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Smart use of social networking 2012


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Writers face many challenges with social networking, especially choosing platforms and applications. This presentation provides an overview to challenges expressed by the All Souls Writers' Group. I hope it will be helpful to other writers, too.

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Smart use of social networking 2012

  1. 1. Smart Use of Social Networking to Promote Your WritingMelissa A. Rosati, CPCC E: melissarosati@me.com917-628-4547 W: B: www.melissassocialmediastudio.comAll Souls Writers’ Group F: L: Souls Unitarian Church T: York CityJanuary 23, 2012
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. As Writers, We Bear Witness to this Age of Disruption.
  4. 4. “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”
  5. 5. Social Media Plays a Major Role in Global Communication.
  6. 6. DEFINITIONS Social Media are the applications we Social Networking is our use to communicate online. communication behavior online.
  7. 7. What Are Your Challenges?
  8. 8. Stop Pushing!
  9. 9. Start Engaging!
  10. 10. Social Networking is about Good Listening Skills.
  11. 11. Step #1: Embrace the Learning Curve
  12. 12. The Goal is to Create Your Own Map Overdrive Interactive Social Media Map The Stuff We Think You Should Care About Search Engines B2B Social Networks Photo Sites Lifecasting (China) Social Bookmarking (China) Social Networks http://www.networkingfor Reviews/Travel Micro Blogging/Texting Groups Video Sites Tools/Platforms Podcast Wikis Socialize With Us Blogs Websites Tools Are we missing one? Submit your website and see Overdrive Interactive is an online marketing services firm that helps companies create genuine and lasting connections with their target audiences and the expanded version at customers using Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Online Media. Learn more by visiting us at or call 617-254-5000.
  13. 13. Melissa’s Approach to the Social Learning Process Watch Listen Read
  14. 14. What’s Important to You?
  15. 15. Step #2:Define Your World• As a writer, what is your major theme?• Theme is not plot. This is the biggest mistake writers make in their marketing strategies.• Favorite writer exercise. • Identify the conflicts • Identify the outcomes
  16. 16. Step #3:Define Your Wired World• What media do you consume on a daily basis?• When you are online, how are you helpful to other people?• What’s your comfort level with digital literacy?• What aspect of the digital world could you not live without?
  17. 17. Common Social Media Applications LinkedIn Blogs Email Facebook Twitter
  18. 18. Step #4:Four Core Actions among All Social Media ApplicationsDo Nothing Comment Like Share
  19. 19. Step #5:Success Begins with a Social Networking Strategy.
  20. 20. Who is Your Target Reader?
  21. 21. How Does Your Reader Use Language? Reader comment on my blog displayed here as a Wordle.
  22. 22. Where are yourreaders?• Start with the media you consume.• Identify the influencers.• Know the keywords and trends.• Set goals and measure them.
  23. 23. Engaging Your Readership is Your Most Important Goal.
  24. 24. Step #6: Choose the Medium that Suits Your Learning Style as Your Home Base Video/Live Streaming Radio/Podcasting Blogging/Forums
  25. 25. Broad Application-centric Approach Expertise Leadership Writer’s Life Fun Creativity Melissa’s Melissa’s Social She Writes Matters Now Radio Coaching Studio Studio Blog Blog Blog BlogLinkedIn Slideshare Twitter Facebook Twitter Twitter Facebook Facebook Professional Groups Twitter
  26. 26. Your Content is Dynamicin the Virtual World.• What is a statement of fact?• What is a provocative statistic?• What is an interesting question?• What question do you want to ask?• What is a powerful quote?• What is a milestone date?• What is an informative resource that readers will find useful?
  27. 27. “I Don’t Want to Be at the Computer All Day!”
  28. 28. Social Is Mobile. My Site on Mobile Phone
  29. 29. Step #7:Managing Time• Start Slow• Practice listening before you craft your strategy• Set measurement goals• Be consistent• Learn how to source content• Use an editorial calendar• Pre-schedule posts/tweets• Unplug one day each week
  30. 30. Bonus Materials to Help You!
  31. 31. Tip #1--WatchWhen I need to learn how to use a social media • YouTubeapplication, my first stop is always YouTube. I typethe application name into the search box. YouTubegenerates a list of all the tutorials associated with • Dailymotionthe application. For example, when you search forLinkedIn, you will find dozens of tutorials, one foreach feature of the program. In fact, LinkedIn has • Metacafeits own official channel on YouTube. Once on thechannel, click on the playlist to find the user tips. • VimeoDo this for any application. • application listed on the right is hot linked.You can click on each one to check out the sitesbest suited for your interests and goals. • •
  32. 32. Tip #2-- Listen to professional perspectivesThere are hundreds of websites related to social media • BookExpoCast.comapplications.Without context, I find it impossible to make sense ofanything. That’s why I like to listen to industry • Social Media Examinerprofessionals talk about why they pick certainapplications over others in order to pursue specific • Media Bistro TVopportunities.On the right, I provide a list of several excellent sites. • BeyondtheBookCastThese examples relate to the publishing industry. Tofind examples appropriate for your industry, I suggestthat you start with the key trade associations. Today,almost all of them have videos of industry thoughtleaders.
  33. 33. Tip #3--Listen by engaging in conversations • Technorati Social media applications allow you a level of deep listening that goes beyond what you learn in a controlled focus group. People search for trusted sources, where they can exchange information and comments about what is most important to • Alltop them. This could be anything from a great travel deal to an inspirational story of personal triumph. Your challenge is to find your target audience and to start • engaging with them by commenting on blogs, sharing media of mutual interest, and asking genuine questions (not sales pitches disguised as questions). • The applications listed here allow you to search by keywords. Two of my favorites are Alltop and Socialmention. Alltop allows you to create your own “magazine” from the most • relevant and popular sources. Socialmention provides very helpful analytics to deepen your understanding of key topics. •
