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Comparing Search Engines


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How search engines work and a comparison among today's most popular search engines.

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Comparing Search Engines

  1. 1. Search Engines
  2. 2. 60 trillion individual pages That number grows everyday!
  3. 3. “The perfect search engine would understand exactly what you mean, and give you back exactly what you want”. Larry Page, co-founder and CEO How Search Works: The Story Results are yielded in 1/8th of a second!
  4. 4. ● SafeSearch mode available ● Works with Bing!
  5. 5. Powered by Yahoo’s search engine Yields better results for video searches Can predict when airfare are going up/down More autocomplete features
  6. 6. Convenience vs Your Privacy In 2006, AOL accidentally leaks 650,000 users’ search data Private Browsing, InPrivate Browsing, Incognito Mode--all the same
  7. 7. Does not retain/share information with the sites you click on All users get the same results for a searched term. No creepy, personalized ads! Can be used in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Epic, Tor (end-to-end encryption and anonymous searching) browsers Available for mobile devices: iOS and Android
  8. 8. And there’s more!!
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