Three Step Approach to Information Literacy: Search, Evaluate, Cite


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Three Step Approach to Information Literacy: Search, Evaluate, Cite

  1. 1. three step approachto informationliteracy:search,evaluate,cite melissa corey instructional technology specialist library/media coordinatorCC-licensed image via
  2. 2. “One of the effects of living with electronicinformation is that we live habitually in a stateof information overload.There’s always morethan you can cope with.” - Clay ShirkyCC-licensed image via
  3. 3. “It’s not about Information Overload.It’s about Filter Failure.” - Clay ShirkyCC-licensed image via
  4. 4. today’s filtering needs finding too much information overconfidence in search unsavvy at evaluation information overloadCC-licensed image via
  5. 5. meeting those needs at the time of need critically important individualized skill-basedCC-licensed image via
  6. 6. back to basics search evaluate citeCC-licensed image via
  7. 7. “thick” vs “thin” questions
  8. 8. searchCC-licensed image via
  9. 9. googleCC-licensed image via
  10. 10. library databases
  11. 11. “Wrong” “Right”Information Informationevaluate
  12. 12. r.a.d.c.a.b. c.a.r.p. test c.a.r.v.e. c.a.r.s. c.r.i.t.i.c.alphabet soupCC-licensed image via
  13. 13. currency authority reliability purposec.a.r.p. testCC-licensed image via
  14. 14. Is the information as up to date as possible for your topic? Can you find a date of publication on the Could you find more website ? up to date information on the web?currency unc information timelineCC-licensed image via
  15. 15. Can you find the author or creator Does this author of the seems like an website? expert? Is there an organization in charge of the website?authorityCC-licensed image via
  16. 16. Does the author give sources for his or her information? Does the resource use links or statistics to back up its findings? Can you back up thereliability information with a Google search?CC-licensed image via
  17. 17. Is this fact or opinion? Look for “I feel . . .” statementsIs it one-sided? Are both sides of an issue discussed? Are there ads on the website? Does it exist to make money? purposeCC-licensed image via
  18. 18. cite/link/attributeCC-licensed image via
  19. 19. thanks and contact blog: library website: twitter: @melissacorey gmail: school email: image via