A day in the life of a tenth ready


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A day in the life of a tenth ready

  2. 2. MORNING ACTIVITIES First I have got to get up at 6:30 a.m, then I take a shower, after that I choose the clothes that I am going to wear, then I have to comb my hair, consequent I prepare breakfast for myself, and then i have got to brush my teeth. At 7:30 a.m, I have to take the bus and get to the office where I am doing my practice hours.
  3. 3.  At 8:00 I have got to start doing my job, I am in charge of the occupational health and interventory of quality of the project “COLOMBIA HUMANITARIA” which the carder performs.
  4. 4. At 12:00 I have an hour to havelunch, so I go to a nearbyrestaurant and have lunchwith my work partners.
  5. 5. AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES  At 1:00 p.m, I get back to job and I have got to continue my labor.  At 3:30 I take the bus to the university to assist to my english class.
  6. 6. Evening activities After my english class, I have got to get to the university sport zone to begin my basketball training. At 8:00 pm, I get home and have my dinner , I talk to my mom about how was her day, then I take a shower and after that i check my e-mail to see what english homework did the english teacher leave us.
  7. 7.  Then, during an hour I have got to advance my grade work, which is about an openning of a buffet restaurant here in Pereira. Later, I call my boyfriend to wish him a good night, and then i go to sleep.