  34. 34. Tip #4--Read • Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition byBooks galore address “how to” become a social media Michael Stelznersuperstar. It is my experience that the people who really arethe superstars are the most humble, generous, and honestabout the work and discipline involved in achieving goals. • The New Rules of Marketing & PR, 3/e by David Meerman ScottYou need experts who are good filters of information. Forme, I start with the Social Media Examiner published byMichael Stelzner. This free online news source is my “living” • Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+social media textbook because it covers all of the major Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence,applications in short, crisp articles written by the best Attract Customers, and Drive Profits bypractioners in their respective fields. Jay Conrad Levinson and Sharon GibsonThe other titles listed here are my most trusted sources formy own work and when I consult with clients. • Problogger: How to Blog Your Way to aIf you are new to social media marketing, I suggest you start Six-Figure Income, 2/e by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrettwith Launch by Michael Stelzner and The NewRelationship Marketing by Mari Smith. Read together,these books provide an awesome foundation for your • The New Relationship Marketing by Maribusiness. Smith
  35. 35. Tip #5--Establish a Home BaseThe point of social media is to make meaningful connections. Your daily •LinkedIncommitment is to invest time in both listening and engaging with others.Many people resist or resent using social media tools because they say ittakes time away from their business. Like anything else, if you bring • Slideshareresistance or resentment to your work, the results will be steeped inresistance and resentment.I find it is helpful to choose one application as the “home base.” Then, I • Blogchoose a few other applications that complement and amplify my base.For example, my home base is LinkedIn. My objective is to build mybusiness through networking with other professionals. • TwitterIn my business plan, something every small business owner should haveas a guide, I’ve committed to LinkedIn in 2012. When I revise/update my • Creativity Mattersplan at the end of the first quarter (March 31, 2012), I may adjust my Now! Radiostrategy. The point is that you need a firm, measurable commitment.In your case, you might choose to make your blog your home base or • WebsiteTwitter. That’s fine. The key to success is consistency with the tool youchoose. Remember, the goal is to listen to others and to create contentfor them, not you. • LinkedIn Groups • Meetup
  36. 36. Tip #6--Measure ResultsThere is nothing more discouraging than the feeling • Cotweetno one connects with your message. Many marketersjump into “my product/service is still not goodenough” mode. The reality is that your product or • Hootsuiteservice is probably not the problem.The problem is managing your expectations. • Google AnalyticsFirst, what is the customer behavior you want to • Kloutdrive?Then, what specifics do you want to measure?These tools, for example, put you in control.
  37. 37. Summary• Social Media are the applications we use to communicate online.• Social Networking is our communication behavior online.• Like any new skill, there is a learning curve to social media/social networking.• Social Networking is about good listening skills.• Choose the medium that suits your learning style.• Determine how you want to manage your time.• Unplug one day each week.
  38. 38. Quiz: Winner Gets a Melissa’sCoaching Studio 4G Thumb Drive• What are the four actions common among all social media applications?• What is the biggest mistake writers make in their marketing strategies?• As a writer, what is your most important goal?• For writers, what is the central message of Spiderman?• Which actor played Uncle Ben?
  39. 39. About Melissa A. Rosati, CPCCMelissa A. Rosati, CPCC, is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC). She is the owner and CEO of Melissa’sCoaching Studio and Melissa’s Social Media Studio, LLC.Melissa’s clients are writers, artists, creative professionals, and social entrepreneurs. With a keen interest in creativity anddigital issues, Melissa develops coaching programs to help people enrich their strategies and skills. Her services includeexecutive coaching, team coaching, and staff training for organizations. As appropriate for the needs of an organization orindividual client, Melissa formulates social networking/marketing strategies and facilitates hands-on training.A former publishing executive, Melissa brings a solid background in editorial, marketing, and publicity to her coaching andconsulting clients. Her professional experience, with publishers such as McGraw-Hill International (UK), Routledge, andHarperCollins College, is in strategic planning, reorganization, partnerships, content acquisition, online products, contractnegotiation, staff training and development, and publishing in international markets.Melissa co-leads the U.S. - China Publishing Dialogues at Pace University, where she co-facilitates executive trainingfor publishers throughout China. As an adjunct professor of publishing, she teaches in the Master of Science inPublishing program. Her courses include General Interest Books (trade publishing), Book Sales & DistributionMethods, Principles of Marketing, and Principles of Publishing.She is also a co-founder of Writers, Readers, and Publishers: Present Tense, Future Bold, a thought-leadership groupabout the role of publishing in our culture and society, which meets monthly at the Princeton Club in NYC.Melissa earned her coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA. She is a member of theCreativity Coaching Association and the International Coaching Federation. She also serves her community as anAmbassador for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.Melissa joined All Souls Unitarian Church in June 2004. She is a member of the Caring Team and the All Souls Writers’Group.