eBook Vendors and Public Libraries-NJLA 2013


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A look at eBook vendors available to public libraries, with emphasis on OverDrive

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  • Mary Cassett painting. Same need with a new platform to deliver the same content.
  • Numbers illustrate usage is growing, even though no everyone ahs a device. Still, there is an increase in device ownership, in addition to electronic collection offering and usage. Cape May County Library saw an increase from 2011 to 2012. 1,400 titles has now grown to 5,500.
  • Although usage is up, there is still a gap. Regarding electronic collections, patrons are unaware of the title they want is available in electronic format, they are frustrated by waiting lists, as well as incompatible formats and devices.
  • Here are some current facts about libraries: over 50% of public libraries have ebooks in their collections. Yet, patrons are still unaware that public libraries offer this service, including patrons who own or use ereaders.
  • More problems with content and access: There is still a great divide although there is more ownership of devices within our communities. There is a lack in what public libraries’ budgets, variances amongst device compatibilities, DRM, and a general lack in understanding how to gain access to content through the library because vendors and publishers make the process difficult—at best.
  • Pilot with Penguin tan from 10/1-11/13, then expanded to all 3M customers.
  • Everything I have mentioned applies to NJ libraries. There is also one final issue, publishers.
  • So far we have examined the issues with knowledge about services, collections aand lack of access to certain titles, patron confusion, limited, and issues with publishers.
  • For now, with regards to OverDrive, it’s all aboutmastering the two ways to download, based on device.
  • You need to be prepared to deal with different devices, various learning levels of staff and patrons alike, create information that is readily available to handout or find on your website that is not overwhelming, but focuses on the basics, and create learning by appointment opportunities.
  • Use Google + to record videos and hangouts can include up tp 9 individuals.
  • We, as libraraians, need to understand the various formats offered by publishers and vendors.
  • Using crowdfunding to unlock titles and make the open and DRM free.
  • eBook Vendors and Public Libraries-NJLA 2013

    1. 1. eContent and Libraries:New Jersey and AccessBy: Melissa BrisbinHead of the Technology Learning CenterCape May County Library, New Jerseymelissab@cmclibrary.org
    2. 2. Image Credit: http://ebrarian.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/cassattkindle121010.jpgOld Meeting New
    3. 3. eBook FactsLibrary and Patron FactsPublisherseContent ProvidersNew Jersey Libraries
    4. 4. 2010: 2% of Americansowned an eReader.2012: 28% of Americansown an eReader, tablet, orboth.Growth is up!!NYPL: 88,000 digitaleBooks/Audio in 2012,doubled from last year.Chicago Public Library:230% increase incirculation over the pastyear.Ebook factsImage Credit: http://tinyurl.com/97jy4zr
    5. 5. Pew Institute:56% of e-book borrowers found their library did notcarry the electronic format of the book they wanted52% found they were on a waiting list for a title18% found the title they wanted was not compatiblewith their deviceEbook facts--Patrons weigh in:
    6. 6. 66% of public libraries offer eBooks (Source: ALA Office for Research and Statistics)However:58% of all library card holders say they do not know iftheir library provides eBook lending services”.(Source: Pew Institute)“48% of all owners of eBook reading devices such asoriginal Kindles and NOOKs say they do not know iftheir library lends eBooks”. (Source: Pew Institute)Library Facts
    7. 7. Increase in the ownership of devicesLack of econtent from puiblishersLack of publishers offering libraries digital contentLack of compatibilityDifficulty in understanding how to load contentDigital Rights Management (DRM) and publishersProblems
    8. 8. The Top 6 Publishers
    9. 9. The Publishers and eContentHachette27% of alleBooksRandom House(87 titles) &Penguin (42 titles)Combined: 40% ofall 2013 eBookbestsellersSelf-Published7% off alltitlesInformational credit: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2013/ebook-publisher-power-rankings-hachette-no-1-in-2013/
    10. 10. The DistributorsImage Credit: http://goo.gl/MMeZA
