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Article interview

  1. 1. Article/Interview
  2. 2. Interview response
  3. 3. • InterviewMasthead: Journey To The TopDrop quote:“We were so nervous”Stand: Melissa Lopez spoke to The Heist front man Tom Hayes How did you all meet?We all met in St Marys High School in year 8 when we were all in the same music lessonand got partner up together to produce some work on a keyboard How long have you all known each other?We’ve all known each other for 5 years when we met in year 8 in high school When did you form a band?We formed a band in year 10 after a gig one day. What the meaning of the name?The word “Heist” means robbery/burglary so we thought that the name would soundcool and that we’re good at stealing music and turning it to make it our own. Who inspires your band?A lot of other bands inspire us but The Killers are the ones that we look up too and getour lyrics and style of music just liked there as we are a huge fan of it. ••
  4. 4. How did you decided on whom playing what instrument?Well Tom the only one who can really sing so it was decided that he will be lead singer butwe all just decided to who can play what and learn how to play the instrument ourselves Why have you chosen the genre of music?Were a huge fans of rock music and lots of fun when were performing. It’s also easy tolearn how to play music with that genre. Do you remember your first gig?Our first gig was in New Brighton. We were so nervous as we’ve never done this before anda lot of people we knew was watching us. It was such a big deal but we manage to getthrough it extremely well it was such a good night. Do you prefer rehearsing or performing?We have a lot of fun rehearsing but we mess around a lot and take a long time to try andwrite some lyrics. We mostly like to perform as we like seeing people dancing and singingsome of our lyrics. What is it like rehearsing together?Rehearsing together is a lot of fun. We rehearse every Tuesday after school. 
  5. 5.  How long does it take to write a song?It takes a while as we try and get our lyrics right and not to sound toocheesy. We all like to write it together as we like to give everyone’sthoughts and ideas in it. Would you ever change the genre of music you play?Probably not know we enjoy playing rock music. What do you enjoy about being in a band?Just hanging out with each other when were rehearsing and writing newmartial. Do you have a lot of fun?We have a lot of fun we’ve all good mates and all get along together. Where do you see your band in the future?We would hopefully like to see the band a huge success all over the worldexpressly in America•
  6. 6. IntroductionThe Heist is a 5 member indie band fromMersey side with Tom Hayes, MatthewCarney, Adam Burn, Connor O’Donnell andDanny Brown where they write and preformthere own songs at local gigs. Now ready tobe known all over the world I dropped bythe recording studio where I spoke to thelead vocal Tom Hayes about the band