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Genetically Modified Foods


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Published in: Technology
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Genetically Modified Foods

  1. 1. Melissa Louis
  2. 2.  A food that has been genetically enhanced through molecular biology
  3. 3.  Taking a desired genetic trait out of a donor organism and putting it into a food in order for that food to show the desired trait
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Enhances desired traits  Human health risks Pest resistance o Unfamiliar foreign proteins= Improve nutritional allergic reactions content  Genes resistant to Less time than controlled antibiotics =dangerous breeding disease transmitable to Improves accuracy humans Herbicide tolerance  Environmental hazards Cold tolerance  Economic concerns Pharmaceuticals
  5. 5. 1. Develop a problem2. Identify a gene that produces a genetic trait of interest to solve this problem3. Find a donor organism4. Separate the gene from the rest of the genetic material of the donor5. Use gene gun or electricity to break through the cell wall and inject this gene into a food in order for it to show that trait
  6. 6.  Corn Rice Tomatoes Rapeseed Honey Cotton Soybean Sugar Cane Canola Potatoes Flax Papaya Squash
  7. 7. What is it? Corn that has been genetically modified to be resistant to insect larvae
  8. 8. Steps of engineering corn1. Identify that corn crop productions are being damaged by insect larvae.2. Conclude that the bacterium bacillus thuringiensis produces a protein that kills Lepidoptera larvae.3. Harvest this gene from the bacterium by separating it from the rest of the genetic material of the donor.4. Inject removed gene into the cell wall of a corn cell.5. The food then shows that trait.
  9. 9. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Corn production is higher  Pollen kills butterflies Reduces need for  Kills microorganisms in insecticide soil- threatens food web  creation of superpests
  10. 10.  Economic sanctions threaten entire free trade system Reduce production costs due to reduced chemical and mechanical needs in planting, maintenance, and harvest
  11. 11.  Solve world hunger Eliminate use of pesticides and herbicides
  12. 12.  Check the label of what you are buying!!It is not a requirement for genetically modified foods to be labeled but some do say they have been modified, so look at the label!
  13. 13.  70 - 75 % of U.S. food is genetically modified Leading producers of genetically modified crops 1. United States – 74% 2. Argentina – 15% 3. Canada – 10%
  14. 14. Still don’t understand genetic engineering?Then check out this video! B8&feature=related