Mlk Day Of Service Projects Sherrie Bennett


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From MSU Program Director Sherrie Bennett

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Mlk Day Of Service Projects Sherrie Bennett

  1. 1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service<br />Projects<br />
  2. 2. Goal of MLK Day of Service<br /><ul><li>The goal of the MLK Day of Service is to make it a time when people of all ages and backgrounds come together to improve lives and bridge social barriers.
  3. 3. Celebration of human worth.
  4. 4. MSUCorps members will participate in projects that expand their cultural boundaries and enhance respect for all types of diversity.</li></li></ul><li>Mix it up<br /><ul><li>For one day, the participant will abandon his or her usual clique during lunch and instead seek out strangers to sit with, asking them about their heritage and experiences to learn about the diversity around them.
  5. 5. Members will conduct a short presentation of their observations. They will report what they expected to happen before and then what actually happened as well as include an observation of how they were changed by this experience.
  6. 6. Members may also to choose to work with students and ask them to participate in this type of experience and then share their experiences.</li></li></ul><li>Reading “banned books”<br /><ul><li>Many books that shed a controversial light on diversity have been banned at one point, including:
  7. 7. The Color Purple
  8. 8. Their Eyes Were Watching God
  9. 9. Beloved
  10. 10. Song of Solomon
  11. 11. After reading, group members will share what they learned from these perspectives. The member will write a short reflective paper .</li></li></ul><li>Unbranding<br /><ul><li>Through our wardrobe choices, we create a prejudice against us.
  12. 12. The “Unbranding” project involves the group taking plain white t-shirts and creating their own brand that accurately represents who they are and what they believe in.
  13. 13. The member will share with group their design and the reason why they picked that design.</li></li></ul><li>The Common Beliefs Survey<br /><ul><li>Offered by, The CBS offers users a glimpse of their own stance on diversity and explains the possible of effects their convictions. </li></ul>The member will write a reflective paper and share with group what they learned about themselves from this taking this survey.<br />
  14. 14. Lunch for Two<br /><ul><li>Find somebody that has experienced, firsthand, an event in that has shaped our views on diversity. Some ideas are, but are not limited to:
  15. 15. The Civil Rights Movement
  16. 16. The Holocaust
  17. 17. Immigration
  18. 18. Discover how they believe their journey has effected culture.
  19. 19. Members will conduct short presentations of their interview. Students may also to choose do to interviews in pairs or as a group project. These presentations need to include Question and Answer segments as well as pictures or video.</li></li></ul><li>Interview with an Organizer for Change <br /><ul><li>Conduct an informational interview with at least one practitioner/scholar/organizer working on change in their community
  20. 20. The interview can focus on an individual(s) who are working at various levels (individual, community, etc) and through various mediums (film, literature, theater, music, events, ect).
  21. 21. The interview can focus on what type of work the individual is responsible for, what processes and theories guide their work, who are their mentors, what is the philosophy of their organization, and what challenges/benefits do they see to working in the field.
  22. 22. Members will conduct short presentations of their interviews. Students may also to choose do to interviews in pairs or as a group project. These presentations need to include Question and Answer segments as well pictures or videos.</li></li></ul><li>Diversity Through Writing<br /><ul><li>Participants are able to share and learn why diversity matters through written word. Short stories, essays, and poetry exploring heritage and personal experiences are created and shared between group members to gain new perspectives.
  23. 23. Members will share their writings with the corps.</li></li></ul><li>“A Seat for Social Justice”AmeriCorps members Invoke Theatre and Art<br /><ul><li>Buffalo, NY -- The Buffalo Bus Terminal was center stage on December 5 as actresses portrayed Rosa Parks and Claudette Colvin to dramatize two women who were prosecuted for their refusal to relinquish their seats to white passengers.
  24. 24. A Seat for Social Justice” is a volunteer art project presented by WNY AmeriCorps, which calls on local artists and community members to artistically transform bus seats into symbols of the civil rights movement, past and present, to be placed in prominent locations throughout Buffalo.
  25. 25. Use your artistic or theatrical talents to impact individuals emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually via the creative process.</li></li></ul><li>How Do You Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?<br /><br />Video or take pictures of students participating in Martin Luther King Jr. activities. Be prepared to discuss the impact this activity had on students.<br />For ideas look at the “How do you Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Website.<br />
  26. 26. Participate in Martin Luther King Jr. Marches and Community Activities<br />