Pdat Update March 2010


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Update provided at the Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism Commission Meeting held on March 11, 2010.

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Pdat Update March 2010

  1. 1. PDAT Update <br />3/11/10<br />MLK Day of Service<br />526 Volunteers served in 30 projects around central Kentucky on Jan 18, 2010. This is a slight increase in numbers from 2009. Some accomplishments include:<br />100 seedling planters, 30 tomato cages and 7 composters were created for community gardens<br />100 sandwiches and 40 cookie packages created for the Hope Mobile<br />200 care packages were packed and shipped for troops serving in Afghanistan<br />52 pints of blood donated potentially saving 156 lives<br />In addition to these community service projects we began a partnership with the Governor’s MLK Commission that we hope will grow in the coming years as we promote service and volunteerism as one way to honor Dr. King’s life and work.<br />T/TA Assessment<br />Using Survey Monkey, a training and technical assistance needs assessment was completed in February. Interestingly, there were no real stand out topics to pursue as usually happens with the assessments. I believe this points to the fact that the current program directors are all at very different places in their professional development. This makes planning training events a bit difficult but opens the door for more tailored training plans for individual program staff.<br />March Quarterly Training<br />On the 19th we will be gathering at the training facility of Central Baptist Hospital for the Basics of Volunteer Management. This day long training event will be lead by Sarah Elliston who we have worked with many times in the past. To date we are at 71% “sold” on the available seats. We are using Eventbrite for the first time for this event. This is an online event registration web site that does not charge if you don’t charge. So far Eventbrite has worked wonderfully with lots of great features attendee tracking and email.<br />June Quarterly Training<br />Our next training event will be in June, exact date to be determined. We will be hosted by Murray State University. Our topics are grant writing and fund raising. I am currently looking for presenters for this event so let me know if you have any leads over in that area of the state.<br />Training Newsletter<br />In an effort to reach more folks with training information I have started sending out a newsletter through Constant Contact. This will contain a variety of short articles and links to training opportunities. The plan is for this newsletter to be quick and easy to read, promote new Slideshare and YouTube content, and come out monthly.<br />Project Citizen<br />We have an opportunity to participate in a train the trainer institute (at NO COST) happening in July at the University of Louisville. The institute will use Project Citizen curricular materials as the primary base of instruction to strengthen the civic component of service learning. Participants will learn how to use Project Citizen as a service learning model. There is also the possibility that there will be a three year project developed in Kentucky to train national service participants in this curriculum. For this first institute we have asked the program staff to self select for this training. We will be allowed 6 spots at the institute.<br />Slideshare and Youtube<br />Presentations available on Slideshare<br />Volunteer Management – 78 views<br />AmeriCorps Prohibited Activities – 48 views<br />Motivating Volunteers – 104 views<br />MLK Day of Service Projects by Sherrie Bennett – 127 views<br />Social Networking – 119 views<br />The Basics of Volunteer Management – 100 views<br />AmeriCorps Grant Training – 97 views<br />KCCVS Information – 119 views<br />Working with the Media by Angela Baldridge – 100 views<br />How to Write an Award Nomination – 462 views<br />Videos on YouTube<br />MLK Day events 2010 – 8 views<br />