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Experience working across campaigns

  1. 1. Experience working acrossmedia and campaignsMelinda SmithSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
  2. 2. M&C Saatchi Australia is anIntegrated AgencyIn my experience, I have worked across various media (press, DM, OOH, radio, TV, digital)through integrated campaigns, as well as brand identity and creative platform work.We worked with various divisions within the Agency to reach our campaign goals.M&C Saatchi Group
  3. 3. Accounts included financial servicesand property developmentOnePath is one of the leading providers of financial services inAustralia, including investment, insurance and superannuation.The business is divided into two divisions: OnePath Brand andOnePath Direct Insurance. Website: http://www.onepath.com.au/personal.aspxeftpos – the way Australia paysFor more than two decades, Australian consumers and merchantshave used eftpos as a safe, convenient and quick way to pay.Website: http://www.eftposaustralia.com.au/Lend Lease designs safe, welcoming communities with the bestfacilities for people to live, work, learn and play. They’ve beencreating large-scale, master planned urban communities inAustralia for more than 50 years. Website: http://www.lendlease.com/
  4. 4. Live Date March 2011Media TV (1 x 60”, 4 x 30”) , Press and OOH (citylights)Objectives - A launch campaign to drive brand awareness- Align eftpos with Australian values of being honest, fair andreliable- Position eftpos as the preferred payment methodBST (Brutally eftpos, the way Australia paysSimple Thought)Integrated CampaignsBrand Launch
  5. 5. Live Date July-Sept 2011Media Train Station Domination, OOH (citylights and cross-tracks),digital screensObjectives - Make eftpos the first choice for payments under $20- 11% volume increase in specified merchantsBST (Brutally CHQ + SAV = No cash hasslesSimple Thought)Strategy Retailer-specific targeted strategy, using a combination ofvisuals, headlines and copy, to truly target transit areasIntegrated CampaignsMicropayments
  6. 6. Live Date Nov-Dec 2011Media Press, OOH (citylights and large digital site), merchant POS,DL statement insert, digital banners, Facebook, eftpos websiteObjectives - Launch an annual Christmas ‘give-back’ tradition for eftpos- Empower Australians to donate to an Australian cause- Make people feel good about pressing CHQ or SAV atChristmas – regardless of the charitable cause chosen- Thereby, increasing volume of transactionsBST (Brutally Every Christmas, pressing CHQ or SAV now = the joy of givingSimple Thought)Integrated CampaignsXmas ‘Giveback’
  7. 7. Live Date April 2011Media Press, digital bannersObjectives - Increase brand awareness- Build on brand values of trust, experience and leadershipBST (Brutally Choose the brand you can trustSimple Thought)Strategy Target specific sections of the newspaper with a definitionsdriven campaignPress & DigitalBrand Awareness
  8. 8. Live Date February 2011Media DM pack, eDM, digital bannersObjectives - Increase number of policies taken out by the QFF databaseBST (Brutally Protect your family and be rewardedSimple Thought)Product / OnePath Income Protection policy sold under ANZ-branding;Context DM pack and eDM were sent to the QFF (Qantas FrequentFlyer) databaseDirect & DigitalANZ Income Protection
  9. 9. Live Date October 2011Media Letterbox drop DL flyer, press, 30” radioObjective - Attendance at the eventBST (Brutally Ropes Crossing turns 5!Simple Thought)Project Ropes Crossing (NSW)Events MarketingRopes Crossing’s 5th Bday Party
  10. 10. Live Date September 2011Media Letterbox drop die-cut, pressObjective - Attendance at the eventBST (Brutally Celebrate the Willow Rise Park Launch!Simple Thought)Project Woodlands (QLD)Events MarketingWoodlands Willow Rise Park Launch
  11. 11. Live Date December 2011Media OOH (shopalite), poster, press, 30” radioObjective - Increase in enquiries and salesBST (Brutally Get in early and save at Jordan Springs!Simple Thought)Project Jordan Springs (NSW)RetailJordan Springs ‘Early Bird Bonus’
  12. 12. Live Date September 2011Media Roll-fold DL, poster, eDMObjective - Increase in enquiries and salesBST (Brutally Refer your friends and win!Simple Thought)RetailNational Public Referral Campaign
  13. 13. Live Date July 2011Media Letterbox drop A3 glossy magazines (x 15)Objectives - Increase in enquiries and sales- Create a sense of community at Lend Lease projectsBST (Brutally It’s the life at a Lend Lease communitySimple Thought)Community/RetailNational Spring Campaign
  14. 14. Live Date December 2011Media Letterbox drop A4 retail catalogue, letterbox drop A5flyer, press, OOH (scooters, billboards), radio (x 10-15 each)Objectives - Increase in enquiries and sales- Attendance at the Summer eventsBST (Brutally Find your new home at a Lend Lease community now /Simple Thought) It’s the Summer life at a Lend Lease communityStrategy Summer campaign was two-tiered; retail and summer eventsRetail/EventsNational Summer Campaign