    11. 11. 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending ServiceOnly content provider to have the “Big 6” publishers withthe addition of:Hachette Book Group (pilot program 05/01/2013)Penguin Group, USA (pilot program 10/01/2012)Random House,Harper CollinsHarlequinSimon & Schuster (pilot program)Informational Credit: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/3m-cloud-library-now-includes-titles-from-all-big-six-publishers-2013-05-01;http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2012/10/ebooks/nypl-bpl-3m-officially-launch-penguin-pilot-test/
    12. 12. 200,000 titles300+ publishersNo Adobe Digital Editions (Patrons createan account with their state, library name,library barcode and PIN)DRM protected filesAuthors:Danielle Steele. DeanKoontz, Lee Child, JohnGrisham, Jodi Picoult,Michael Crichton, LemonySnicket, and JanetEvanovich
    13. 13. Pilot Programs:May 2013Announces new pilot program with Simon & Schuster,New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public LibraryApril 2013Penguin Group USA makes eBooks available at the sametime as hardcover editionNov 2012Announces Penguin Group USA available to public libraries(originally pilot program with NYPL and BPL)Informational Credit: http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2013/03/ebooks/penguin-lifts-library-ebook-purchase-embargo/
    14. 14. Baker and Taylorhttp://www.btol.com
    15. 15. Publishers:Penguin Group USA (Pilot project with LosAngeles Public library and Cuyahoga PublicLibrary)Simon & SchusterMacmillanB & T’s Axis 360Image credit: http://www.lib.oak-lawn.il.us/images/axis360_ebooks.pngAxis 360 wascreated tocompete withOverDrive
    16. 16. Available to librariesIncludes one-title multiple-formats (EPUB and PDF)DRM protected filesKindles are not supported or Blio formataxisReader app available for tablets and smartphones(05/03/2013)axisREader imports DRM-free titlesB & T’s Axis 360Informational Credit: http://www.the-digital-reader.com/2013/05/06/baker-taylor-launches-new-axisreader-app-for-library-ebooks/#.UYu4pLWG2So
    17. 17. Publishers:HachetteHarperCollinsRandom HousePenguin (not available for Kindle users)Simon & Schuster (not available for Kindle)B & T’s Bliohttp://btol.com/retailers_blio.cfm
    18. 18. Ereader and B &T’s unique file formatFiles may include print-to-speech, video, 3Dimbedded technology, and full colorAccessible for PC, Apple and Android usersNot available for Kindle usersB & T’s Bliohttp://btol.com/retailers_blio.cfm
    19. 19. Largest eContent provider in the United StatesBoasts over 18,000-22,000 librariesCatalog now exceeds more than 1,000,000 digital titles (9/20/12).(Source: Overdrive, http://overdriveblogs.com/library/2011/12/12/ensuring-access-to-the-largest-ebook-catalog-for-libraries/)Under the permissions set by authors and publishers:99.9% of US public libraries served by OverDrive have access to theexact same catalog of eBook, audiobook, music, and video titles.((Source: Overdrive, http://overdriveblogs.com/library/2011/12/12/ensuring-access-to-the-largest-ebook-catalog-for-libraries/;http://librarianinblack.net/librarianinblack/2011/12/overdrive.html)OverDrive
    20. 20. OverDrive
    21. 21. Publishers:Random HouseHarperCollinsHachette Book GroupMacmillan*(*Minotaur books imprint,Individual libraries only)Formats:ePubPDF (limited availability)AZW (Kindle)OverDriveInformational Credit: http://ebookfriendly.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/OverDrive-ebook-growth-infographic.jpg
    22. 22. Random House300% price increase (03/02/2012);Titles available in print as new hardcovers: $65- $85*No rotation restrictionsHarperCollins26 checkoutsHachette Book Group104% price increase (09/17/2012)Entire digital catalog available to libraries and schools, 5,000+titles (05/01/2013)MacmillanMinotaur books imprint,(Individual libraries only, 24 months or 54 checkouts)OverDrive and PublishersInformational credit: http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2012/03/ebooks/librarians-feel-sticker-shock-as-price-for-random-house-ebooks-rise-as-much-as-300-percent/;http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130501-905160.html; * http://www.mediabistro.com/appnewser/ebook-sales-account-for-12-4-of-revenues-at-eBook Saleswere 12.4% ofHachette’s2013 1stquarterrevenue*
