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Institutuions ITV


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Institutuions ITV

  1. 1. By Melissa Cleary
  2. 2. What is ITV’s institutions?
  3. 3. What does ITV do? What Media products does it produce and distribute?• ITV provides entertainment for the public by airing TV shows, they produce and distribute TV shows such as Coronation Street, The X- Factor, Celebrity Juice, The Only Way Is Essex etc.
  4. 4. ITV’s history.• ITV was first formed in 1954 in the United Kingdom by “Independent Television” It is a commercial network and today it is split between three owners. ITV PLC, STV Group, UTV Media.• ITV’s first coloured programmes appeared in Scotland on 13th December 1969 in Central Scotland; in Wales on 6th April 1970 in South Wales; and in Northern Ireland on 14th September 1970 in the eastern parts.• Some of the first ever shows shown in colour were Road Report, The Growing Summer and Thunderbirds the animated adventure. They would all start in the morning from 9:30 – 11:00am.
  5. 5. Who owns ITV?• There was three different groups who formed ITV. ITV PLC, STV Group and UTV Media. But the main chairman for ITV PLC was Archie Norman.
  6. 6. How is ITV funded?• ITV is a commercial institution they are funded by showing advertisement so they’re able to pay for the TV programmes they put on their channels.
  7. 7. ITV’s logo’s• ITV have 6 different logo’s...