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Physical Science Review


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Topics of Physical Science Curriculum.

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Physical Science Review

  1. 1. Melissa Chouinard-Jahant Physical Science
  2. 2. Nature of Matter Changes in Matter Measuring Matter Properties of Matter Particles of Matter
  3. 3. Atomic Theory/Periodicity Nonmetals and Metalloids Metals Periodic Table Electrons Structure of Atom
  4. 4. Acids/Bases-Phase Changes Acids and Bases Properties In Solutions PH
  5. 5. Law of Conservation of Matter Crystal Chemistry Covalent Bonds Ionic Bonds Chemical Bonds
  6. 6. Law of Conservation of Energy Conservation of Energy Energy and Friction Conserving Energy Fossil Fuels Power
  7. 7. Laws of Forces and Motion First Law of Motion Force, Mass, Acceleration Friction and Gravity Action and Reaction Momentum
  8. 8. Energy Transformation Chemical Bonds Chemical Equations Charles’ Law Boyle’s Law Liquid, gas, Solid Changes in State
  9. 9. Wave Properties Waves and Energy Sound Waves Light Waves Amplitude, frequency, Speed Interaction of Waves Seismic Waves
  10. 10. Electrical/Magnetic Forces Magnetism and Electricity Magnets Circuits Electrical Currents Electrical Charges
  11. 11. Light Eye Sight Color Refraction and Lenses Reflection and Mirrors Visible Light Electromagnetic Spectrum