    23. 23. Macmillan’s Minotaur PublishingGroupCrime Fiction“Garnering domestic and internationalawards from the Edgar to the GoldDagger, the list encompasses the entiregenre from cozies to historicals tothrillers. Minotaur is dedicated tonurturing rising new talent as well ascultivating the fullest potential of itspopular genre mainstays”Only 1,200 titles available toindividual public librariesEach titles circulates 24 months or52 borrows, whichever comes firstImage Credit :http://libguides.enc.edu/content.php?pid=182388&sid=1538426Informational Credit:http://www.overdrive.com/news/macmillan-launching-library-ebook-pilot-with-overdrive/Launched inJanuary 2013
    24. 24. Removed all its eBooks from libraries in February 2012October 2012: Plan to re-launch back into librariesusing the 3M Cloud LibraryTitles will be limited. New titles will have a 6 monthdelay. 3M does not support the KindleOverDrive and PublishersInformation Credit: http://paidcontent.org/2012/10/02/penguin-brings-ebooks-back-to-libraries-with-distributor-3m/; Image Credit:http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.penguin.com/images/penguin.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.penguin.com/&h=200&w=143&sz=8&tbnid=MklO2DBifKYxVM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=64&zoom=1&usg=__CwZvoHeiyzfB9gTlNHqzfumKTi0=&docid=LuJci91QM16dZM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=jrB0UOqwN6iI0QHEvIGYAQ&ved=0CEUQ9QEwBA&dur=342Penguin
    25. 25. April 17, 2013Last of the “Big 6”Launches a pilot program with New York Public Library, BrooklynPublic Library and Queens Borough Public Library (3 separatesystems)All titles available, but no pricing informationOffers patrons the opportunity to purchase titles that are on hold(library does get some profit)OverDrive and PublishersInformational Credit: http://www.mhpbooks.com/simon-schuster-announce-new-ebook-lending-program-for-libraries/Simon & Schuster
    26. 26. OverDrive’s Big Library ReadMulti-User Access BorrowingOpportunity with ParticipatingPublic LibrariesRuns May 15th to June 1st 2013Available in Epub, Kindle, PDF or OverDriveREAD formatsInformational Credit: http://www.biglibraryread.com/big-library-read/
    27. 27. Pilot programIt’s a digital library book clubSimultaneous readingThe program is sponsored by OverDrive, with initialsupport and participation from Sourcebooks, Inc.OverDrive’s Big Library Read“Big Library Read is designed todemonstrate the positiveexposure and sales influencelibrary eBook catalogs provideto authors and publishers”
    28. 28. OverDrive’s READ• NO ADE or Adobe IDs• In-browser reading• No downloading titles• No software downloads• Uses cloud storage• Instant access• Sync across devices• Read offline-titles are cache orsave to favoritesImage and Informational Credits: http://read.overdrive.com/aboutFor EPUBfilesChrome is therecommended browser
    29. 29. We are all divided into consortia such asSouth Jersey Audio & eBook DownloadCenter, eLibraryNJ, DigitalLibraryNJ, aswell as smaller /individual groups orlibrariesWe are dealing with the same vendors andthe same limitationsWe are sharing the cost, as well asdedicating individual funds to keep up withdemandNew Jersey Library FactsImage Credit: http://tinyurl.com/9glyg5h
    30. 30. Train StaffTrain the PublicUpdate Materials and Stay InformedWhat can we do as librarians?BeProactive!!!!!
    31. 31. Group settings followed up with one-on-one sessionsGo over the basics:Registering ADE accountDownloading ADE to a pcTransferring e-contentDownloading the OverDrive Media Console AppList various devices in handouts, i.e. whicheReaders/tablets are wireless and which need to side-load titlesTraining Staff
    32. 32. OverDrive Device Matrix-App, ADE,or READDevice App ADE READAmazons Kindle without WIFI XAmazon’s Kindle Fire/Fire HD X XApples iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone X XAndroid Devices X XB & N NOOK 1st edition, NOOK SimpleTouch, Simple Touch with GlowLight,or Black and WhiteXB & N NOOK HD/HD+, NOOK Color,NOOK TabletX X(in testing 05/17/13)Blackberry XKobo Vox X XWindows 8 Phone or Tablet X XDesktop/Laptop (Windows or Mac) X XInformational Credit: http://www.overdrive.com/libraries/public-libraries/compatibility/
    33. 33. Setting Up Accounts:Kindles: Amazon account, Adobe Digital ID, Library CardApple (iPad/iPhone): Apple ID, Adobe Digital ID, Library Card (Amazonaccount if borrowing Kindle format).Kobo: Kobo Account, Adobe ID, Adobe Digital Editions, Library CardNooks—older models: Adobe ID, Adobe Digital Editions, Library CardNooks—Color, Tablet, HD: Adobe ID, ADE (if not wireless), Library CardTraining Staff
    34. 34. Document any troubleshooting or variances ofdevices and store them in an accessible area for allstaffHave manuals availableTraining StaffNo intranet?Use GoogleDocs orWordpress.
