Getting Hired in a Digital World


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Here's some advice on how to use Google docs to host your portfolio and embed links to key projects in your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters. Also touches on your personal brand and how to tell your story with sites like Pinterest and

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Getting Hired in a Digital World

  1. 1. Getting Hired in a Digital WorldBranding Yourself and Your Experience Melissa Balsan 3/20/12
  2. 2. Personal Branding• No better way to demonstrate your creativity and marketing knowledge than by how you sell yourself• You are your product! – Who are you selling yourself to? – What will resonate with this audience? – What attributes are important to them? – Which strengths do you offer?• Like relationships, authenticity = the right match
  3. 3. What’s Your Personal Brand?• Edgy• Creative• Polished• Adventurous• Casual• Formal• These attributes show through in your digital footprint – attract or repel employers
  4. 4. is Success to YOU? board-my-idea-of-success/
  5. 5. Personal Branding• Choose images that convey your personal brand – like packaging• Only share what’s relevant to your audience• Be true to yourself
  6. 6. What Does this Tell You?
  7. 7. What Does this Tell You?
  8. 8. What Does this Tell You?
  9. 9. What Does this Tell You?
  10. 10. What Does this Tell You?
  11. 11. Google Docs: Portfolio • Make samples of work visible to potential employers/recruiters • State the importance of your project work • Gives you a unique URL for each asset – use to embed on LinkedIn, in resume, cover letters
  12. 12. Back Up Digital Work• Preserves your portfolio – blog edits, URL changes• Allows for context – what does sample demonstrate about your skill set / value?
  13. 13. Examples of Work• Include links to your best work in resume• Engage your reader online – few print resumes at first review
  14. 14. Examples of Work• Show that you are web- and digital-savvy• Taking advantage of your resources shows creativity, self-sufficiency• Create an immersive experience
  15. 15. LinkedIn• Use LinkedIn as an extension of brand• Include links to portfolio and best work here, too• Display recommendations that matter
  16. 16. LinkedIn• Proactively manage your reputation with widgets• Books, presentations, groups and associations reinforce your brand
  17. 17. LinkedIn• As a student, display relevant recommendations and projects• Create folders in your portfolio to organize the type of projects• Tim, a student, lists links to his portfolio and blog on LinkedIn• Revise items as you gain more experience and professional connections• Shorten a link to your portfolio using a site like to make it easier to link to than long URL
  18. 18. Sample ‘Thank You’ Email• Include links to call attention to your best projects or ones discussed in a call / meeting
  19. 19. Sample Cover Letter Email• Support each claim with an example• Briefly describe your projects and link to samples• Include your professional social network profile or page
  20. 20. Sites Mentioned – Worth Checking Out• (check out mine at• (check out mine at• (check out mine at• google docs (check out my portfolio at•