Print screens of double page spread2


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Print screens of double page spread2

  1. 1. Screen Grabs Of Double Page Spread By Melissa Edwards
  2. 2. In this screen shot I have used the image tool and text tool, alongwith the move tool. I have done the quote bigger than themasthead so this needs to change in order for the masthead tostand out more. The image isnt good quality as his face is coveredtherefore a better image needs to be imported.
  3. 3. In this screen shot I have started to add in my text, the text is Arialand the size is 10pt. I have done this by using the text tool andmove tool. However it doesn’t fill all the columns so I need to addin some bold quotes.
  4. 4. I have added in the main quotes that stood out that were said duringthe interview, I used the text tool and move tool to achieve this. I needto start to add colour and change the front, I am planning on using bluefor the quotes and the statement, and black for the masthead and text.
  5. 5. In this screen shot I have changed the picture as it now shows anaction shot of him singing and you can now see his face, I did this byusing the image tool. I have also changed the size of my mastheadto bigger and the quote smaller this is because the masthead didntstand out at all, therefore it wasnt catching the readers eye.
  6. 6. In this screen shot I changed the title so it was more eye catchy.I also changed the statement underneath as it was not aloud tobe a quote, it need to be a statement that explain the article ina short detailed paragraph. I did all this my using the text tool. Ialso made a drop capital and changed the colour of the quotesto make them stand out.
  7. 7. In this screen shot I have just neatened everything up andchange the writing around, by using the move tool. However Ithink that the front of the masthead needs to be changed andmore indie as its too simple.
  8. 8. In this screen shot I have added a by line for the photograph andthe text. I have used white writing for the by line under thephotograph and black for the text. I used tools such as text tool,move tool, and the colour scheme.
  9. 9. I have changed the style of the articles masthead as it looks moreeffective than just using the front Arial. The front I have used isElephant, I did this by using the front tool. I have also made the frontbigger to size 48pt.
  10. 10. In this screen shot I have made the picture bigger, to fill in the gapbeside the writing. I used the resize tool to do so. I have also changedthe masthead front a swell as it wasnt very indie, the front is nowGeorgia as its more bold.
  11. 11. I have changed the masthead as it is more simple and catchy, i have alsochanged the front to elephant as its more bold and put a shadow on thebackground to make it stand out. I have also delete of the quotes so i haveenough room to fit all my text on, and i have made the drop capital bigger.
  12. 12. What I have learnt?• How to use quark example making drop capitals, importing images, making text boxes, making shapes, and being able to put things on an angle.