    35. 35. Training StaffoResource for professionals who review books, i.e.publishers, librarians, reviewers, bloggersoAllows users to receive advanced copies of ebooks.http://www.netgalley.com/
    36. 36. MediabistroLatest news andinformation ondevicesFree eBook ofthe dayTraining StaffImage Credit: http://www.mediabistro.com/appnewser/
    37. 37. Workshops:Be prepared for several types ofeReaders.Be aware of the various levels ofcomfort patrons have with regards totechnology.Offer handouts and links to informationpost class.One-on-one training is a great way tofollow up with patrons who are lackingconfidence.Request feedback from participants, e.g.survey.Training the Public
    38. 38. SacramentoPublic Libraryhttp://www.saclibrary.org/?pageId=1591Excellent example ofdocumenting devices,including staff proceduresProvide a cheat sheet foreach device.Training the PublicImage from Sacramento Public Library :http://www.saclibrary.org/file/586.pdf
    39. 39. Training the public
    40. 40. Think outside the boxBridge the gap, before there is too much demand.Petting ZooImage Credit: http://friscolibrarian.com/tag/ereaders-2/
    41. 41. Each kit includes: 5 iPadsBarnes & Noble NookKindle TouchKindle FireSamsung Galaxy TabletLoaned for 2 monthshttp://ldb.njstatelib.org/ldb_news/2012/mar/01/mobile_device_discovery_kit_programJennifer Podolsky, jpodolsky@njstatelib.org,609-278-2640 ext. 135 if you have any questions.NJ State Library’s Mobile DeviceDiscovery Kit Program
    42. 42. Train each otherUse Google HangoutsCreate instructional videosPeer-to-Peer Sharing
    43. 43. DEVICES & COMPATIBLE FORMATSDevice ePub Open ePub (OEPUB) PDF(OEPDF)Open PDF KindleAmazons Kindle XApples iPad/iPodTouch/iPhoneX X XB & N Nook X X X XGoogle Nexus 7 X X XKobo X X X XMotorola Droid X X XRIM Blackberry X X XSamsung Galaxy X X XUpdated:: 05/21/13 via OverDriveInformation Credits: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/
    44. 44. Do not wait for the need to arise before becomingfamiliar with the deviceTake note of what devices your community(patrons, staff members and stakeholders) are talkingabout, asking for, and/or questioningBe ProactiveImage Credit: http://omc.overdrive.com/
    45. 45. Share Information About UpdatesOverDrive’sApp Update05/29/13
    46. 46. Share Information About UpdatesBetter Browsing,integrate GoogleAnalytics andpost toGoodReads
    47. 47. Update for OverDrive v2.6.5Due to Apple’s privacypolicies: OverDrive’sApp v2.6.5 requiresiOS users to re-enterhis or her Adobedigital ID Users willbeprompted ifthey do notrecall theirADE IDError messageswill occur foraudiobooks if auser has notupdated the app
    48. 48. Siteshttps://unglue.it/Using Crowdfunding to “unlock” books from a publishers DRMImage Credit: https://unglue.it/
    49. 49. Sites:Mashable, http://mashable.com/TechCrunch, http://techcrunch.com/MediaBistro, http://www.mediabistro.com/ (includes a freeeBook of the day)C|Net, http://reviews.cnet.com/2001-3508_7-0.html?tag=hdr;brandnavTNT, http://twit.tv/show/tech-news-todayAmazon,http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=sa_menu_lapnet9?ie=UTF8&node=2956501011Resources
    50. 50. LJ’s The Digital Shifthttp://www.thedigitalshift.com/2012/09/ebooks/macmillan-confirms-ebook-pilot-for-libraries/The UnQuiet Librarian,http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com/Librarian in Black,http://librarianinblack.net/librarianinblack/Librarian by Day, http://librarianbyday.net/Sites/Blogs
    51. 51. Thank You!Melissa BrisbinHead of Emerging TechnologiesCape May County Librarymelissab@cmclibrary.org609.463.6380 or 609.463.6341www.cmclibrary.org