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Video summaries pp presentation

  1. 1. VIDEO SUMMARIESWorld History<br />By: Melissa Goodwin<br />
  2. 2. CATASTROPHE !“The Dark Ages”<br />ICE CORING & CHARCOAL:<br />- Krakatoa Volcanic Eruption<br /> - 535 AD Big Bang<br /> - Two Thousand Million Hiroshima sized Nuclear Bombs.<br /><ul><li>Changed human history forever.
  3. 3. Possible 30 year drought.</li></ul>David Keys Theory: Catastrophic Climate Event that changed human history.<br />TREE RINGS:<br /><ul><li>Wide/Narrow Rings
  4. 4. Data created patterns going back thousands of years.
  5. 5. Narrowing Patterns in the mid 6th century.</li></li></ul><li>David Keys:Putting the pieces together…<br />The plague:<br />Occurred in 542AD <br />Bacterial disease transmitted from rats to humans by fleas.<br />Due to the “global cooling” caused by the climatic catastrophe the plague was spread around the world.<br />Hundreds of thousands died.<br />The Avars:<br />Most advanced horseman.<br />Relied on horses for survival.<br />Crippled by cold and drought during the mid 6th century.<br />Overthrown by Turks. <br />Horse were compromised by climate caused by catastrophic event.<br />
  6. 6. Political Catastrophe!More pieces to the puzzle …<br />Europe & East<br />Avar survivors rebelled.<br />Avar incursions on the Empire.<br />Empire Blackmailed, gold for peace.<br />Introduction of England.<br />America<br />Mid-Late 6th Century<br />Skeletons found suggested population of babies suffered severe decline in health. <br />Infections that should only be found in adults. <br />Children getting sick due to climate disaster.<br />
  7. 7. THE STORY OF GODEpisode One: In the beginning <br />Gargas Caves – France<br />1st Churches<br />Cave art, Communication with the spirits.<br />Death<br />Farming- Manipulating of nature with technology.<br />Aztecs- Sacrifice<br />1st writings, created ability to study.<br />Hinduism<br />Temples<br />Millions of Gods/Polytheistic<br />Brahman – Ultimate Reality<br />Belief that we are all God<br />Reincarnation- Hindu burden <br />Liberation<br />Buddhism<br />Atheistic- Man is his own salvation<br />Achieve Nirvana- End suffering<br />
  8. 8. Monotheism- One true God<br />Judaism<br />Christianity<br />Muslimism<br />THE STORY OF GOD<br />Episode 2: Monotheism<br />
  9. 9. Judaism<br /><ul><li>God of Israel
  10. 10. Destroyed again and again
  11. 11. Land of Suffering
  12. 12. Modern Jewish Suffering</li></ul>Muslimism<br /><ul><li>God – Allah
  13. 13. Prophet – Muhammad
  14. 14. Modern Prophet/Son – Hussein
  15. 15. The Koran
  16. 16. Replaced polytheism w/ monotheism
  17. 17. Indivisibility of God</li></ul>Christianity<br /><ul><li>Jews- 1st Christians
  18. 18. Divine Love/Died to save mankind from our sin
  19. 19. Jesus- God made flesh to sacrifice for mankind
  20. 20. Promise of life after death
  21. 21. Constantine – 1st Christian Emperor/Officially recognized Christianity
  22. 22. Trinity- God, Jesus, Holy Ghost- 3 in 1</li></li></ul><li>The Little Ice Age<br />14th-19th Centuries<br />Extremely volatile climatic shifts.<br />Sediment cores reveal fossilized remains that give us a temperature 4 degrees cooler than the temperature today. <br />Rapid advancing of glaciers.<br />Caused catastrophic storms that destroyed farmland and lead to famine.<br />1.5 million died of starvation or famine related illness.<br />
  23. 23. The Little Ice Age<br />The Year Without a Summer …<br />1815- Year without a summer<br />Caused by Tambora Eruption<br />Severely cold climate<br />Caused famine and riots.<br />Tambora Eruption …<br />Cataclysmic eruption<br />15 ½ miles into the atmosphere<br />Caused additional 3 degree cooling<br />
  24. 24. Maya civilization destroyed during the 16th century by the Spanish conquest<br />All written word was burned<br />Only 4 books survived<br />Research of this written language began in the 18th century<br />Constantine was the 1st to decipher a hieroglyph<br />Numbers were discovered and a Mayan calendar<br />Cracking the Maya Code <br />History of a lost world through ancient Hieroglyphs …<br />
  25. 25. Further Findings and Exploration …<br />In the 19th century it was discovered that these glyphs represented a limited logographic system<br />They represented sounds or syllables that when put together told a story<br />Deciphering this text gives us a better picture of the Maya civilization<br />There was warfare, ceremonial rituals and self sacrifice to their Gods.<br />
  26. 26. Columbus’ WorldBefore the New World …<br />Born in Medieval Genoa<br />Sought wealth in trade and exchange<br />Muslims controlled trade routes which made it difficult for Columbus and other European merchants<br />Learned of the Orient from famous merchant and explorer, Marco Polo<br />Constantinople seized by Turkey and converted to Islam<br />Sought alternate route to Orient to get around the Muslims<br />
  27. 27. Columbian Exchange<br />Effects on The Americas: <br />Columbus discovered South America in 1948<br />His discovery changed the lives of societies around the world<br />The arrival of Horses and cattle changed the lives of Indians of the Americas<br />Indians were over run by European immigrants when there Buffalo resource was destroyed<br />Surviving Indians were separated into reservations<br />Plains were transformed into cattle farms that lead to vast food production and population boom.<br />Slaves were brought to Americas from Africa <br />Wheat was brought and grown and became a staple crop <br />Effects on Europe:<br />Crops were brought to Europe and were relied on for nutrition<br />Several types of beans were sent to Europe along with tomatoes, peanuts, pumpkins<br />Corn was an important contribution of the Americas in Africa<br />Africa’s population relied heavily on the corn crop<br />Potato also became a staple crop in Europe<br />Ireland grew vast amounts of potatoes and relied on this crop alone for their livelihood. <br />Potato famine in Ireland killed many<br />
  28. 28. The ConquistadorsHernan Cortez <br />Cortez born in Medellin<br />Lead expedition to South America in April of 1519<br />Financed his own expedition of 11 ships and 500 soldiers<br />Sought gold and riches<br />
  29. 29. The Fall of The Aztecs …<br />Journeyed to Mexico and made camp on the coast<br />Destroyed his ships and forced his men to the interior towards the Aztecs and gold<br />Faced battle and harsh weather<br />Cortez made a deal with the Talaxcalans and became allies against the Aztecs<br /> Cortez conquered Cholula<br />Montezuma welcomed Cortez but Cortez arrested him<br />Montezuma's people killed him and he Spaniards were trapped in the palace by the Aztecs<br />The Spaniards escaped during the night with their gold but lost 800 men<br />With the Talaxcalans, Cortez built a fleet and returned to attack the Aztecs once again<br />The Spaniards won and the Aztecs were destroyed<br />Cortez became the most famous man in Christendom and was showered with gifts from the King<br />