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Let us take care of all your mortgage recruiting needs!

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Pinnacle Mortgage Brochure09

  1. 1. 21000 Torrence Chapel Road, Suite 101 Cornelius, NC 28031 (704) 987-7821 (866) 987-7821 (704) 987-7822 Fax
  2. 2. Company Profile Regardless of size, all companies are strategically competing for growth through talent acquisition. For over almost 2 decades Pinnacle Search Associates has played a key role in providing executive search services to mortgage firms large and small throughout the country. At Pinnacle Search we provide search solutions on a retained and contingency basis, depending on our client’s specific needs and level of service commitment. With our team of researchers, recruiters, and account managers, we are able to provide timely, and cost effective services with a team approach. Our extensive business networks have enabled us to develop and maintain relationships with industry leaders across the country, which in turn enables us to find that “hidden” pool of individuals who are not actively seeking new employment. To augment executive search, Pinnacle Search Associates offers its clients valuable tools such as consulting, compensation studies, market intelligence and an array of other customized services. At Pinnacle, we understand that every company is different and so are its needs. By offering a customized approach for each organization, we are able to successfully meet those needs. In addition, we carefully select our clients and limit those clients enabling us to provide a large talent pool from which to select. Further, we provide an unprecedented guarantee on our services, again demonstrating our commitment to partnership with our clients.
  3. 3. Why Choose Pinnacle Search? ♦ 17 year proven track record of success in the mortgage industry ♦ Customized approach to each assignment based on client needs ♦ Relationship rather than transaction focused, we act as an exten- sion of your company ♦ Bundled services providing cost effective solutions ♦ Unprecedented guarantee on every placement ♦ Reliability - we do what we say ♦ Thorough underwriting of each candidate presented including past production, compensation, references, and interest in posi- tion ♦ We will not waste your time with unqualified or uninterested candi- dates ♦ Limited client list providing larger talent pool ♦ Integrity and trust - the backbone of our company 21000 Torrence Chapel Road, Suite 101 Cornelius, NC 28031 (704) 987-7821 (866) 987-7821 (704) 987-7822 Fax
  4. 4. KAREN C. RANDOLPH PRESIDENT Karen Randolph has spent nearly two decades in executive search and consulting. She has assembled a team of industry specialists who provide search services in mortgage banking. Karen began her search career with a regional financial services firm specializing in finance positions in banking and capital markets. Prior to forming Pinnacle Search Associates in 2003, she served as President of a national mortgage recruiting firm where she worked for 10 years. Karen’s business is relationship rather than transaction driven and she understands that each client is unique. She offers value added services to augment her search practice such as providing market surveys, compensation studies and career counseling. Prior to executive search, Karen spent 15 years in financial management. This experience gives Karen a unique “client’s perspective”, enabling her to understand a company’s history, culture and competitive edge needed to attract the best candidates. In addition, along with the research team, Karen personally conducts each search and is directly responsible for sourcing and recruiting, candidate selection and interviewing, presentation to the client and negotiation through final offer and acceptance. Pinnacle Search Associates, Inc. 21000 Torrence Chapel Road, Suite 101 Cornelius, NC 28031 (866) 987-7821 x113 (704) 987-7822 Fax (704) 661-4000 Cell
  5. 5. MELINDA C. SHERRILL SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Melinda Sherrill spent the first ten years of her career in financial services with one of the country’s top 5 financial institutions. Her focus was in Operations Management for Commercial Lending, Loan Administration, and Training. In this capacity, Melinda was responsible for overall administrative operations and training for 12 city offices in the Western Region of North Carolina. During her tenure with First Union National Bank, she interacted with, and reported to, Senior Vice Presidents and the President of the Bank. This experience provided a natural segue into executive search, having been on the client side of the desk. In 1994, Melinda began her executive search career with one of the country’s leading mortgage recruiting firms. In 2003, Melinda partnered with Karen Randolph to form Pinnacle Search Associates. She specializes in recruiting Branch Production Management, Loan Production talent, Executive Administration and the like. Her expertise lies in finding that “hidden pool” of individuals who are not actively seeking employment to join the country’s premier mortgage companies. Pinnacle Search Associates, Inc. 21000 Torrence Chapel Road, Suite 101 Cornelius, NC 28031 (866) 987-7821 x111 (704) 987-7822 Fax (704) 651-6133 cell
  6. 6. How Are We Different? At Pinnacle Search Associates, we have taken the search process to a new level by partnering with our clients to create a customized approach to each assignment. Not all companies are alike, nor are their needs. The most important difference in our approach is that the individual who makes the initial presentation of services partners with you throughout the entire process. Unlike most firms, who have a sales force and a separate recruiting group that never meets the client, our senior partners actively conduct the search. We oversee the research process and are directly responsible for sourcing and recruiting, candidate selection and interviewing, client presentation, and negotiation through final offer and acceptance. We complete a series of in-depth interviews with viable candidates to determine their individual interests. Our screening process pinpoints each individual’s qualifications, motivations, and conformity to the position and organization. Candidates are subjected to three levels of evaluation prior to being presented to the client: ♦ exploration of initial interest, professional qualification, and compensation ♦ in-depth interview to explore position match and candidate’s reasons for considering the position ♦ verification of background, production, and income information. This enables us to satisfy both candidate and client needs to ensure a successful long term hire Pinnacle Search Associates is relationship rather than transaction driven. We understand that each client is unique. Therefore, we get to know you, assess your needs, and offer value added services to augment our search practice. In addition, we offer a bundled service approach to provide the most cost effective solution for our client partners.
  7. 7. Industry Expertise MORTGAGE BANKING Residential Mortgage Production Secondary Marketing Construction Lending Loan Administration Executive Administration Wholesale Lending FUNCTIONAL POSITIONS Chief Executive Officer President National Head of Sales Regional Sales Executive Retail Branch Manager Retail Area Manager Retail Loan Originator Human Resource Manager Senior Operations Manager
  8. 8. The Search Process Needs Assessment Working as a team with the client, we analyze the company’s needs to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational relationships, define the required experience, and identify the other characteristics necessary for the successful candidate. This information guides our search process. Research Our continually growing database contains thousands of contacts throughout the country and will be the first tool used to assemble a recruiting list. In addition, we employ tools such as company websites, directories, associations and industry network to produce the target list of candidates to be recruited. Candidate Identification & Evaluation Using the research list, contact is made with individuals to determine interest and viability as a candidate for the particular position. Likely prospects are thoroughly screened to pinpoint their qualifications, motivations, interest level, and potential cultural fit with the client organization. As a follow up to the initial screening, verification of production, work history, and referencing are done. Presentation & Interview of Candidates Written profiles, and resumes when available, are submitted to the client for discussion. It is a critical part of our process to verbally present each candidate for consideration. At that point, we schedule a mutually convenient meeting between the client and candidate. After each interview, we contact both the client and the candidate for feedback. Additional interviews are scheduled at that time. Candidate Referencing Generally, at least one reference is done on each candidate prior to submission. However, it has been our experience that individuals not actively seeking employment are reluctant to provide references prior to conversations with the client. Once mutual interest has been established, we can begin the referencing process. We contact individuals who are capable of providing insights about the candidate’s qualifications. The collective comments made by these references are then reviewed with the client. Completion of the Search As the search comes to a close, we assist in structuring the compensation package that best fits the needs of the candidate and fits within the parameters discussed in the initial client meeting. We also contact all those who have been helpful in the search, thanking them on behalf of the client. Once the successful candidate is in place, we are available to support the newcomer’s successful integration into the company team.