly of sorts, being both deliciously luxurious and strictly laid back.” Elle Decoration - march 2007 “....a haven for the conscious traveller, a place to tread lightly, breathe deeply and let nature take the lead.”
  15. 15. guest reviews farm 215 Selections from reviews on A selection of reviews from guests (users of i-escape have selected farm 215 as the best spot in Africa for 2009) “The best place we stayed in. Absolutely gorgeous location and design, great hospitality and warmth.” “A place to totally relax and forget your cares ! To wake up each day to the wonderful view from our bed was amazing. When can we go back ??!” “This is a hidden gem. The setting is magical, the rooms simple yet luxurious and the food delicious.” “It is a wonderful combination of style, eco-tourism and retreat wrapped in a warm and friendly package.” .” will certainly stay longerhospitality. Only dissapointment was we only had one night there, but next time “Stunning setting, excellent we FULL REVIEWS ON THE I-ESCAPE.COM WEBSITE CAN BE READ BY CLICKING ON THIS SENTENCE Selections from reviews on “Escaping the humdrum of every day life, farm 215 offers a little slice of heaven down in the Overberg.” “The walks from farm 215 are excellent- a myriad of wild flowers and plants to see and photograph- and so unusual.” “You have the feeling to be completely alone in nature, in the middle of nowhere, hearing all the nature sounds during the day and evening and almost an absolute silence of the night.” “If you are the kind of person who finds big corporate hotels a little suffocating but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort or service, then farm 215 is for you.” “More like a private nature reserve, this is “eco-friendly” done properly, combining luxury and a passion for the environment, but remaining laidback and friendly.” FULL REVIEWS ON THE TRIPADVISOR.COM WEBSITE CAN BE READ BY CLICKING ON THIS SENTENCE
  16. 16. our neighbours farm 215 Flower Valley Trust, sustainable harvesting of indigenous flowers. Platbos, Africa’s southernmost indigenous forest. Lomond Vineyards, award winning pioneer in the new Agulhas Wine Region and certified by the Biodiversity Wine Initiative.
  17. 17. Cape town area map farm 215 200 km farm 215 You are here
  18. 18. farm 215 the catch of a genuine sustainable place None really, if you are truly interested in dealing fairly with this planet and its people. A few if you are addicted to all aspects of the lifestyle which only developed in the last few decades. You cannot use a hair-dryer in the solar powered fynbos suites, but homo sapiens survived for 99% of its time on earth without them You arrive in your car on a bumpy gravel road, which is a luxurious way of transport compared with the ox wagons of less than 100 years ago. The water is very pure, but yellow, as was all the drinking water in the Cape before they started to add chemicals. The chef decides what will be on the menu and food is slow food; farm 215 is a place for the non-hasty Linen is coffee-latte coloured; No bleach is being used on farm 215. There is no air-conditioning, and we do not explain anymore why not. The reserve can be explored on foot or on horseback; Motorised transport in the reserve only allowed for maintenance and emergencies. If you have a fobia for spiders, other insects, reptiles, toads etc, please realise that farm 215 is their home. There is not a single television in the reserve, but there is wireless internet and mobile phone reception The reserve is surrounded by more nature and rural lands, if you are looking for bars, shops and nightlife, this is not the place
  19. 19. contact farm 215 +27 (0) 28 388 09 20
  20. 20. Thank you