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John West: Digital Experience


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A quick overview of some of the material for the 'Discover the story behind every can' campaign we launched for John West and the integration of this online into a new John West website and YouTube channel takeover.

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John West: Digital Experience

  1. 1. Digital Experience 2012
  2. 2. YOUTUBE: OLD SAM’S CABINThe 2012 John West campaign was launched with a viral video and YouTubechannel takeover called Old Sams Cabin, which has reached over 315,000 channel views. You can explore Old Sam’s Cabin for yourself by visiting this link:
  3. 3. A NEW WEBSITE As part of this integrated strategy to engage John West consumers and highlight our ‘Discover the story…’ campaign, we also re-launched the John West website in a new look and feel and with increased functionality. The website encourages consumers to enter the details on their can into the can tracker and discover the stretch of water their wild fish was caught in, and even the name of the boat that caught it too.UK: Ireland:  Holland: Germany:
  4. 4. TV CAMPAIGNLeading the campaign were also three 30” TV executions, ‘Lucky Pete’, ‘Dimitri’s Combover’ and ‘Blackout’. You can view all these ads on the John West website here: Nominated as a Cannes finalist in 2012, Combover’ also picked up the Gold award for TV or Broadcast Commercial at the 2012 Fresh Awards, while the campaign won Gold for Broadcast TV or Cinema Campaign.