Marketing Your Professional Brand with LinkedIn


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Learn how to market your brand and/or business through networking on LinkedIn. This presentation was used at Project ReStart, funded by the AARP Foundation, to help job seekers and entrepreneurs age 50+.

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Marketing Your Professional Brand with LinkedIn

  1. 1. How to Use LinkedIn for Career AdvancementPresentation by: Melissa McGinnis
  2. 2.  Be Seen◦ Publicly Available◦ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Be Available for Contact To Learn◦ Follow Experts and Trends To Network and Connect◦ Seek Collaboration◦ Find Career Opportunities To Build Your Professional Brand◦ Share your knowledge, expertise, and career goals
  3. 3. Visit
  4. 4. Requires an email and password
  5. 5. Requires an email and passwordA place toshare info
  6. 6. • You can connect your Twitter account and postsimultaneously• “Share with LinkedIn” is Public• “Share with Connections” shares with those youconnected with on LinkedInWhen youshare youcan specifyyouraudience
  7. 7. Use the homepage to learn about yourconnections, professional interests, industry, andmore!Scroll downto see theactivity byconnectionsand thoseyou follow
  8. 8. You can broaden your network by finding sharedconnectionsSuggestionsfor peopleto connectwith
  9. 9. Your profile is your online LinkedIn presence andcontains your professional informationClick toaccessyourprofile
  10. 10. This is how LinkedIn users will view your profile(with a few exceptions)
  11. 11. You can edit this link for easier sharingLink forpublicprofileview
  12. 12. Public Profile ViewNotice the prominence of the picture, name, andheadline
  13. 13. You want people to see you clearlyConsider your brand and how you want to presentyourselfCreate aheadshotfor yourpicture
  14. 14. Using your real name makes it easier for contacts andrecruiters to find youUse yourreal name
  15. 15. Use terms that are commonly searchedGo beyond your current job title and expand yourprofessional imageYour“headline” isyourprofessionalbrand
  16. 16.  Make it Searchable Avoid Company orIndustry Jargon HighlightTransferrable Skills Target Your CareerGoals Language isEVERYTHING!
  17. 17. Treat the summary similar to a cover letterHighlight what you are proud ofBuild your brandSummaryprovidesinformationabout yourcareer, showcases yourbrand, andprovidesinfo aboutyourdirection
  18. 18.  Show how you madea difference◦ Pose problem◦ Describe action◦ Provide solution Use numbers withpossible Build your brand
  19. 19. For possible collaborationHighlight successBroaden your professional interestsHighlightspecificprojects
  20. 20. You don’t have to included everything especially if itdistracts from your professional brandAvoid industry or company jargonWorkExperienceyou want toshowcase
  21. 21. Include organizations thatsupport your brand
  22. 22. Categorize your skills andexpertise by selecting from aprovided listEndorse co-workers, contacts, friends, and family indicating the skillsand expertise you can account for(maybe they will even return the favor!)
  23. 23. Provide your education
  24. 24. Provide courses if your degreeprogram is unfamiliar orobscureEndorse co-workers, contacts, friends, and family indicating the skillsand expertise you can account for(maybe they will even return the favor!)
  25. 25. Groups you follow or areinterested inGroups are a great way to meet people with similar professionalinterests and connect
  26. 26. Certifications that supportyour professional brandDefault can be changed
  27. 27. Click theselinks to edityour profileinformation
  28. 28. Change yourprofilepictureChange yourname, headline, location,andindustryEdit linkContact infoActivitySummaryOrder Additional Heading Options
  29. 29. Exit EditMode
  30. 30. Messages are like emails for only you to see
  31. 31. New activity that you may be interested in –New connections, profile views, updates
  32. 32. Search your email periodically for new contacts
  33. 33. Can add connections easilySuggestionsfor peopleyou mayknow basedoff currentconnections
  34. 34. Type anindividual’sname
  35. 35. Results in multiple search categories based on current connections
  36. 36. Alreadyconnected(1st)SharedConnection -Connected tothe same oneor more peoplebut notconnected toeach other(2nd)
  37. 37. Great practice to add a personal note thataddresses why you want to connect
  38. 38. Great practice to add a personal note thataddresses why you want to connect
  39. 39. Other selections require specific information
  40. 40. Click tosearch withother morespecific terms
  41. 41. Click tosearch withother morespecific terms
  42. 42. Click tosearch withother morespecific termsCreate search combinations and targetspecific people and key decision makers
  43. 43. Browse results, modify your search, andmore …
  44. 44. • You are the owner of a flower shop and you wantto use LinkedIn to grow your company.• You decide to get creative and use LinkedIn tonetwork with other business owners to:• Increase sales• Increase exposure• Partner with other businesses• Give to charitable causes
  45. 45. Who are your customers?Who should you build arelationship with for referrals?Who are the key decisionmakers?
  46. 46. Event CoordinatorsFuneral HomesCaterersMarketers(they are good for everyone because they love making connections …even for others!)HotelsBed and BreakfastsRestaurantsSpas/Hairdressers… and more
  47. 47. Visualize the most amazing networking eventpossible …Who would be there?What industry?What company?What location?You can meet anyone anywhere all whilesitting at your computer!
  48. 48. Melissa