3 Skeppies Application Example 1 Of Supporting Photos Salt


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Steven Davids, Skeppies Fund Application Example 2, South Africa

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3 Skeppies Application Example 1 Of Supporting Photos Salt

  1. 1. 1 The photo application should attempt to be a visual replica of the written application. In other words, by merely going through the supporting photo application, the panel evaluating your application must be able to determine what you want to do. Doing this properly is in your own best interest since the panel members are not able to do a pre-application site visit. The saying is: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If the file becomes too big we will try to reduce its size in Adobe Acrobat. The following example is of the SALT project and is used with their approval. What do they want to do? In terms of its conservation impact, the project wants to restore 3 pieces of disturbed land surrounding the Large Telescope. 3 2 The second area, indicated as number 2 in the photo above, is the slope running down from the Large Telescope to the road. This area was disturbed when pipes were laid to the large telescope. The third area (no 3) is the area surrounding the visitor center. This area was affected during the inauguration of SALT in November 2005. The first area shown above is that immediately surrounding the building housing the large telescope.
  2. 2. 2 How do they want to do it? Undisturbed area with plants and natural stone Disturbed area with no plants or natural stone The huge pieces of rock left as part of the construction and strewn around will also be removed. With the guidance and help of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture a detailed procedure will be followed. For example, every 10th stone with be removed from the undisturbed area and placed in the disturbed area. In this way the undisturbed area remains mainly undisturbed. Sections will be fenced off in both areas. In the undisturbed areas seedlings will be collected in the fenced off areas to be sowed in the disturbed area. The disturbed areas will be fenced of to protect it from people and Springbok and thus giving it time to restore.
  3. 3. 3 SALT is actively engage in many community development projects The Project Team From left to right: Herman Kriel, the head of operations who will oversee the project. Hitesh Gajjar, who will be the line manager directly responsible for implementing the technical aspects of the project. Far right The poster above that advertise the region is sponsored by SALT and hangs is Kevin Govender. Kevin is the Manager of the SALT Collateral Benefits in the Tourism Office in Sutherland. Programme and will be the link with the community of Sutherland to ensure the developmental aspects are achieved.
  4. 4. 4 Present situation and envisioned after pictures