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Print screens of front cover

  1. 1. Print screens of front cover By Melissa Edwards
  2. 2. This is a screenshot of mymasthead, personal statementand the price and date.I have named my masthead thisbecause it shows that indiestars are on there own andmake it on there own withoutany help off producers. Thepersonal statement is namedthis because it suggests that ifyou try on your own you couldmake it big.The tools used for this was thetext box, move tool, front sizeand colour.
  3. 3. In this screenshot I have addedthe subheading however themain one is not big enough.In order to make the headlinesstand out more, Im going toadd banners.The tools I used was the frontand colour tool, move tool andtext box.
  4. 4. In this screenshot I have changedthe placing of the personalstatement as it didnt fit with themain image. I have also made themain text bigger and more bold. Ihave also changed were the writingwill be.I have used the tools such as movetool, front size and colour.
  5. 5. In this screenshot I have addedin the main image which usesdirect address, I have alsomoved the personal statementabove the masthead to createroom for the cover lines.I have used the tools such as themove tool, text box, and resizedthe writing.I have also added quotes andbanners to make them standout. I have also added a barcodewhich I got of the internet.I used the shape tool to createbanners, text box and movetool. I also added in colours.
  6. 6. In this screenshot I have addedmore banners to emphasis theartists names. I have also made thedate and price smaller.I have also added writing in thebanner at the bottom however thisneeds to improve by adding inartists names.I used the shape tool and the resizetool.
  7. 7. In this screen shot I have changed thesize of the masthead so its bigger andstands out more. I have addedbanners and rotated them around tomake it more effective and more like amusic magazine as it looked like agossip magazine. I have changed thecolours of the yellow banner to blackand the front to yellow as it was moreeffective. I have also made theexclusive smaller and put it in abanner and made Mollie bigger andchanged the quote at the bottom asits more music related. I have alsoadded in the artists names at thebottom, and change the colour of‘plus’ so it stands out more.I have used tools such as the shapetool adding more banners, text box,resized writing, and used the control Tto put the banners on a slant .
  8. 8. I have changed the masthead to‘Indi’ as it is more simple and short.I have also changed the personalstatement as it needed to be morerelevant to music.I have also added graphics to followthe codes and conventions.I have also changed were thebarcode goes as I have swapped itaround with the graphic.I have used tools such as theremove tool, text box, and movetool.
  9. 9. I have changed the ‘win VIPfestival tickets’ around with thebarcode as it fitted with thecodes and conventions. I havealso deleted ‘official top 20charts’ as it wasnt a cover line. Ihave swapped it with ‘theArtillery’ and ‘The Upper-Hand’to match up with the cover line‘best gigs for this month’. I havealso made ‘unlocked hiddenextras inside this issue’ so itsmore simple ‘unlocked hiddeninterviews’.The tools i have used is the movetool and text tool.
  10. 10. I have made the mastheadmuch bigger and moved allthe writing down to fill up thepage.